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Family secrets

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I come home.omr day. The house smells.. what the hell.is that smell, I knew.what cigarettes smiled like Mom and Dad smoke. I walked into the living room.theres my 15 year old sister Christine smoking pot, I grab the.bag out of hand out of her hands

What the hell are you you just get out of Juvenile ball a week for poe. You got court I 2 days. No big deal I’m Daddy little girl he will just get.me out again.
Lol oh really want did tell you, he better not her of you smoke weed again, and just so you know it you spoil brat, dad was not the one that got you out it was your Dam grandma Was, she gAve
Dad the money and said go get my granddaughter out.
Grandma will just do it again
I do know she didn’t believe the first time but it will be a lot harder to convince her if you get pick up on the same charge.
She she had an oh shit look on her fac what do I do it at that point,I pulled out my cell and take pictures of the. bag of weed

What are you doing?
I’am fixing to send that to Dad and Mom.
NO NO PLEASE YOU CAN’T Do THAT! You know Im on prob.

Just then their a knock on the door, I look out the window
Who is it?
Your PO officer Mrs. Vicki
She whispers to me get rid of her I don’t need her finding me here or that bag of weed.
She, knocks again.
I walk by her and squeeze.her tits
She whispers what the hell are you doing to me?
Do you want me to get rid of her or not?
She whispers yes.
Then pull your shirt up. She, she reluctantly does it, I feel her tits through her.red bra
Not bad I’m for a 15 year old.teen girl. I whisper to her go hide, she leaves the room. I go and answer the door
Mrs Vicki were is she?
Your guess is as good as mine, I just got home myself.
Tell her I just came by to remind her that she has court on Friday 8:00 a.m., and she hands me her card, I take the card.
I will tell her.
Thank you. Vicki goes and leave, I close the door, I go to the window.
She’s gone, you can come out now. She comes out of hiding. She comes out of hiding. I’m starting by the window still
What did she want?
To remind you not to miss court on Friday at 8 am
Thank you.
You can thank . me taking all your clothes off
That’s ok I can call Mrs.Vicki back and give her your little bag of weed and let her take you and the whole weed she gets real panicky
NO PLEASE, YOU CAN’T! Just then .my phone.rings oh I dad, what did I want I look at her she looks real afraid.she whisper s
NO PLEASE DON’T! I whisper back your clothes off
Dad, what I want to tell you was Mrs Vicki came by to remind her of court on Friday 8 am
Did you tell her?
Not yet dad. She not home
Where is she?
I don’t know, she wasn’t home.when I got here.
She knows she grounded, guess I call her cell and see where she is.
Ok dad bye. He calling your phone you better make it good and believable. Her cell rings
Hi daddy I am home, I’m out in the back yard,. okay daddy,.see you when you get home. Very nicely done.
Now. Take of all your clothes.
You was curious about that? I hold up the bag of weed.
Snd asked her do you want me to call dad back and Mrs. Vicki?
No, no I will take off all my clothes.
I can’t believe my brother is blackmailing me. She, gives me a go to hell look, as she.pulls up her shirt and off, next she kicks off her shoes. Unbuttoned and unzip her jeans down and off? Next she reached around and unhooked the red bra and.throws it down,.
What you going to do to me now fuck your sister.
Yes, and.your ass to.
No you aren’t noones got my ass yet you won’t be the first.
One I smiled at her.
Trust .me, before this day ends your ass will be mine I have a little something something you want smile again at her
What? Smile at her.
You will see, I will be right back
Where you going? I walked away to.my bedroom and hide her weed. I walk back to the living room and start to take of .my jeans
Now you can rather fuck me and get your weed back or, I can call dad and .Mrs Vicki back and give her your bag of weed. I go and.lay on the floor on my back and my cock is already hard. She get into of me and straddle me takes my hard dick into her hand and put me into her pussy.
I can’t believe my brother blackmail.his sister to fuck him. As she rides me.she starts to moan out load I noticed she has her eyes closed
IAm CUMMING! She orgasm.she keep.riximg me. Let me know before you cum, so I can pull your cock out of my pussy.
I don’t think so.
You.better not get me pregnant I don’t want to have my brother.baby. she keeps ridding me for.another 45 mins before I can.
You perv!. YOU ASSHOLE! You could have warn me.
Why would I warn you done said you was going to pull my cock out of your pussy before I did.
Now you had your fun, you fucked me, I want my bag of weed back!
S promise is a promise, I will be back, and.when I get back I’m taking your ass from you.
I don’t told you noone is ever going to get my ass from me! I smiled at her.
I know you better then you know your own self. I leave to go get her weed. I go into my bedroom and grab her weed and a little something else I walked back out to the living room,and toss the bag of weed at her and hold up the small vile. She eyeballs it, I smiled at her.

I believe that they call this snow.
Where did you get it from?
Your home girl Karla, was desperate for 20
If she sold that is you for 20. She must have been very desperate, why would you even want it?
I told you I know you better then you know your self and you want it.
What do you want for it ? I walked over to a table and put a sample out on it with a straw.
Come and try it. She gives me a look like I know there a trick to this. As she.comes over to try it, she picked up the straw and try it.why she
Is trying it, I walk over to her and pull her ass cheeks apart and
What are you doing. I push my cock into her virgin ass
She crying out and screaming WTF.. OMFG THAT HURTS! As I fuck her ass she crying and screaming
I told you before the day was out your ass would be mine

HURRY THE FUCK AND CUM! IT HURTS SO BAD! I keep ass fucking her after about 45 mins
I cum up Into my sister ass.
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    i’m keen @ friendswanted14

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    Why people want to write when they can’t

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    Ok bad English bad grammar and spelling sucks I am out of here by

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    You need an editor bad.

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    I made it about 2 sentences, if you can call them that, before I gave up reading this trash.

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    Good fucking grief. How old is the author?
    This is utter trash.

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      Agreed. Please offer no encouragement for further writings.

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    Too many spelling and grammatical error to be a good story,

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    She needs a cock every day

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    This is hot