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preggo went nutso

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Wife in her 4th month went nuts sexually. Normally very subdued and shy, she was a total cumqueen, slut, whore and all while preggo

In her fourth month my wife came to me grabbed my hand, took me into the toilet with her and sat down to poop and pee. She held her legs open and wanted me to see. She started sucking my cock and I I blew as she was pissing and shitting. She bent over and had me wipe her ass clean and her pussy of the piss. She wanted us both to stay naked all day. So we did. She couldn’t get enough sex. When I couldn’t get it up yet, I ate her pussy and she came and came and came like never before. She would beg me to buttfuck her. She normally tolerated an occasional romp up her poopchute but not now, she craved it. She wanted some toys to play with, so one day she got dressed in a tight dress highlighting her firm preggo tits, and her now 5th month belly. It was at the adult store that she let her dress ride up, she wasn’t wearing any panties and half of her pregnant ass was showing as well as her hairy pussy.

She was very vocal about the size of the dildoes and what she wanted, she wanted a LOT of anal toys and the men were all looking around at her, coming closer to see her ass and pussy too. Soon taking her toys to the counter to hold she took me into the back video booths. There were about 10 guys wandering around in the booths or in the area around them, there was one woman too. My wife picked up her dress and was walking around with her lower half showing and pulled down her top to show her tits. She took me into a booth and was so damn loud while getting fucked it was incredible. Coming out she pulled down her dress and pulled it up on top, and told me we had some shit sex waiting at home since I’d dumped a load of cum up her ass. All this VERY loudly. Everyone in the place knew the hot preggo got buttfucked and loved it. We bought the toys and at home she insisted again that I come watch her shit, but this time she bent over, and while sucking me I was hard and she just put my hard cock into her dirty asshole.

After we were done, she washed us both thoroughly in the shower. She talked a friend at work into doing a threesome with us. She was thin, tight body, very androgynous looking. we had a great time,

This went on until about the 8th month when she was more uncomfortable. After the baby, I had all I could do to keep her tits milking for a few months after the baby was weaned so I could nurse on her tits. She thought that was only for the baby, but she let me do it. I wanted to go back to the adult store and she looked at me like I had three heads. She wouldn’t be caught dead in that place again she said. I wanted her to suck me off while she still wasn’t allowed to fuck and it was like I was asking her to let me fuck her on the dining table while we had everyone over for thanksgiving dinner.

I have my wife back, but I really did like the preggo slut I had for a few months.

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  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    Wo.en are strange creatures when they are preggo . My wife would have me fuck her while she tried to shit and piss , then lick and suck my cock clean .