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I was Raped by bbc at work

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My name is “Allie”, 50, 6’2″, tall long legs, redhead, long thick carrot red hair, thin, small tits, tiny round ass, People say I look just like porn star “Marsha Lord”
I am a nurse, I just started specializing in Dialysis care last year. There is this black man in administration. He is like 6’5″, 58, salt and pepper hair and beard. His name is “Mark” He seemed very nice. I slowly got to know him. He would always want to talk to me. One day we were talking about a new movie coming out. Then out of the blue he asked me out to see the movie that was coming out the next friday. I was kinda
scared and nervous, so I said no. I won’t lie, i’ve only been with white men. I’m not racist, at least I don’t think so. The fact that he was black and he was 8 years older than me, made me just say no. After that day I just felt uncomfortable around him. Avoided him as much as I could. Days went by, months went by. I caught him always staring at me, looking at my face, checking out my ass in my tight scrubs. I swear , I think I saw him stroking his cock next to the counter. I was discusted by the way he always looked at me. On a friday I had that day one the nurses was retiring. So they had a small party with food and cake. I wanted to be there for her send off, her last day. I just showed up in street clothes. A blouse, brown and white skirt, pantyhose, brown 4 inch high-heels. Got there just in time. As i was hanging out with my coworkers, I noticed patients were invited after there treatment. He was there. He was looking at me in my skirt and high-heels. There was a digital slide show for all of us to watch. To remember the retiring nurse. So they turned down the lights. I was way in back. “Mark” was behind me. Next thing i know “Mark” had his hand on my ass. I looked over my shoulders and told him to stop touching me. He just kept his hand on my ass, then he lifted up my skirt and grabbed a handful of my ass squeezing it through my pantyhose and panties. In the dark he pushed me up against the wall really hard, forcing me hard up against the wall. I kept whispering to him to stop. His hand slid between my legs from behind and now he was rubbing my pussy through
my pantyhose and my panties. He was pushing my head and neck up against the wall really hard with one hand, and with the other rubbing my pussy really hard. Even though my pussy was getting wet I kept telling him to stop. He could feel how wet I was getting, so he ripped a hole in my pantyhose and moved my panties so he could finger bang my wet pussy. He continued to force my neck and head up against the wall as he finger banged my pussy. Then I heard him unzip his pants, he tore the hole bigger in my pantyhose and then I felt his big black cock pushed hardup inside me. It hurt so much, he was stretching out my bald pussy slow and deep. His big cock inside me fucking me in the dark as my friends and coworkers are laughing at the slideshow. He seemed frustrated. So he grabbed a handful of my hair and led me out the conference door down the hall to the supply room. He pushed my face into the door and told me to punch in the code to open the door. Once we were inside I began screaming at him to stop! please stop! He bent me over the counter very hard and then I felt his cock stretch me out again in one hard thrust. I screamed cause it hurt so much again. I never had black cock in my white pussy before. He just kept fucking my pusy deep and hard, showing no mercy. His hand on my neck forcing me face down and he was pounding my pussy. His big black cock was balls deep in me, raping me hard. About 10 minutes went by and he was grunting and I felt him cum inside me, impregnating my pussy. He pulled out his cock probably to watch all his cum dripping out of my pussy. He put it back in and showed no mercy again, pounding me so hard. He fucked me and impregnated me 4 more times while people were laughing and giggling at the retirement party. He let go of my neck to pull up his pants. Then he grabbed me by the neck again and said if you liked that “Allie” and want more, you know where I’m at. I knew where he was. He had a high end luxary camper. Sometimes he would just stay in our parking lot. From what I heard it’s like fully loaded.
As I caught my breath of just being raped by him I looked down on the floor and there was a huge big puddle of his cum on the floor that dripped out of my pussy all those times. I cleaned it up. So I straightened up my clothes and said goodbye to everybody. I sat in my car. I could see his camper from where I was parked.
I lifted up my skirt and saw my ripped pantyhose. Cum was still dripping out of my pussy into my panties. I used my finger tip to scoop up some cum only to lick it off my finger. That’s when I decided I wanted him to finish fucking me, impregnating me alot more I wanted to swallow his cum. I drove my car like 50 feet, parked. I knocked on his door. He told me to come in. He was watching his big screen TV.
He was wearing a robe. He took it off and that’s when I saw his big huge black cock for the first time. It had to be about 12 inches long. He climbed up on his bed layed down. I followed him and saw his huge cock rock hard. I crawled over to him grabbed hold of that thick black cock and just admired it. How big is it? “Mark” said 11 inches.
OMG! All that was in me? I put it in my mouth and tried to fit as much as I could. As I was sucking his cock I told him it was my very first time sucking black cock. I felt his hand under my skirt and his hand was on my ass again.
I enjoyed every inch of it all the way to the back of my throat, licking all 11 inches of his black shaft, trying to fit his big black balls in my mouth. As “Mark” was grunting he filled my mouth full of his cum. I ate and swallowed his cum with his cock still in my mouth. It was so thick warm and gooey sliding down my throat. I licked his cock clean, then he helped me take off my blouse, bra, and skirt told me to leave my panties, pantyhose, and high-heels on.
He layed me back in his big camper bed, spread my long legs, slid his big black cock in between my bald pussy lips, teasing me. Then with one deep thrust he rammed all 11 inches deep in my 50 year old pussy.
As he was pounding my pussy with his black cock, I reached down squeezing his muscular ass cheeks using my long finger nails to dig in his ass. Screaming “Mark” Rape me! Rape my white pussy “Mark”! Begging him not to stop Raping me! He just kept pounding me, until he started grunting, then I felt him cum inside me, Impregnating me for the 5th time. As we were thrashing tongues French kissing, I stopped and looked him in the eye and said, Your going to get me pregnant for sure. Ummm I would love to have a black baby “Mark”. He pulled his cock out of me just to look at his cum oozing out of my pussy onto his sheets.
He pushed his cock in me stretching me out again.
As he was pounding me, I lifted my long legs on top of his shoulders. He told he loved the silky pantyhose on his shoulders and that he has wanted to fuck me for a long time. Since my first day there, he’s wanted to fuck me. Screaming telling him to Rape me! He grunted and impregnated me for the sixth time. “Mark” rolled me over and I felt his tongue deep in my ass. As he was eating my my ass, out the bedroom tiny camper window I could see 3 of my coworkers taking a break outside at the picnic table.
He got up behind me, pushed all that cock in me doggystyle and started pounding my pussy. If my coworkers only new I was getting fucked by big 11 inch black cock in “Mark’s ” camper. Again I was screaming for him to Rape me hard. So he was just pounding me doggystyle until he impregnated me 2 more times. “Mark” told me to sit on his cock. So I climbed on top of him and slid down on that thick long black cock. He had his hands on my ass cheeks as I was riding fast and deep. He filled my pussy 2 more times with me on top of him. I’ve never been Impregnated that many times in an afternoon. I told him that I was glad he raped me in the clinic and finished in his camper.

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  • Reply Whiteboi ID:1dp645phwlw9

    Love seeing girls and women of all ages pregnant with black babies

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Nobody could blame her for wanting more after being raped so beautifully by BBC!!

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    I wrote a story for you and you never read it or even commented on it !! Britney

    • Big bad John ID:8bvvy07zr9

      Well I thought it was a great story Britney. Woke up this morning with a raging boner thinking of you just in a garter belt, Cervin stocking and 5 inch heels. You make me so fucking horny!! Your online lover Big Horny John

    • Mark BBC ID:28xpktuoid

      I found it…. I read it… Wo! Really hot Britney. Write more. I love women’s legs in silky smooth nude colored pantyhose and 5 inch high-heels 👠

    • Mark BBC ID:28xpktuoid

      I want to write a story. It involves you. I no your not racist, but it involves racism
      Part of it is true. I saw something at the drug store and I just want add on to it.

  • Reply Jenny Josephine ID:xodpj9p273i

    So erotic and steamy story,
    Please read my stories as well,
    Dear Readers,
    4 girl’s on a adventurous trip part 1and 2.
    Thank you

  • Reply Dave ID:6nrnya5pqm

    Surely you can only be “impregnated “ once – right? I mean that once your egg has been invaded by a sperm, it won’t happen again unless you give birth or the pregnancy aborts – right? So I am sure that nobody has been impregnated many times in an afternoon.