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Drugged my Step-daughter to take her virginity

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Well, she was making my slutty daughter look bad so I had to make sure my Step-daughter, should not get more attention for being a good virgin girl.

Being a mom is a really difficult job and making sure your daughter is happy is even more difficult. My name is Julie and I’m 39 yrs old. I have a sweet little angel of a daughter Alice (14yrs). And yes, one stepdaughter. When I married John, he had this goody two shoe of a daughter, Hanna(16yr) from his previous marriage and I was not lucky enough to get rid of her.

Anyways, Alice and Hanna go to the same school. Alice has to face a lot of trouble because Hanna does really well in school. She came first in every class so far. So Alice’s teacher’s always compared her with Hanna and say to be like her. Bullshit. She is a dork. My daughter is the cool girl in her class. She is quite popular too 😉 . Well, I would say that she is not afraid of her sexuality and is brave to showcase her sexual side. Yes, other students talk trash about her because she is sexually active and all, but they are just jealous because she is so happy with who she is.

But one day I heard the female professor who coaches Hanna for free, some bullshit mentorship program, I guess for college. She said, that Alice is just a slut and Hanna is pure and hence she will go places and do amazing in life.
I really respected that professor. This hurt me badly. She thinks my daughter is a cheap whore, good for nothing. All because of this bitch Hanna.

I had made up my mind. I had to change this. So I was on it. I called my cousin who lives in a trailer park, 2 hours away from us, and told him we are coming this weekend. He was happy to meet his family.

The weekend arrived and I told my husband that since he has to travel for the whole week I will be taking the girls to see my brother. He was ok with it. So we packed the bangs and left on Friday Evening. We reached at 8 pm and greeted my family and my extended family. They all lived nearby in the same trailer park. Alice adjusted very quickly and found some boys of her own age group and parted. I knew she was strong and independent she can take care of herself. Hanna hung around me. My brother had 4 sons, 14 to 21. My Sister had 3 sons, 13 to 17 all were gathered around the campfire. It was not that all were hanging around at the same time but all were enjoying themselves. I took my father, brother and sister aside and told them about the biggest problem in my life, Hanna, who was taking my daughter’s thunder. They were ready to help me. I asked my meth addict sister if she had some substance to make Hanna drowsy, and less resistant. She immediately went through her medicine cabinet and pulled out a packet of powder. Great! She mixed it in a soup bowl and gave it to me. Everyone laughed. I took the soap bowl and gave it to Hanna, who was ready near the campfire. She didn’t doubt a thing and drank the whole thing. Within a few mins, she was making weird noises as she swayed with semi-closed eyes. The drug had its effect. I went close to double-check. “Hey Hanna, why don’t you come inside.” I picked her up, but she was not able to walk, just mumbling some gibberish in a slurry voice. I gestured for my family to follow me in the trailer. They all were drunk by now.
I threw Hanna in that small trailer bed. She was rolling intoxicated on the bed. We all laughed.
“So here’s the thing, She is a virgin. And I want to make sure she loses it tonight. She is such a prude that she is making my daughter’s life miserable.” I was just able to complete my sentence when My dad said “DIPS”. We all laughed. My brother gasped in disappointment. “Fine you go ahead, then I will follow” he said.

Dad crushed his bear can and dropped it. My sister knew what to do, she immediately completed her can of bear and started to suck my dad while he was undressing Hanna. She was a beautiful girl who got it from her mom. Soft white skin, golden hair, blue eyes, B cup perky boobs, and a fresh juicy pussy.

My sister prepared my dad’s dick, It was now in full form, 10″ veiny cock.I missed that. That was my job before. Good old days. My brother had also undid his pants and placed my hands on his dick. I forgot. Yes, so I got on my knees to suck him hard.

“Well, here goes nothing” My dad said and placed his dick on the 16yr old’s clean shaved soft pink pussy. It didn’t go in. He tried again. It didn’t. Then my sister licked her finger and shoved it inside Hanna’s pussy and fucked it. Then two fingers.
“Now she is ready for you daddy.” My sister laughed. I wanted to watch closely. I took Dad’s dick with my spit hands and placed it on the entrance of my step daughter’s virgin pussy. I slowly pushed his hard dick inside with my hands. He thrusted and it was in. A audible gasp was heard from Hanna. “Tomorrow won’t be the same again honey” My dad said looking at half conscious Hanna and we all laughed. He continued pushing his dick inside out. He had spread her legs like a turkey on thanksgiving and was applying his whole body weight to shove his dick inside her. His dick was already covered in her Hymn blood. He was a huge dude. 300-pound 6’4″, 59 yrs old. His hairy crotch was brushing her soft skin of Hanna. I went on to suck my brother’s dick. He was next. My sister was sucking on Hanna’s supple tits. I forgot how fun was Friday’s in our family. Daddy was fucking so hard that the whole trailer was shaking. I’m sure his big dick was making a mark inside Hanna’s pussy. He fucked her for like 20mins. He then told Chris(my brother) to take over Chris picked her up like a rag doll and turned her around. And bent her over the bed. He spit on his dick and shoved his 9″ dick inside her. He held her waist tight and fucked her like mad. He kept saying “she’s tight, she’s tight.”

Dad saw me on my knees and shoved his dick inside my mouth. “It has been a long time since you have shared yourself with us, Julie. Start with sucking your Stepdaughter’s blood of my dick.” He shoved his whole dick inside me. He held my both hand above my head with one hand and with the other held my hair in a knot and keep pushing his huge inside my mouth. My back was against the trailer. I missed him so much. He kept choking me with his dick. My was face covered in my own spit.

Then he lifted me and threw me on the bed and ripped my dress off. That’s how daddy likes it. I giggled. Then he spread my legs and in one go shoved his dick up my pussy. My eyes rolled back. He groped my boobs and put his all weight on me and fucked my pussy top bottom angel. My sister had already placed her pussy on my face by now. It was so amazing. Daddy gripped my boobs to get the strength to ram my pussy. He was making me cum. Next to me Hanna was head down, getting her pussy rammed by my brother.
This continued for a while. Both men swapped us, mother-daughter for a while. And when they were about to cum, I specifically asked them to cum inside Hanna. They did, taking turns, one after the other they came inside her. I placed two pillows below her back to raise her ass as she lay asleep on her back. I found a duck tape and sealed her pussy lips I didn’t want her to lose any of my family’s seed over the night.

Daddy and sister left for their trailers. My brother and I went to the couch and lay there. He fingered me to orgasm and then we slept like babies throughout the night.

We needed the rest. The weekend has just started.

… Continued (http://funstories.ga/)

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    Wish I could have sex with a virgin or guys daughter or niece or wife

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    Hanna deserved to have her virfin cunt filled with breeding seed from tour dad and brother

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      I hope you got a grand baby/ sister or brother from this

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    Another amazing fucking story this one has to go on can’t wait to read more

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    This is fucked up

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    I wish I could do that to my step-daughter. She is a prude bitch too. Any volunteers? 😉

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      I would enjoy helping you fuck your step daughter. Do you have a kik or anything to keep in touch

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      Yes, i can volunteer

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      Let me have her

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      I will help