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Carrie Caught Stealing And Fucked By Store Manager

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Carrie thought she had gotten away with stealing expensive jewelry whilst at the shopping mall, but the store manager had other ideas..

I was always a good kid growing up. Studied hard, got good grades, was generally nice to people. Then, in my late teens, I sort of rebelled. I was a senior in high school, and I wasn’t really looking to get into trouble, per se, I was just acting out, being edgy, and trying to get away with things. My young brain didn’t really think things through, though, so – in my mind – everything I did seemed like it was no big deal with no real consequences.

One day I was in the local shopping mall, and as I was wandering around the jewelry section of a major store, I decided I would try to steal some jewelry that my young brain was convinced I couldn’t live without. Spotting a silver bracelet I liked, I snuck it down the front of my black legging and into my panties, then walked casually toward the front of the store, thinking I had pulled it off. As I approached the door, I was almost out of the store when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

It was a man in slacks and a nice dress shirt, who grabbed my arm and said, “I’m the store manager, young lady, you’ll have to come with me.”

My heart jump into my throat, and I stammered some banal response, but going through my head was how much trouble I had just gotten myself into. By the time we got to his office at the back of the store, I was crying and stammering about how I didn’t mean it and can’t I just give it back.

Once we were in his office, he sat me on a chair in front of his desk, and picked up the phone.

He said, “Let’s start by calling the cops, then we’ll give your parents a call and let them know you’ll be down at the police station getting booked for shoplifting.”

“NO! WAIT!” I cried. “Do we have to do that?”

He said, “That bracelet you stole is worth £600. I’m afraid that can’t be overlooked.”

“But I’ll give it back!” I said.

He laughed and said, “I know you will…..that doesn’t change anything.” He looked me over for a few minutes, then came around the desk so that he was standing behind me, and said, “Let’s start by getting that bracelet from your hiding place.”

I started to reach into the front of my legging to get it, but he stopped me and said, “No, I’ll get it.”

When he said that, I sort of saw where this was going. I was a fairly attractive girl, with small firm breasts… my tits were 34Bs, with small areolas, and long nipples that made noticeable bumps in my tops, even when I wore a bra….which I wasn’t wearing that day. I had a figure hugging white top on that really showed off my boobs, black leggings, with thong panties underneath.

The manager stood behind me and rubbed his crotch against the back of my head as he reached over my shoulder with one hand, and slipped it inside the waistband of my leggings, sliding it further down until his finger were inside my panties. His fingers found the bracelet I had hidden there, but he deftly pushed it to the side, and slid his finger even further down until they were rubbing my clitoris, and running along the edges of my pussy lips. At the same time, he had slipped his other hand inside the stretchy white material of my top, and was squeezing my right tit, and pulling on my nipple with his fingers.

I closed my eyes and bit my lip, knowing that I really didn’t have a choice if I didn’t want to end up with a police record, nor deal with livid parents that would make my life beyond miserable.

As I sat there motionless, he continued sliding the fingers of his left hand along the slit of my vagina, eventually slipping it past my labia and into my pussy, where he began moving it in and out, while using his thumb to toy with my clitoris. With his right hand he had pulled my right boob out of my top, and was lifting it and playing with it, occasionally tweaking the nipple, which was beginning to stiffen to his touch. Keeping his fingers in my pussy, he stopped playing with my tit long enough to unzip his fly, and pull out his semi-hard cock, plopping it on my shoulder so that the veiny shaft was rubbing up against my cheek. I could see the length of it, and the size of the bulbous head, and my eyebrows shot up in response. It was huge….maybe 9” semi-hard…with a big mushroom shaped head that stuck out at the end. Holding it with his right hand, he nudge it against my lips until I opened my mouth. Then he pushed it in and began rocking his hips back and forth as he fucked my mouth.

This was definitely going where I expected it to, so I decided I was all in, and would try to get this over as quickly as possible.

I couldn’t fit his entire prick in my mouth, so I wrapped one of my hands around the shaft and started stroking it as I sucked. I had developed early, and had seen and sucked my share of cocks from the boys at school, but this one was the biggest I’d ever seen, and it was nearly choking me as he tried to shove it down my throat. Meanwhile, with his right hand he went back to playing with my exposed tit, while his other hand kept sliding in and out of my pussy.

When he was fully erect, he pulled his dick out of my mouth with a ‘plop’, removed his hand from my cunt, and – still holding onto my boob with his other hand – pulled me up from the chair so I was standing in front of him. He started pulling my top over my head, and I said, “Are you sure we should be doing this?”

He stopped for a second and, with a shit-eating grin, said, “You have choices…..we call the police and you get booked, or….we don’t. It’s your choice.”

My options were clearly limited, and my decision was obvious, so without saying anything I just lifted my arms to allow him to pull my top over my head and toss it onto the chair I had been sitting in. Next, he took hold of my leggings and pulled them down, along with my tiny panties. I stepped out them, and he tossed those onto the chair, as well. He turned me around, pushed me over to his desk, and bent me over so that my hands were on the desk – my boobs dangling beneath me. He kicked my feet out wide, so that my legs were spread, and my pussy completely exposed. Taking his huge cock in one hand, he lined up the bulbous head with my vagina crack, rubbed it up and down my pussy lips until he found the opening to my pussy, and started shoving it inside me. I was again surprised by how big it was as it slipped past my pussy lips, and also how wet I had become from the attention he’d been giving my clitoris and nipples.

He started to pump his dick into me over and over….slowly at first, but quickly picked up speed. After a few minutes he was slamming his cock into me with gusto, making my small boobs swing and bounce like crazy as they dangled above the desk. He was breathing hard and slamming his hips into my ass cheeks, with his nut sack slapping against my clitoris with each stroke. He pounded me deeper and harder than I’d ever experienced before, causing me to grunt with the force of each thrust. From behind he reached around and grabbed my heavy udders, pinching and pulling on my stiff nipples. I suddenly realized that a climax was building inside me and, before I knew it, a massive orgasm rocked my body, causing my arms to shake and my legs to tremble. I was still grunting from the pounding I was taking from behind, but I closed my eyes and enjoyed the warm, tingly sensation of my climax as it washed over me.

The store manager hadn’t cum yet, so I was surprised when he suddenly pulled his cock out of my pussy, but when he spun me around and pushed me down to my knees, I knew where this was going. Holding onto his prick with one hand, he put the other hand behind my head and forced his raging hard-on into my mouth. He was close to climaxing, so he shoved his big shaft as deep into my throat as he could, then held my head there while he rocked his hips for several minutes before exploding inside my mouth, sending ropes of cum down my throat. I swallowed as much as I could, but much of it spilled out of my mouth, down my chin, and onto my swaying breasts. He kept ramming his dick into and out of my mouth, as he shot more streams of cum down my throat until his nut sack was finally empty. I couldn’t believe how much jizzm I had swallowed, and there was even more covering my tits and dangling off my nipples as it dripped onto the floor between my knees.

After he finished cumming, he stood with his hands on his hips and had me continue to suck his softening shaft for several minutes while he closed his eyes and enjoyed the after effects of his waning orgasm. When he was finally flaccid, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and told me to put it back in his pants and zip him up. After I did that, he tossed me a towel and told me to clean up and get dressed. As I wiped his cum off my chin, he kept playing with my tits, rubbing his cum into them like he was applying lotion. Finally he let me wipe off my boobs and nipples, and pull on my top and leggings. But he said my panties would be taken from me for evidence, since that’s where I hid the bracelet I had stolen. I think he was just being dramatic….or maybe he just liked the idea of me walking around without panties , but – hey – who was I to argue at this point.

With a final squeeze of my tits, he opened his office door and walked me to the front of the store. As I walked to my car, I gave a heavy sigh of relief that I wasn’t sitting in a police station with fingerprint ink on my fingers and a criminal record on file, waiting for my parents to come deal with their shoplifting daughter. All in all, I think getting fucked by the store manager instead was worth it.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Of course it was worth it. Always the best way to deal with a little shoplifting cunt!

  • Reply lonewolf19145947@gmail ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    Very good I was younger working a department store when a little girl came in and I caught her jacking a pair of black thongs. I told her to come back the next day wearing them and I wouldn’t call the cops.she did and I fucked her