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My very first bbc didn’t go as planned for this catholic school girl

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My name is Britney and I go to St. Marks Catholic High school and I’m the eleventh grade .I was telling my best friend Kim that I had never been fucked by a black guy and would love to find a black guy who would fuck me .So that night Kim calls me and tells me that she found a black guy at her work who is looking for a young woman for a date and possible marriage .We laughed then she encouraged me to ask him out, so I did and his name is Leshawn and he’s 29 years old .

I’m 5’2 and 113 pounds with long black hair and I’m 16 years , I’m going to meet him at his home after school tomorrow .

Class just ended and Kim gave me a hug and a passionate French kiss before I left to go over Leshawn’s house, and told me to tell her all the details on what happen between me and Leshawn .

I’m still wearing my catholic school pleated gray dress and white button down blouse and my white lace brassier and red lace panties ,with cranberry red tights and my black 3 inch heel pumps .

I parked my car and walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell, and it took him almost a minute to answer , while I stood there in my school uniform with my dress hiked up just a little above my knees .The door opened and Leshawn stood there ,he is much bigger than I expected ,Standing at 6’4 and very muscular .

“Hi baby girl”!! He said with a deep voice and a big grin as I stepped into his house .He is very well built with biceps as big as my head .

“You want anything to drink baby girl”? He asked me with his deep voice .

“Oh….maybe some water please”!!! I squeaked out .

He walked to the kitchen as I followed ,he grabbed a glass and filled it with water and handed it to me.

“Here you go baby girl”!! He said as he started looking over my body .I took the glass and started to drink and he tipped it up a bit so some water dripped down my chin onto my tits ,I choked on the water a bit and pushed the glass away .

“Sorry baby girl I just love water on big titties “Mmmmm”!

“Oh yeah”? I asked ,watching him bite his lip as I took the glass of water and poured it on my white school blouse letting my white lace brassier and DD tits show through my wet blouse .

“Oh fuck yeah ! baby girl , just like that”!!!! Leshawn said as he put his hands on my hips and pressed hard against me looking down at my cleavage as his hands slid up and cupped my tits ,squeezing them together ,”How did a little white girl like you get such big tits”??

“I’m just lucky , I guess”!!!

“No baby girl, I’m the lucky one”!!!

Leshawn unbuttoned my blouse and took it off me, and slid his big black finger down between my cleavage and fingered my tits before reaching around and unhooking my brassier, as he slid the straps off my shoulders and watched as my DD tits hung down loosely by themselves .

“Oh fuck yeah baby girl , jiggle those big titties for me”!!!! So I shook my shoulders side to side shaking my tits and loosing my brassier off, as it fell to the floor .He picked me up and I wrapped my cranberry red , nylon tights covered legs around his waist ,pressing my bare tits against him as he puts me on the kitchen counter as he bent down and sucked my erect nipples .He pulled back and cupped each of my tits .

He got down between my legs ,holding my nylon red covered legs up and looking up into my school
dress and he leaned inside my dress and pressed his nose against my red lace panties and inhaled ,

“Is your pussy pink baby girl”!!! He asked me .

“I gotta see your pussy baby girl”!! as he pulled my red lace panties to the side and without asking he ripped a hole in my cranberry red tights making me yelp ,”Ohhhhhhh”!!!!

“God damn baby girl you shaved your little white pussy ,I love that”!!!

He leaned in and started licking my school girl pussy up an down paying special attention to my wet pussy lips ,then gently parting my pussy lips with his tongue as I moaned , “Ohhhhhhhhh”!!!!!

“God damn baby girl your so fucking tight”!!! As he licked and slurped my wet pussy and he even licked and sucked my ripped tights area that is soaked with my pussy juices while I kept moaning out .

“Ohhhhhhh”!!!! “Ohhhhhhhhhhh”!!!!!!!!! “Ohhhhhhhhhhh”!!!!!!!! “Ohhhh my pussy is so sensitive”!!!

He stood up and dropped his pants and releasing his BBC , my god this thing was a monster it was about 9 inches but what scared me wasn’t the length but the width or girth . I have no idea how that’s going to get into me without tearing my small white pussy .

He picked me off the counter and I stood up on my school heels ,looking down at that hunk of black meat and it’s very intimidated looking .

“Suck my dick baby girl”!!! he said .

I got on my knees in front of this black beast ,his dark skin was even darker on his dick and the head was darker than that .It was a big cockhead ,and I had to open my mouth as wide as I can as it goes to get into my mouth ,I was able to slide it to the back of my throat, but I quickly realized that their was no chance in hell that it was going down my throat .I grabbed the rest of his black shaft with both of my hands ,which neither of them fit all the way around .

I started jerking it back and fourth like he said ,”Oh yeah baby girl , just like that”!!!

He bent down and picked me up again , “It’s time for the bedroom baby girl”!!!

He carried me out of the kitchen and up the stairs and opened the door to his bedroom and gently tossed me onto his king size bed , and then he took off his shirt letting me see his huge muscles and six pack abs , and the curly black hair on his chest .

He reached under my dress and tore my panties off causing me to yelp ,”Ohhhhhhh”!!!!!

As he pulled my ass towards the edge of the bed ,he then leaned down and kissed me, then he squeezed my tits and sucked each of my erect nipples before holding my encased nylon cranberry red legs apart, and resting his huge black dick on my pelvis .I had the look of fear in my eyes as I looked down at it .

“Are you ready for this baby girl”?? he asked

“You have to wear a condom”!!!! I said .

“Oh baby girl !! I don’t have any”!!!!

“I promise I won’t cum in you”!!!! he said .

I nodded as he leaned back and angled his big dick against my pussy and started to press through the hole in my cranberry red school tights .

Unlike the average size dicks that I’ve fucked before his dick didn’t slide in that easily .I felt my skin tighten up and got pulled as my pussy walls got spread apart a little to wide making me gasp and yelp,

Ohhhhhh”!!!!! “Ohhhhhh m…my g…god I…It h…hurts”!!!!

As his cockhead entered into my small fertile white pussy ,he gently rocked it in and out tying to shove it deeper into me .

He pulled out and got between my legs and spit on my pussy and he slid the head in again ,now it started to go in deeper and I started to uncontrollably scream , “Oww”!! “Owww” “Arrgg”!! Ohhhhhh”!!!

“Oh fuck yeah baby girl !! your white pussy is so tight and perfect”!!!

Leshawn looked down and spit on my pussy, sliding more of his saliva in me as he got his thick black meat to sink deeper into me ,he finally was able to work his cock 6 inches into my pussy with three more to go, and he started humping me with more speed and passion, leaning over me squeezing my tits ,he held them together and sucking on them as his cock is fucking me, pushing in and out of me with only half of his cock in me and my nylon cranberry encased legs are wrapped around his black waist as I’m panting hard .

I started to cum hard and he began to kiss me ,as I grabbed the sheets and started to scream with pleasure , “Ohh my god !! I’m cumming !! I’m fucking cumming !! Ohh god !! your dick feels so good”!!

I never in my life ever had an orgasm that intense .He kept on working is cock into my tight pussy ,he was in deeper than any guy that had I ever fucked me . I bit down on his shoulder from the pain of stretching my pussy as the pleasures of my continues orgasms .

It was getting pretty intense for me for a few minutes . I felt like I was being ripped apart by him and I started to cry from the extreme pain with tears running down my face .My mouth was wide open from a silent scream as the tears continued to stream down my cheeks .

“Don’t worry baby girl !! I’m not going any deeper than that”!!!

He pulled out of me and rolled me over and lifting me onto my knees, then he mounted me from behind, then he plunged his dick into me as deep as he could , drilling and banging me so hard that my big 32 DD tits are swaying loosely back and fourth hitting my chin with the pounding intensity of his
thrusts ,and he grabbed my hair and shoulders and fucked my little white school girl pussy so hard that his big black ball sack is slapping against my nylon cranberry red tights covered ass, and the sound is echoing through out his bedroom while I’m whimpering out and squealing , “OHHHHHH”!!!! “OHHH”!!



He suddenly pulled out of me and turned me back over and jumped over me and squirted his hot sperm all over my bare tits and neck ,as his sperm slowed down. he rested his black spermy cock in between my big tits and squeezed them together while he’s now fucking my 32 DD tits. using his sperm as lube , as he’s fucking my titties ,I’m moaning out , “Ohhh baby yes”!! “fuck my big tits”!!

“Okay my white baby girl !! lick off all my cum and your pussy cum from my cock so I can fuck you some more”!!!

“YOUR NOT DONE”??? I asked in a loud worried voice .

“Fuck no !! when a brutha has a little white school girl like you !! you fuck her until you can’t fuck anymore”!

I leaned forwards and sucked his cockhead ,making sure that I sucked out all his salty and nasty tasting sperm. I licked up and down his shaft wrapping my mouth around the sides of his cock trying to get all the sperm of it .I couldn’t risk getting pregnant ,when I was done he got between my legs and he spread me open again .And he continued to fuck me, he spread his sperm all around my tits .

I wrapped my arms around his head, feeling his short buzzed hair as I moaned , “Ohhhhhh baby”!!!!!

It didn’t take long for his big black cock to hit all my pleasure spots at the same time and causing me to cum again ,this time it was more intensely than before .

I was screaming and sweating and I just about fainted, as I felt something gushing out of my pussy as he pulled out of me ,a liquid was gushing out of me as I orgasmed ,I thought I was peeing ,





“Oh fuck yeah baby girl !!!! you never squirted before”!!!?

“Uhh….No”!!!! I said between breaths I…Is that what happened to me”?? I..Squirted”??

He put his cock back into me and my pussy was so fucking wet that his black dick went even deeper actually touching my cervix but still leaving about 3 inches of his dick hanging out of my pussy .

He reached under me and picked me up by my nylon cranberry red ass cheeks, and pumped me up and down on his dick .He then stood up on the bed and bent over resting my head and shoulders on the bed as he held my sexy red ass up and fucked me while bobbing up and down .

“Oh shit baby girl…Oh Fuck yeah….Oh Fuck…”!!!!! He said as his leg started to twitch and I did feel his dick throbbing as he pressed hard against my cervix ,and I swear that I could feel a hot rush of liquid squirt and explode deep inside my womb .

He just stood there shaking as his big black dick continued to spasm inside my pussy and then I felt it .a few drops of hot liquid rose up out of my tight pussy and around his dick and dripped down my nylon cranberry red ass cheeks .

“OH MY GOD !!! DID YOU JUST CUM IN ME”??? I panickily yelled .

“I’m so sorry baby girl ! but your pussy is just so fucking tight that I thought that I had time to pull out ! but your pussy squeezed so fucking tight around my dick that I couldn’t help it baby girl”!!!!!!!!!

He stood up and slowly pulled his dick out of me, while holding my nylon cranberry red encased ass in the air ,as his dick slid out of me and I felt the walls of my pussy close , as it’s holding his big sperm load that’s deep inside me .

He let me go and I got on my knees and I’m squeezing my vaginal muscles ,I can feel his big sperm load oozing out and dripping onto his bed and down into my cranberry tights .

“WHAT THE FUCK ASSHOLE !!! YOU JUST GOT ME PREGNANT”!!!!!! I screamed at him .

“Shit baby girl ! you can take one of those pills to get rid of it ! and if you are , it might be a boy with a big ass dick like mine”!!! He laughed at that .

“Besides it’s all your fucking fault bitch !! What did you think would happen if you let a big ass black dick fuck your little tight white pussy without a condom”???

“You dumb white bitch”!!!!

I was pissed off and offended so I got out of his bed and fixed my panties then pulled my dress back down and walked out ,I turned around and gave him the middle finger as he was rubbing his cock and smiling at me .

I’m walking funny ,and my pussy feels extremely loose .I took my make up mirror and put it near my pussy and to my horror my pussy is gaped wide from his big , black ,thick dick ,and all his sperm is soaking my tights, causing a lot of white creamy stains and runs down my legs and thighs .

It took three days for my pussy to shrink back to normal but it’s very swollen and my E.P.T. test came back positive and now my life is fucked up because I wanted to be fucked by black dick !!!!


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  • Reply Courtney ID:1ea6ykfvoqkm

    Britney dear, I can’t wait to share my true story of my first real BBC. My husband and I got with our black neighbors a while after I found out I was pregnant. Ever since I got pregnant I’ve been so horny, and that BBC fucked my tender white pussy oh so good. My husband calls me his little coal burning slut and it just makes me erupt in cum. My pure white pussy had never taken a hard black cock before but now I’m a true slut! As a Catholic girl myself, I never though having sex with other men would fell so good. I love your stories, and would love it if you used me in one. I can be an innocent, traditional feminine Catholic mother and loyal wife who betrays her husband, children, and church to get fucked and creampied by my sons black principal so my son can graduate. My pussy is so wet thinking about it! Your pregnant little slut, Courtney.

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      I would love to hear your stories Courtney!! and I’m so happy that you got blacked !! now your my fellow catholic blacked sister !! and believe me, you will cheat on your husband to fuck black cock sweetie !! once we get it , we always want it , no matter what !!As for me writing a story for you , yes ! I will ! but you have to promise to comment on it after you read it , because I’ve written stories for a couple of people and they never read or commented on it !! and as you know , it took me quite awhile of my time to write it !!! thanks with all my love (THE QUEEN OF SPADES) and (THE QUEEN OF WOMENS NAUGHTY UNDERGARMENTS AND NYLONS) Britney

    • Courtney ID:8i1yttdt84o

      Of course I’ll comment on it, especially if I’m in it. As for cheating, I’d never cheat on my husband, he fucks me too good for me to leave him like that. Especially now that I’m pregnant, he just sits and teases my poor pussy for hours on our couch before fucking me. Just thinking about it makes me wet.

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      I just started my story and your in it with me love Britney !!

  • Reply 1292 ACR ID:4bn00en3fia

    Jesus Christ, this is hot! Keep up the beautiful writing!!!

  • Reply Big bad John ID:2muspuh6ib

    You have my word my lady! But remember I am a very horny guy and sometimes I might get a get a bit forceful with you. I hope you understand and can handle it. Love and kisses John

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      My husband gave me a ride on his Harley Davidson motorcycle yesterday , I was wearing my black spandex running tights and my 4 inch stiletto black boots and my black leather jacket john , and I got onto the bitch seat and he started it up, well during the ride between the loud noise from the pipes and the severe noise and vibrations from the engine ,I had multiple orgasms during the ride , he asked me what’s gong on and I told him your bike is making me cum, when we got back home and I got off the seat, there was a huge wet cum stain on his seat and my spandex tights were soaked with my cum !! just thought that you would like to now even the guys bikes fuck me !! love your girl Britney

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      I just left you a comment on my nephews story my stud !!! britney

    • Big bad John ID:2muspuh6ib

      Your stud replied and I hope you like it my Princess! John

  • Reply Big bad John ID:2muspuh6ib

    Really enjoyed that story Auntie Brit and left a comment!! God!!! Your stories and comments drive me wild. I just want to take you and force my cock into you and fuck you until my balls run dry!! I want to feel your legs wrapped around me as you pull me deep inside you and hear you whisper in my ear ‘Fuck me harder John!’ I’m your guy Britney and I hope you’re my girl. Love John

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      As long you treat me like a proper lady then I’m yours my Johnny !!! (HUGS & KISSES) Britney

  • Reply Big bad John ID:8bvvy07zr9

    I would have loved to see you in your school uniform. I bet you got the boys hard!!! Love John

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      I did get them during change of classes I would be in the boys bathroom with my friend Kim smoking cigarettes and giving a select few boys hand jobs !!! love Britney

    • Big bad John ID:2muspuh6ib

      It’s a great pity I wasn’t at school with you Baby because my cock would have got a lot of action from you and Kim. Did you let them play with your tits while you jerked them off? I bet there was a line out the door of the boy’s bathroom when you were around!! Love John

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      I know you would and I would have been very strict with you !! but I was really respected and I only let my math teacher Mr. Calnan fuck me with a condom on , because I had a hard time with calculous and he passed me after that so I could graduate !! And I only gave the boys that I liked hand jobs but I never sucked any of their cocks and only one that I allowed for 20$ dollars to dry hump me in the boiler room by lifting my dress up and he ended up blowing his load all over my black tights covered ass !! love your princess Britney !!

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      If you were my boyfriend . Kim would not have touched you , because she knows that your my boyfriend and I would have only allowed you to dry hump me with my dress up on my back , and I would have wiggled my tushy as your cock is sliding and gliding on top of my ass covered black tights until you blow your white seed all over my sexy wiggling tushy !! love your princess Britney

    • Big bad John ID:8bvvy07zr9

      What a naughty tease depriving your horny boyfriend a chance to dip his big hard cock in your warm sweet pussy!! But then again I would wait until I got you on a crowded train and give you a hard standing fuck!! Love your online fuck buddy John

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Well you got me there John !! I wouldn’t pass up a surprise crowded train standing fuck by you but not in my tushy only my pussy and don’t ruin my tights !! they cost a lot of money !! your princess Brit

    • Big bad John ID:gnsumkm9b

      I would only put my thick cock in your pussy. I would never fuck your ass unless you wanted it my horny princess. The thought of standing behind you with my cock buried inside you while surrounded by people makes me as hard as fuck! I’ll do my best not to ruin your expensive tights but you might have to wash my thick creamy cum out of them!! Love your horny John

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      you my sweet remind me of my nephew !! when he came to visit me and his uncle he use to steal my pantyhose and stockings and take them home and jerk off in them leaving a big creamy white dried up load in them !!! my sister found them in his draw and told me , you would do the same thing wouldn’t you my horny stud !! At least my nephew likes girls !! Britney

    • Big bad John ID:8bvvy07zr9

      You seem to know me so well Britney. If I had a pair of your lace panties or stockings I would wrap my cock in them thinking of you as I jjacked off into them. Of course I would much prefer to have my cock in your mouth or pussy! Did you ever give your horny nephew and glimpse of your tits or perhaps your bare tush or pussy!! I think you are sometimes a cock tease and enjoy seeing guys getting horny over you!, can’t wait for your next story. Love from your horny guy John.

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Well I wrote a story on what happened my john you’ll just have to go and read MY NEPHEW FINALLY GOT ME WHILE I WAS PASSED OUT DRUNK !! read and enjoy honey !! Britney

    • Paul ID:1dp85l43ubx0

      I’d love to feast on your sweet pussy and ass from behind and than fuck you to multiple orgasms and squirts, love ya Britney ❤️ Paul

  • Reply Big bad John ID:1un7eiah

    Hi Baby, now I know why they call you the Queen of Spades!! Your reputation for writing some of the best black cock stories on this site is well deserved. I loved this story Brit and it would make a great porn film. It’s pretty obvious that you write from experience and you’ve had plenty of big black cock action! Looking forward to your next ballerina story!! Love from you horny online lover John

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Thanks baby !!! And thanks for commenting on MARK BBC site ! he wanted me to do a nurse story and the jerk never read or commented on it !! I will be starting my next ballerina story for you and yes you will be in it !! love your ballerina princess Britney !!!

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    Another masterpiece Britney, I love how you get your young white pussy stretched beyond its ability and gapped with bbc and filled with cum. Your writing always gets my cock hard and throbbing.

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Thank you so much Slim !! you really flatter me sweetie !! when I do stories for you, I’m going to be either your daughter or granddaughter or both for different stories, and yes your wife will be included so you can give me a scenario of the plot, and yes I want Christina done up in hosiery as the same as me , and if I don’t care for your version of your own story. I will use my own , I know I can be a bitch sweetie !! but I’ll make sure you cum for your little princess Britney !! love Britney

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      I am good with that Britney. How about something new since you mentioned being my granddaughter. How about something different with Dave and Christina and our granddaughter spending the weekend together. The rest is up to you.

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Do you and your wife want to be aggressive with me or just both of you fucking me or have Christina being the aggressive dominate grandma and force fucking me with her strap on while you also fuck me in my tushy because you guys caught me with a boy with out your permission , Britney

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      How’s this Christina is fucking you with a big black strap on while I fuck both you and Christina with my big hard cock

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      That sounds great honey ! but it will be awhile in the mean time please do another story because you are very good ! and practice makes perfect love your online spoiled bitch of a daughter Britney