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Every kids dream: Duke and oak

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[Fictional story] I have fun with both my dogs, they were very good boys

It was late at night and I was in my bed jerkin as usual, I was 12 or 13 at this time. I came across zoo porn, and my horny ass got an idea, both my dogs slept in my room. I got onto the floor and petted dukes belly, he was a big boy, great dane, I moved my hand down to his sheath and started stroking, his cock grew quickly and my eyes lit up. I put my mouth around it and he waged his tail as I blew him, I blew him for a few minutes before he cock up and started to sniff me, I got on all fours and he got the single. He got behind me and mounted me, his cock rushed into me and I moaned loud asf, I hadn’t gotten fucked in a while. He fucked me nice and rough for ages before cumming inside of me. He pulled out and went back to sleep, I was upset cuz I hadn’t came yet, I cock back into bed where my other God, oak who was a mutt, was sleeping. He got up and sniffed my ass, I had a perverted thought. I wondered how tight the puppy was. And boy was he. I got behind him and lined up my cock, I slowly pushed it in and he yelped in pain, I felt bad but my cock felt so good inside of him. I thrusted faster and faster, his cries of pain were covered up by my moans, it didn’t take long before I filled him. I fell onto the bed exhausted and he fell asleep besides me

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  • Reply Doug ID:3zxjpuyw49d

    How do I meet you and your dog I live in lake Ann and can’t drive and I don’t want anyone in my family to know that I want to be knotted with your dog