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The night I slept with my boyfriend and his friend

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I slept with my boyfriend, then I slept with his friend right after him,

Myself and my boyfriend, Alex, and his friend Colin, were in my mum’s house sitting in the living room drinking cheap bottles of cider.
We were all 17 my mum was working Nightshift tonight as the other person phoned in sick and she had to do it.
So I invited my boyfriend Alex round I didn’t know that his friend Colin was with him and they both came round with bottles of cheap cider.
We had music on and were dancing together my Alex pulling me tight against him as we were dancing jumping around the living room like idiots.
He’s taken his top off he’s pulled my top up over my head and pulled it off I’m standing there dancing with him standing in my jeans and bra.
He’s kissing me on the neck shoulder chest his friend left the room as he’s taken my bra off and pulling my jeans and pants down putting me onto the floor as he’s humping me on the living room floor.
Our living room door was glass it was open in the way I was lying I was looking at his friend Colin as Alex was humping me
I was just looking at him
He’s looking back at me
Alex stopped and he’s asking me to get on all fours he’s humping me doggy style now
I can feel it going up deeper and deeper inside me
I was moaning every time he was going backwards and forwards I’m breathing very quickly heavy moaning groaning I’m looking at Colin as I’m getting jumped
Alex has stopped he’s just holding me
He’s pulled it out of me
Alex was lying on the floor with his jeans still down on his legs
I’m getting up from the floor
I’ve got cum running down on both sides of my legs I’m going upstairs into the toilet washing between my legs.
I’ve went back downstairs Alex was snoring lying on the floor in the living room
I took two bottles of cider and went into the hall telling Colin to come upstairs with me
I’m in my room getting clean pants on sitting on the bed drinking cider out of the bottle
I’m sitting on my bed with just pants on Alex took my bra off.
He’s standing up next to the window looking at me
I think he has a hard on in his jeans he was watching me getting humped with my boyfriend.
Just ten minutes ago.
I taken a very long drink off the cider as I’m asking Colin to come over to me
He’s standing in front of me I’m undoing his belt and buttons on his jeans pulling them down with his boxers and I’ve got his dick in my hand I’m licking around the top of his dick as I’ve pulled his foreskin back I’m sucking licking around on it
He’s got his hands on my shoulder head
I’m wanking him off into my mouth
It was minutes later when he’s coming inside my mouth
I’m swallowing it as he’s cuming
I’ve sucked him dry
I’ve pulled my mouth away from his dick and I’m taking another drink
I’m lying down on the bed pulling my pants down on my legs taken them off over my feet throwing them away.
Colin has got on top of me he’s towering above me looking at me
I can feel his dick going up inside me it sliding up and down inside me
He’s going faster my mattress squeaking really loud the headboard banging against the wall as he’s humping me
It feels so good I’ve got my legs wrapped around him I’ve got my arms around him I’m holding him tight against me
I’m moving myself against him as he’s humping me
I’m feeling like I’m going to come
He’s still humping me so fast
I’m coming I’m trying not to scream I’m scratching him on his back as I’m coming it’s so intense
He’s coming inside me he’s told me that he was coming as he’s pushing himself deeper up inside me.
I’m just lying there feeling good after that
I can feel his cum running out of me it’s soaking wet under my bum were I’m lying on the bed he’s off me I’ve went to the toilet cleaning myself putting on clean pants joggers and a bra top hoodie
I take another drink finished the bottle
I go downstairs Alex is still sleeping on the floor I take the last bottle of cider going back upstairs.
I’ve been drinking this other bottle of cider
Colin is saying that he was going to go but before he went I gave him another blowjob
I went downstairs with him seen him out of the door saying bye
We t into the living room he’s still sleeping I went into the kitchen finishing the bottle of cider
I went into the living room woken Alex up telling him that he had to go now as my mum has just phoned saying that she didn’t have to work it after all
He’s up putting his top on pulling his boxers jeans up standing up.
He’s asking were Colin was I’m saying he left hours ago
I’ve got him out of the house I’m tidying up the living room.
I’ve locked the door closed the blinds curtains.
I’m lying on the sofa with a cover over me watching the TV
I dumped Alex the next day. I was humping his friend Colin that night.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1d0jfu4w7tdw

    Great! Personally I like to hear about the SMELLS of sex – after all – clean or filthy ALL cocks have a smell. And clean or filthy – all cunts have a smell! I think it’s something that’s forgotten by authors!