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The fat teen from work

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I was 15, she was 17, married with a 4 year old son. Her husband drank and beat her, made her fuck his friends, degraded her, all in front of the kid

Dee would come into work with make up trying to hide her black and bruised face many times. Nothing anyone could do, the other women would try to talk to her about it but she denied everything. She was only 17, her abusive husband was 4 years old, he knocked her up when she was only 13 and she had her son at 14. He married her and was resentful. Dee was pretty in the face, but fat. At only 5ft. 4in tall she weighed about 200 lbs. She had huge tits, about the size of a gallon milk jug. I was 15, it was my first job and she and I worked late shifts a lot. We closed the store alone, and when customers slowed down it let us talk a lot. She liked me, I could tell, and she finally opened up to me. Her husband did drink and was resentful that he had to marry the fat girl just because she was stupid enough to get pregnant. She was a virgin when he forced her down on her back and put his hand up between her legs. He didn’t even kiss her, or take off her panties. He just moved the crotch of her panties to the side and fucked her virgin pussy. She said he didn’t even kiss her during or after. Just got off her and told her she had a tight cunt, it felt good. Then he took her to a movie, she had to sit there with his cum and her hymen blood ruining her panties. That was the way it was most of the time, he just got on her and fucked and shot off and got off. If she said anything, she got a smack in the face.

Then one time he brought in four of his drunk buddies from the bar, and when she said she didn’t want to take her clothes off for them, knowing she’d be fucked, he tore into a rage, slapping her, hitting her with his fists, and ripping her blouse, and shorts off of her. She was no longer allowed to wear panties except at work and if she got her period. No bras at home either. She was naked wearing only her socks and she knew better that to not give in. She laid there as the four guys took their turn after turn in her mouth and in her hairy pussy. At the end, with them all still drinking, her husband told her that her cunt was too used up anymore. He told her to roll over. She’d never been fucked in her ass, she was only 15 by this time but she was so afraid not to, she just rolled over. He used some of the sperm from her gangbang to lube her asshole and he plowed in. With him having cum already, and being drunk she got buttfucked for about 40 minutes before he finally came. He pulled out and she just stayed there, totally demeaned and beaten down. She didn’t even care that two more guys took their turns in her ass after.

This was her life now, fuck whenever he wants, and whomever he wants. He had a girlfriend too, a hot, thin sexy woman of 20. Her husband even sometimes brought her home and fucked her in their bed, he even made her go clean the other womans apartment. She was totally afraid and subjugated to him. One evening it was my birthday, the guys were all teasing me about being 16 and not having my dick wet yet. By then Dee was 18 and at the end of the night, a couple of guys cleaning up left, and she took me in the backroom and kissed me, fully on the lips.
“I want to give you a present, IF you want it” she said
She only answered “this” and pulled down her pants, no panties, and pulled up her shirt an took off her bra. “I’ll only suck you, but you can feel me all you want, and tonight only I’ll let you put it in me but don’t move it around, don’t fuck me, just put it in so you can say you’ve been inside a woman and know what it feels like”.

She sucked me hard, then laid down on the carpeted floor. I got between her legs, sucking on her big tits, and she positioned my cock and I sunk in. It was loose I could tell, but really warm and wet, it felt great. She made me pull out when I did a couple of strokes. She rolled me over and sucked me off. After she kissed me, I could taste my cum on her lips and tongue. I rolled her back over and went down on her, she gave me directions and came once, then got up abruptly and said that her husband was coming to pick her up. This went on, me getting BJs from her, licking her to orgasms she never got with her husband. One time she tried to stop me, but I went down anyway and I immediately knew why. She had been fucked by her husband and his sperm was still in her. I liked it all up, and as I kissed her she tasted it and apologized. There was no need, she was married and had to take care of her husband or pay the price.

One time, us alone in the backroom, I begged to stick it in her one more time. She gave it but kept telling me not to move it around. I hate to admit it, but I didn’t care, I wanted to fuck her. I laid on top of her, held her arms down and started moving. She begged me not to do it, not to fuck her, she begged me not to rape her. Kissing her, pinching her titties the way she loved, she gave in. I guess in a way she resigned herself to my raping her. I came deep inside my first pussy. It felt great. Then she got up and went to the toilet, got dressed and left. It was a month with no BJs no more backroom naked time. Then she took me back there again. She got naked, and had me fuck her, then later she had me fuck her ass too. “Now you’ve had me, you’ve had me everyway” she said. She was leaving the store, moving with her husband. She was pregnant again. It was mine, as the time I forced her to let me fuck her she was fertile. Her husband only buttfucked her during those days. I knocked up the married fat girl.

She left with my cum up her pussy and her ass, and pregnant with my baby. I never heard from her again.

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  • Reply Apollenaire ID:1eutzjdtj3z1

    Really good story line but could have been developed more, what her life in high school was like before the date with they guy who rapes her THEN takes her to the movies (?) though her sitting with cum in her panties during the show was a really nice touch. The 4 buddies come over when she is 15, and then never came over again? You have skills.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    The poor fat girl knew she would always be an abused cumdump. Nice story!