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Fake Persona

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Hes living the perfect life, but when Kayleigh and Harry finally hook up, it will break a chain of lies that could cause ripples in his perfect life

“Today is not the day to get smart with me bitch,” Kayleigh says to her stepsister.

It’s really pissing me off that dad had to marry that sluts mum, I mean, couldn’t he have just had his fun for a few months and found someone new, she thought to herself.

Her stepsister, Danni, leaves her room in a huff and runs to her mum.

“Oh great, here come the waterworks and shouting, I need to get out of here.

With that, Kayleigh crawls out of her bedroom window, knowing exactly how to circumvent her dad’s security, and starts walking round to her best friend, Jessie’s house.

Jessie’s parents were your typical “together since 16, married at 21,” perfect family that Kayleigh wished she had. She lets herself in and goes straight to the fridge for a drink and sits down at the sofa where Jessie is.

“Why have I got such a cunt for a step sister” she growls.

“Well if you liked her, and you two got on, I’d have to kill the bitch wouldn’t I?” She says trying to defuse the situation.

She always knew how to do that. She could always put a smile on my face even when I wanted to kill someone, thought Kayleigh.

Jessie told her that the family was having a party tonight, and it gave Kayleigh the perfect excuse to text her dad.

“Love you dad, but if I don’t stay out this weekend I’m gonna kill that bitch, see you in a couple of days, xxx”

And with that, they decided on making this night as memorable as possible. Jessie and Kayleigh were both 21.

They had known each other since they were 4 and were inseparable. Even though Jessie had the perfect family life, she was just as much of a rebel as Kayleigh was.

“Simon is coming tonight as well, and he’s bringing some friends,” Jessie said. Simon was her boyfriend. They had been together 2 years, and were so lovey dovey it made Kayleigh sick, but she was happy for her best friend.

“Right get in the car, we need to head to the supermarket and get the main supplies, Simons bringing party favours,” Jessie says with a cheeky smile.

Mum and dad are still in Turkey for the next 3 days, so it gives us time to party and then clean up. ” She adds.

They get to the supermarket, grab a trolley, and head right to the drinks aisle. The trolley becomes harder and harder to push as they fill it up with copious amounts of drink.

Just then, they hear “Alright bitch, I’m guessing you want my discount”

It was Harry, Jessie’s older brother. He worked at the supermarket as security, and he had seen the girls come in on the cctv.

“I’m always watching you,” he says with a rye smile while looking at Kayleigh.

It would have been creepy if it was anyone else, but she had wanted him since she grew old enough to know she liked boys.

He was 5 years older and had his own place, motorbike, and unfortunately also fiancee. But it didn’t stop her flirting every time she saw him.

“Maybe I’ll have to steal something so you have to frisk me,” she says, and immediately  Jessie smacks her in The arm.

“Gross.” she says, squirming.

“I’d have to be thorough with the pat down to make sure you weren’t concealing anything else,” Harry says, playing along.

“Right, that’s it, come to the till we are buying this, and I’m getting you two away from each other,” she said, laughing at them.

“I know he’s flirting back, but he wouldn’t act on it,right? Thought Kayleigh.

Harry helps load the car up with the drink and says to the girls he will be there at 6 to help prep the house so nothing expensive could get broken.

The girls laugh that off and jump in the car, and start to drive off

“Is it bad that I really want your brother,” Kayleigh says

“Yes, don’t even think bout it,” Jessie warns her.

They get home and start to move some of the furniture around. Pushing the 3 tables together They then put a smorgasbord of drinks and chips and chocolate out as well as pizzas.

“That’s gotta be enough,” Jessie says, questioning if it really was.

The girls sit down to watch a film to kill some time.

“So, is your brother happy with Michelle?” Kayleigh says, fishing.

“Stop it, I’m warning ya,” Jessie angered by the questions.

” What, I could be your sister in law” she says, knowing she is touching a nerve.

They grab some premixed pornstar martinis and drink them while the film is playing in the background as they chat.

“When Simon gets here, just pick one of his mates. You can get fucked by one of them” Jessie says trying to get Kayleigh off the idea of her brother.

“Hmm, maybe we will see,” she says in agreement

Kayleigh goes upstairs to her room away from home, which happens to be Harry’s old room. She looks in the wardrobe, looking for something incredibly slutty to wear.

She finds a little black dress, way too tight to wear underwear. “Perfect,” she says to herself and lays it on the bed, then goes to shower.

She thinks about how manly Harry is. Rugby player physique, with a full beard and amazingly strong arms.

“I bet he could throw me around that room,” she thinks as she can feel herself yearning to be taken by him.

She goes for a little nap, thinking she may need to save her energy for later.

There’s a knock on the bedroom door, and it’s Jessie.

“For fuck sake Kayleigh it’s 7pm the guests have started turning up and Simon is here with some of his friends.”

Kayleigh gets dressed, goes downstairs and like a scene from a movie everyone’s eyes stare at her in the dress.

“What the fuck are you all looking at” she says a bit taken aback.

“Just then, the kitchen door opens, and it’s Harry, prob not used to seeing you in makeup. He jokes with her.

“Oh fuck off you prick” she says playfully.

“Where’s whatsername?” Kayleigh says to Harry

“You mean michelle,” he laughs. “She’s out working tonight. I’m only here to stop you lot from getting into too much trouble, ” he adds.

“Well, if I get naughty, you can just spank me.” She says, testing the water.

This was her best chance to fuck him, if she ever had a chance it was now.

The drinks are flowing, and the party favours are on the table. As predicted, none of Simons friends even remotely interest Kayleigh. She has her eyes and body set on Harry.

Jessie comes up to her handing her a drink.

“Your still thinking ’bout fucking my brother aren’t you?”

“Is it bad if I say yes?” Kayleigh tells her.

“Honestly, no, you know I love you, but if anything happens, I don’t wanna know bout it.”  Jessie gives in an approving but reluctant tone.

Kayleigh gives her a cuddle just as Simon comes over with a couple of pills.

“Try these you will fucking love them”  he says and gives one each to the girls.

“Without even questioning them, they both neck them down their drinks and head.to.the dance floor.

They carry on dancing for a while, getting more and more animated and drink splashing everywhere.

Jessie and Simon, nearly dry humping each other on the sofa, slip off to her bedroom to have fun while Kayleigh is lying on the other sofa.

Harry grabs a fresh drink for both of him and Kayleigh and sits down next to her. She takes her legs off the sofa to enable him to sit but then puts them right back on his lap.

“So, how come all of simons friends are over there talking about fucking you but your over here not entertaining it.” He says, hoping to know the answer.

“I think you know why,” she says, but he asks her to tell him anyway.

“Take me up to your old room, and I’ll show you,” she says. The alcohol and drugs give her an even stronger libido than usual.

“You head up there, and I’ll go toilet then pop in, so no one can see us go in together,” he says, worried that his fiancee will find out.

She heads to the room, lights off completely, and lays on the bed, anticipating him coming in.

“This is it,” she thinks to herself, not going to let the moment pass she stands up and takes off her dress and gets under the cover.

5 minutes go by, and she hears the creak of the door opening, then looks to see a shadow in the doorway, which disappears when the light goes off.

“So, are you ready to be a good girl for me?” she hears Harry say, and she melts. He reaches under the bed, grabs something, and says, “Think we will need these.”

Before she realises, he ties her.to.the bed and says “now your mine to use anyway i want. His eyes go dark, but it’s more animalistic than frightening, and she goes with it.

Here she is, naked, hands tied to the bed, as he kisses her collarbone with such grace that she swears she could feel herself get instantly wet.

He knows she is his to use. She allows it, and he heads lower to kiss the insides of her left thigh. He plants soft kisses there, heading to the other thigh, breezing over her wet little pussy and ever so slightly flicking his tongue on her clit to make sure her pussy knew it was next.

He slides two fingers into her with relative ease, her pussy is so wet now that she couldn’t stop this even if she wanted to. He licked her clit, tasting her heartbeat in his tongue, hearing her breathing getting heavier and panting faster, he knew she was close.

Suddenly, he stops.

“You cum, only when I say you can cum”

“The bastard, I was so close and he does that” she thinks. “What kind of mean fucking game was that.”

He waits for a bit, then starts again, hearing her laboured breathing and feeling her practically grind into his face he stops again.

“Just fuck me already” Kayleigh says angrily.

“Not till I say it’s time,” says Harry.  And with that, to her annoyance he grabs two more ties and gets them round the bed and on her ankles.

“She’s completely at his mercy now. He grabs ice from.his drink, rubs it on her nipples and they immediately harden. She lets out a little moan, as he pops through icecube into his mouth and expertly takes it back down to her pussy.

She feels herself getting closer and closer, her pussy muscles tightening in anticipation.

“Don’t you dare stop,” she manages to slip out as she grabs the back of his head and pushes it into her now dripping pussy.

His expertly placed fingers deep inside her, rubbing that spot makes her sigh, and she is close to screaming as he picks up the pace, ready to let her finish.

The build-up of pressure culminates in her having a vice like grip on his fingers as wave upon wave of ecstasy flows through her body. She shudders as he continues to finger fuck her with such expertise she squirts right over his chest.

My turn he says as he unties her hands and she hungrily laps away at his cock. He slides himself intonher throat and decides he still wants the control.

So grabbing the back of her head, proceeds to face fuck her with such ferocity that she almost pukes over his cock.

She had never seen this side of him, but she was loving every bit of it and didn’t want it to end.

Downstairs, the front door goes, and in walks Michelle.


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