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Cruel Master Rapes servants virgin girl

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Rich married man destroy the young pure servents daughter under his roof

When I was young my mum used to work for a rich middle age man
That man used to live with his wife and children

It all happened one day when I went to the kitchen late at night to drink some water

I was wearing my princess underwear and tang top as I just wake up

When I went to the kitchen sir was there sitting on a barstool

“What are you doing here so late” he asked me

“I need some water” I said and he nod
He was looking at me up and down

After drinking water I went back to my room

Next morning when I came to the kitchen I saw my mum talking to sir
It’s unusual as my mum just serve him breakfast and never talk
Sir don’t like talking to servants

When mum saw me coming she just smile at me
I didn’t pay attention to them and went to do my chores around 7 in the evening mum took me to my room and give me a pretty dress and ask me to apply makeup and shave

I did as she said cause she always ask me to look presentable
When she come back she ask me to sit on my bed and wait I was confused are we going somewhere

After some minutes the door opened and I saw sir coming in

“Sir do you want anything” I asked

“Yes and I’ll get what I wanted” he said and start approaching me
He grab my arm and start licking his lips gazing at my body lust fully

“Leave me ” I push him and went to the door but it was locked from outside

Sir come towards me and slapped me hard

“Do as I said whore or i’ll insert a hot rod in your cunt” he said

He grabbed me from my shoulders and starts kissing my neck
His hands roamed my breasts pinching and fondling them

“They are so soft like marshmallows” sir said

He throw me on the bed and hover over me

“Girls like you should be fucked on time nobody likes old good”

He removed his clothes than mine

“Took a cock before bitch?”

I shook my head in denial my eyes are watery

He put his head on my entrance and push it in
“Take this monster you little whore”

“Yes suck it suck it in
You whore there is nothing hotter than a pure cunt

Now you’re my whore you’re going to fucked everyday

Take it like a good girl ”

It was too dry so he grab a bottle of lotion and smear his dick with it and put it inside me again

It’s giving my pussy a burning sensation he fucked me for a few more minutes and blasted his cum inside my cunt

“See you soon bitch keep this pussy fresh for me ” sir left

I was lying naked on the sheets stained with my maiden blood
Crying over what happened only if I knew its the beginning of my tormenting……

To be continue

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  • Reply Slut ID:2kyee16vv2

    I want that to happen to me

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    I hope there is more to come in this story . All young girls should be fucked by an older man for the first time . Even if the old hard cock has to be forced into their young virgin cunts , and makes them bleed .

    • Lust4u ID:2w2av29q499

      I agree. I was fucked by an older man and absolutely loved it.

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    Loved the story if any young girls want to have fun be loved and taken care of by an older man add my Kik

  • Reply Anita ID:33wni5h

    David u make me wet

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    Bring that pussy u make my dick hard

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      David u made me wet

    • Bleu ID:5spbi1qri

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  • Reply Want More ID:99wekc4z

    Good start but way to short and needs more details. Hope to see part 2 soon.

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    • HrnyStpDaddy ID:3zxjrjpi20b

      I agree.. cum sit on daddy’s lap.