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Brian’s new smart phone pays off

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Home early from practice, Brian catches his mother with the neighbor and takes advantage of it. Fiction, Incest, Oral, Blackmail, Cheating.

It felt wonderful and exciting as the pair of warm, moist, firm, mature lips slid up and down the length of Brian’s teenaged cock. This was fifteen year old Brian’s first real blowjob. One of the young girls his age that he had been lucky enough to be with had put a couple inches of him in her mouth but did not know what to do very well and soon gave up, disappointing him, but here was an experienced woman who was well versed in sucking cock as well as, if not better than any slut he had watched in any of the many porn videos that he spent hours watching on the websites on his computer.

She kept her lips firmly pressed around his shaft, pulling the loose outer skin up and down his rock hard inner shaft with just the right amount of suction. Each time he was most of the way out of her mouth, she would swirl her tongue around his cockhead and then she would plunge forward again till her nose was deeply buried in his pubic hair, her lower lip touched his scrotum and the head of his six inch man shaft entered the top opening of her throat. She worked at a speed that simulated a proper fucking, while gently squeezing his balls in her hand.

It was not long before she felt his body tense and his ball sack tighten. She pulled off his prick and grasped it with her hand and started rapidly jerking him whole pointing his dick at her tits but Brian would have no part of that. He grasped her head and pulled her back onto his excited maleness till her nose pressed firmly against his firm teenaged body. “Oh no you don’t Mom. Don’t stop now. Keep sucking my cock till you get me off.”

He held her tight and thrust into her, going as deep into the top of his mother’s throat as his medium sized, still growing teenaged man meat could go. He fucked her face with long strokes just like it was a pussy. Quickly he knew that he could not hold out any longer. He held her tight to his body and shot the first blast of his seed straight down her throat. Then he pulled out to where only the head of his cum gun was between her lips. Brian threw his head back and moaned while, with the force of youth, three more massive shots of his warm, thick, salty baby making fluid blasted into her mouth. Joan swallowed as quickly as she could but a little still escaped her mouth and dangled from her chin like an icicle. She took him fully back in her mouth and gently nursed as he softened but she was careful not to get his prick excited again.

Joan pulled off of her son’s cock with a smile on her face but quickly replaced it with a stern frown as she looked up at him. “OK asshole, you’ve had your blackmail. Now get to your computer and erase that video.” Brian looked at his mother on her knees in front of him, “I don’t think I will, Mom.” The cum icicle still hung from her chin. He scooped it up with hi

finger and shoved it into her mouth. Joan sucked on his finger like she had sucked his cock and swirled her tongue around it to ensure that she had gotten the last bit of his offering. Then she smiled up at him.

This had all started two days before when Brian had returned home early from soccer practice because the coach had an important meeting and had shortened practice. He was shocked when, in the living room he found his naked mother on her knees giving a blowjob to their seventy year old widower neighbor while he fondled her still firm C-cup tits in his hands and pinched her big, hard nipples. Brian marveled at what a great slim, trim body his mother still had, even for a woman in her late thirties. He had always loved her high, firm breasts even though he had never seen them without clothes on them until now. He always stared at them in her bikini out by the pool and when she would see him, she would give a little smile and turn away. Now he watched them, fully exposed and swaying back and forth as she sucked off our neighbor.

Brian grabbed his smart phone and used the camera to record the grand event. The microphone clearly established that she was very willingly face fucking this man’s oversized equipment and that it was not the only time she had done it. They were both very much enjoying their cheating meeting. The pair had not spotted Brian and after they had finished, he quietly went to his room and transferred what he had seen to his computer while thinking about what he could do with the images other than just looking at them over and over again. Did he hate his mother for cheating on his father? No, he had always loved her and always will, but this did give him ideas of how this could change their relationship.

The next day after school, Brian told his mother that he had a new video that he was getting ready for a school project and that he wanted her opinion on it and that he would ask his dad to watch it with him later. They sat on the living room couch and Brian wifi linked his laptop with the 50 inch TV on the wall. Brian pushed play and there was his naked mother with their neighbor’s thick seven inch cock in her mouth. Joan let out a startled gasp, looked at her son and slapped his face. Brian calmly accepted the slap. Joan went stomping off to her room.

A few minutes later Brian went to his mother’s bedroom door and pushed it open. She was under the sheet but Brian could see that she had her hand between her legs. When she saw him, her hand stopped moving and came out from under the sheets. “From now on Mom, I’m not going to set my alarm clock to get up for school. Every morning after Dad leaves for work, I want you to wake me up by coming to my room and sucking me off. You’re going to be my blowjob alarm clock.” Joan did not say a thing and Brian walked away.

That evening everything was like normal. Brian’s father came home from work. They ate supper, watched TV and later went to bed. Brian could hear his mother and father having sex and it sounded like they had a very good session.

The next morning Brian was wide awake long before his alarm would normally go off. He lay naked under his sheets with morning wood. He stroked it and wondered if his mother would come to his room. At seven his door opened and his mother walked in dressed in her dressing robe. He pretended to be asleep. Joan pulled her son’s sheets down and spotted his erection. She sat on the edge of the bed and took his shaft in her hand. Brian opened his eyes. “Good morning Mom. I’m glad that you came to wake me up. Are you ready for some more breakfast?”

Joan didn’t say a word. She just bent down and slid her lips over her son’s firm morning wood. Brian thought it was just as wonderful as the first time. Joan didn’t stop till she had swallowed his load. She swallowed every drop and then sat up. Expressionlessly she said, “Time to get up and come down for breakfast.” Then she left the room. Brian went to the kitchen but different from normal, he was naked and hard again. He ate while she watched. “I could skip school and we could spend the day in your bed.” “No way, you get dressed and get off to school.” He did, but on the way out, he gave his mother a kiss and not just the usual peck on the cheek and he reached out and gave her tit a squeeze. “I’ve always loved your big firm tits, Mom. See you after school.”

That evening Brian quietly spoke to his mom before going to bed, “When you come to my room in the morning, be naked.” Joan looked at him and only said, “No.”The next morning which was Friday, Joan walked in again at seven. Brian looked at her. She had her robe on but as she crossed the room, she paused and slowly opened it and let it drop to the floor. She pulled back the sheets and sat on the side of the bed. She began her morning cock sucking but this time as she did it, Brian played with her firm breasts. It made Joan moan and push them into his hand. After she had drained him she gave his cock head a little kiss and picked up her robe. As she left the room, Brian said, “It’s too bad the Dad does not work on the weekends.” She turned her head to him, “Yes, I guess maybe it is.”

Brian came to the kitchen naked again. This time Joan sat beside him and stroked his cock while he ate. She brought him to the point where he was about to come. “Stand up.” He did and she kept stroking his rod as she pulled her bowl of oat meal over in front of him. She pointed his dick straight at it and directed his spurts of cum to splash into the bowl. When he was done she looked at him, “I felt like a little extra protein with my oat meal this morning.

get ready for school.” Before going to dress, Brian watched his mother happily eat her cum covered oat meal which she said tasted the best of any she had ever had.

Brian hated that weekend. He walked around with an erection and aching balls most of the day. Joan saw the bulge in his pants and the look on his face. She smiled at him and mouthed the words, “poor, poor baby.” About one that afternoon, Joan announced that she had promised the widower Johnson that she would help him do a little house cleaning that afternoon. She was gone for a little more than a half hour. Brian wanted to sneak over and look in the window to see if he could catch his mother giving Mr. Johnson another blowjob but his dad wanted to take him to the driving range to hit some balls.

Finally it was Monday morning again. At seven, Joan walked into Brian’s room naked. She grabbed his dick, “OK son, it’s time to wake up.” She leaned over but Brian stopped her, “Did you suck Mr. Johnsons cock when you went over there?” Her reply was, “What do you think?” “Have you let him fuck you?” Her reply with a smile was, “I’ll never tell.” “I want to shove my cock in your cunt and fuck you, Mom. Lay on my bed.” Joan smiled, “That’s not going to happen. Now just lay there like a good little son and enjoy your wake up blowjob.” As her lips engulfed Brian’s eager erection he said, “OK Mom.” Then after a pause he continued, “at least for now.”

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