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Here Doggy, Doggy, Doggy.

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I caught my little sister blowing our dog.

Coach had a meeting, so our practice was canceled. I hung out with my team members for a while and then went home. When I entered the house, I walked back to the family room to play some video games on the TV.

When I got to the family room, I saw Doggy, on his back, in the middle of the room. Doggy is our large, male, four-year-old, large mixed breed pet dog. I thought it was funny to name him that when we got him as a puppy.

Doggy’s big red cock was sticking out and he was whimpering. The reason it was out was because Julie, my twelve-year-old sister was on the floor with him and was bobbing her mouth up and down on his cock, while holding the base in one hand. Julie is three years younger than me. She did not see me, so I just stood there watching her give the dog a blowjob.

After several minutes, Doggy’s whimpers turned into yelps, and he started trying to fuck his cock up into her mouth. Then I saw her cheeks puff out and she quickly swallowed, several times, but dog cum still leaked out around the corners of her mouth. A few seconds later, Doggy got up and moved away. He laid down and started licking himself.

That is when Julie spotted me standing there. By then, I had my cock out and was stroking it as I watched them. Julie gasped and looked scared. I walked up to her and put my cock in front of her face. “I won’t tell, if you do it to me, too.”

Julie smiled and opened her mouth. She leaned forward and took about half of my six inches in her mouth. Her lips lock tightly around it and she started sliding them back and forth along it. She sucked hard and I could see her cheeks pull in. I put my hand behind her head and controlled her speed and made her take more of my dick in her mouth, till she gagged.

Doggy’s cock and mine were about the same length, but his was thicker and had that larger bulge at the base of it. His was red and mine was light tan, like the rest of my skin. His came to a point and mine had a head with a rim around it. However, they were both made to do the same thing, fuck a female and shoot a load of seed into her.

I had watched Doggy fuck the female dog that lived a few housed from us. I had sex a few times with a couple of the girls from school. This was my first blowjob, and I was loving it.

I didn’t last very long before my cum went into my sister’s belly along with Doggy’s. Julie pulled away. “You promised not to tell.”

“I won’t tell, but that doesn’t mean I won’t want more. How the fuck did you ever think to do that with Doggy?”

“Several weeks ago, I was doing a school report on our local zoo. I went on my computer and did some searching. One link I saw said, zoophilia. I clicked on it and it opened a list of many sites about animal sex. I clicked on one of them and there were a lot of videos with women having sex with dogs, horses and other animals. I watched several of them. The women sucked their dicks and let them fuck their pussies. There was even one where a snake’s head was sticking out of a woman’s hole. I thought about it for several days and went back to watch more. Then I decided to try it with Doggy. He loves it and so do I.”

“This wasn’t the first time?”

“We do it almost every day and have for a month.”

“Have you let him fuck you?”

“No, we haven’t done that yet.”

“Are you still a virgin?”

“I’m not sure how to answer that. I haven’t done it with a boy or Doggy, but I popped my own cherry. I did it with a carrot.”

“Can I be the first to fuck you?”

“OK, but not today. Mom and Dad will be home from work pretty soon.”

“At least let me play with your pussy a little.”


Julie pulled up her skirt and took off her panties. I got a good look at my sister’s fur covered pussy. I reached down and rubbed her and pushed my fingers in her. She got really wet and started moaning.

“Julie please let me fuck you.”

“Not now.” Ten minutes later, Mom got home.

The next two days were the weekend, so Julie and I were never alone. Monday, after school, I rushed home. Julie’s lower grade got out before me so she was already home. I had a boner most of the day. When I got in the house, I called out, “Julie, where are you?”

“I’m in my room.”

I hurried to her room. Julie was sitting on the side of her bed, naked. She had a nice body got a twelve-year-old. Her tits were probably 32-B’s. Her legs were spread, and Doggy was licking her crotch. His cock was out and leaking pre-cum. I pulled him away and told him to go lay down. I had to tell him twice before he did it.

Julie moved to the middle of the bed and spread her legs wide. I got out of my clothes and got on the bed. First, I went to her face and touched my cock to her lips. She took me in and started sucking me off. She didn’t have to do it to get me hard. I was already as hard as I had ever been.

I only had her suck me for a minute. Then I got between her legs and found her hole. She was nice and wet from girl pre-cum and dog spit. I slid right in but she did comment on how big I felt. I guess I am bigger than a carrot.

I started fucking her and she pushed herself up to match my thrusts. She moaned and said, “Yes, that’s as good as I hoped it would be. I’m glad I popped my cherry, so it does not hurt. Do it hard.” I didn’t last long. I realized that I had not put a condom on, so just before I came, I pulled out. My cum sprayed all over the outside of her pussy mound.

I took her hand and pulled her off the bed and had her get on her hands and knees with her legs spread. Doggy had been watching us. I called him and he hurried over. His cock was out. I took his collar and put his snout between her legs. He immediately started licking my cum off of her. “Oh, his tongue is scratchy. It just went inside of me.”

I pulled him away, lifted him up, and put his paws around her waist. He started humping his cock against her ass but was not finding her hole. I reached under him and guided it to her fuck hole. As soon as the tip found the right spot, he slammed his thick cock into her and started to fuck at an amazing rapid pace. Julie moaned. Before he finished, Julie had her first orgasm, other than by her own fingers, and it was a good one. Doggy tried to force his knot into her, but did not manage to get it in. He pulled out and licked up his cum as it ran out of Julie’s twice fucked cunt like a river. Then he went back to the corner and licked himself some more. She and I got dressed before Mom and Dad came home.

We continue to frequently have sex fun. She had the school, nurse put her on the pill, so we don’t worry about condoms anymore. Sally, my girlfriend is also on the pill. Sometimes it is just Julie and me, and sometimes we have Doggy join us. She told me that when I am not around, she and Doggy still enjoy each other. The one reason I like my sister better than my girlfriend is that my girlfriend does not let me come in her mouth.

Yesterday afternoon I took things to a new level. Two of my classmates paid me $20 each and I let them peek in the bedroom window while Julie sucked me off and Doggy fucked her cunt. I did make them give me their cellphones so they couldn’t record it. Julie did not know about it.

Summer vacation is just around the corner, and I am trying to think of a way to get Julie to allow me to have her gangbanged by my friends. I know at least six guys that would love to do it. Maybe if we watch some gangbang videos, she will get the idea that it is fun, as she watches the women in the videos enjoying themselves. I’m at least going to give it a try.

324. PO469. If you want to see a full list of my other stories, click on my username link at the top of this story. Any photos with my stories are of people who are 18 or older and come from my friends or from a website that allows sharing. Photo credit and thanks to imagefap.com.


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      Thanks Tom I love to fuck since I was 12 and now my daughters do, we all go around naked here as our nearest neighbour is about six kilometres away, so it’s mainly just myself and my daughter.

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    You should show a picture of doggy fucking your sister

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      How old are your daughters

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      Sorry Daddy but not allowed. I had a photo of a woman and a dog – no sex involved – and that was not even included.

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