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Used my Friend’s Mom

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Fucked my friends mom in kitchen.

I(19M) went to my friend’s place for some project work last week. Noone was at home except his mom, she told me to wait for him, meanwhile she was cooking for me in kitchen. She has a skinny body but hug breasts on it, and round ass. She is shorter in hieght than me approx. 5″4. So it was easy for me to take advantage on her as I am 6″2.I was feeling thirsty so I go to her in the kitchen and asked for some water. While she was giving me water, I was constantly staring at her jiggling titties, while she was working and her round ass.
She was not wearing a bra.
She gave me a glass of water, I intentionally spilled some on her and dropped glass on ground, I said I am so sorry I accidentally dropped it. She said it’s fine. I dropped some of water on her chest. I was clearly able to see her areola and her brown nipples, I literally started wiping all the water off her breasts, I knew what I was doing. She thought that I am still a kid, I constantly pressed her breasts and touched her hard nipples, which aroused her a bit, she smiled at me, and started leaving the kitchen as she said she needs to change her clothes, she went to her room to change her top. I spied on her from key hole, watching her gorgeous titties, she was rubbing them too.
I owned up her room door, she was shocked, she tried to cover herself up, and said “What I am doing?”. I pushed her on bed and pinned her against the bed, she was keep saying that what I am doing, I am her son age and other sit stuff, I didn’t listened to her, I grabbed her one tit with my hand and sucked on the other one, and fingered her pussy with other hand, she was hitting and scratching my back. I started going right on her, I fingered her pussy very vigorously. And made her piss all over the bed. I kept fingering her, untill she was exhausted and gave up, as she gave up, I opened her legs and fucked her vigorously, Making her scream. After fucking her pussy, I immediately inserted my dick in her asshole and made her scream soo loud that even neighbours may even able to hear it. When I felt my dick twitching, I inserted back it into her pussy and creampied her, her pussy was soo filled with cum, she was just lying on bed as dead, cum flowing out of her pussy she was just a cum bucket and a piece of flesh for me then. I bite her neck and her breast and gave her a hickey on them. She was moaning in pain. I made her get up and washed her dirty pussy, Her legs were shaking. She was a bit unconscious too, after cleaning her, I made her wear her clothes, and kissed her again. And made her lay on bed. She immediately felt asleep.
I left that place as soon as possible.
Later in evening, I texted her again because I was worried about her. I also confessed her that I love her and I had a crush on her. She replied me angrily that she is very angry for what I did to her, though she won’t tell anyone about it, she was angry on forcing her and cumming inside her, she said, if I want to have sex with her, I just need to confess her first and she may think about it. After a long ass lecture from her, she said I am good at sex but not to be that rough on her *wink emoji*. She will text me later, whenever she needs me. I said ok, I just want to be sure that you are fine. Because you were very weak at that time. She replied with, “Aww❤️😘.” In my mind I was like stfu whore, but also I replied with “I love you and bye, ttyl❤️.” .And we text each other everyday, I am basically dating his mom and it’s a secret between me and her only, I am thinking of banging her again.

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