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My first time

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I was young when I had my first orgasm from my older cousin. I still love looking back on it and rubbing my tight little slit till I cum thinking of him.

I remember we were playing outside my house with the neighborhood kids and he kept grabbing my butt and grazing his finger tips along my little slit on the outside of my tight spandex shorts. My cousin kept calling me his good girl and I was loving playing with the older kids in the neighborhood. We got called in for dinner so we all went in grabbed dinner.

After dinner we all went out to the garage to hange out and sat on the stack of mattresses we had in their for no reason. Slowly everyone went home but my cousin; so we were out in the garage by ourselves. We started wrestling and he got on top of me and started grinding his lump on my naughty area, it was magical. I asked what he was doing because it was tingling. He asked if I wanted to feel even better and I was very excited to say YES.

He told me to take off my stretchy pants and Disney Princess underwear. He told me to put my hands on the sides of my slit pulling it open exposing my tiny little pink hole and swollen tiny clit. I was called a good girl again before he put his mouth on my area and that was magic.

Feeling his tongue cover my whole area, sucking gently and stretching my hole out with his tongue as a I wiggled and loaned under his face. I started screaming I had to pee and he to told me to just embrace the feeling. Suddenly my whole body tensed up and it felt like I couldn’t breathe, then it felt like my whole body was getting tickled everywhere at once.

He called me his good girl again and said it was his turn- he pulled his basketball shorts off and told me to take his snake in my hand. It caused me to laugh because it didn’t look like a snake I had seen before- I got told it’s a special snake that spits out fun stuff when happy. He helped me wrap my small hands around his snake and shake it all around. Then I was told to suck out the juice to make it feel better. I could only fit the tip slightly in my mouth and the head kept catching on my lips as well as stretching my mouth open. Then the snake spit all in my mouth and face as he moaned loudly saying I was his favorite good girl.

Afterwards he told I can’t tell anyone because then we couldn’t have fun any longer. It was a couple more years before he penetrated me and now still does whenever he see me at family gatherings. I love it and wish it was more often.

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  • Reply Dale & Stacy ID:1ejr50ngnl6r

    That was really hot !!! Got my pussy throbbing wet..I love when my cousin’s visit *Stacy* I’m ready for some cock now😍😍😍

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    I love pulling down Disney Princess panties to reveal a nice young smooth preteen pussy . Then I start licking it getting ready to slowly push my 65 year old cock into it .

  • Reply Chrissy ID:2a74sdo20k

    Also sun edits here too, I was 5.

  • Reply Chrissy ID:2a74sdo20k

    Posted a second story so hopefully it gets published soon.

  • Reply Teenlover ID:2zixgbwqrb

    Chrissy snap me OGjoker7er
    Email [email protected]

    • Chrissy ID:2a74sdo20k

      My wickr is wishiwasa though.

  • Reply Ruffun ID:eq5yuftd3

    Chrissy how old r u now and what area r u in?

  • Reply Chrissy ID:2a74sdo20k

    I can write more of when I got penetrated at 10 and when I sucked a neighbors cock for the first time. It was so much smaller than my cousins.

    I don’t have much sex now just because of the pandemic and being in online classes but I am hoping since classes ended last week I get to have sex again this summer.

    • Little man ID:32e54wnoxid

      Tell us more

    • Ruffun ID:eq5yuftd3

      How old r u now?

    • Chrissy ID:2a74sdo20k

      I’m 15 and going into 10th grade.

  • Reply lilx ID:1bfeiorqhra


    • homosexual ID:1bqr56s4xib

      ur on a sex story site what do u expect