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a hunting in Ohio

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this is the new version with better grammar. i found a little girl in trouble… she didn’t know what i ask in return

(be indulgent with my grammar)

In Ohio, the economical crisis hit hard. That’s made a good place to hunt girls, and buy them something in excange of various kind o favors. I cheked in back alley and in poor places, looking for prey, untill i find a good one.
She look young, fresh, with withe skin, blonde hair and blue eyes but with a sad look. Obviously she is in trouble, and this is my chance. I stop the car and go near her.
I say “hi… are you lost?….”
she say “…. no i just have a little trouble”
“may i help you?” i sayd.than we start to chatting. Soon she tell me what’s wrong: she need a few hundred dollars for pay the bills, that her mother cannot pay.
i say to her: “bring me the bills. I will pay, for this time….”
she say “seriously?…. you mean for real?” “yes, of course” i said.
she smile, and run to home. Few minutes later, she came back with the bills. “it’s a total of over 350 bucks… it’s a lot!” i say.
She look a sad…. “yes it is” she say “but we really need it, we alread out of gas and electricity, and my mom is desperet”…. i say “you will do something for me, if i pay?”she look at me…. “yes… anything” “i just want you spend the rest of the day with me” i say.
“she smile” yes, of cours, she say”
We goes toghether to the nearest post office and i pay all, then i give to her the invoices.
“promise ar a promise!”, i sayd “Yes…. sure” she reply. She look so happy. After this, she follow me without hesitation.
“do you have a mobile?” i ask, “no,” she say… “my mom cannot afford it”
“don’t worry it’s just for know….”
i bring her to an appartment that i reserved for this. i placed hidden cameras, everywere to take record of all will be do next. When we go inside i lock the door… she’s mine.
I say “you wanna something to drink? soda? Cola? orange juice?
” orange juice”, she say. I go to the fridge: i prepared a cocktali of OJ and wodka, the taste will be the same, but the alchool wil took away some “hinibition” from her.
I ask her how old she is, she say16. So cute: i say.”seryously?” looking at her. “ok, ok…. i’m 12, ok?…. i just don’t like to be treaten as a child”
“oh, oh…. fear not” i say to her, giving her the cup with the OJ “i will not trate you as a child” smirking.
Afther drink she say: “wher’s the bathroom?”
i show her the toilet “take a shower…. you need it”. “really?” she sayd ashamed! ”yes, you need it. Take your time”
i close the door , and took my mobile. Inside the bathroom i placed a bunch of cameras that will show everything to me. The ligth it’s perfect and clear: i see evrything. She take a piss first, than she start to undress herself. I can see her from all angles thanks to the cameras: she’s so hot! her skin is so smoot and white, her golden hair are so beutiful, her butts are round and firm and the chest not so flat: her titties are big enough to be groped.
I change my dress too: i weare a simple suit, with no panties: i will not need it.
She close herself in the shower. I placed a camera even there and i can see and record everything, she look so relaxed and happy… she don’t know what ill do to her…. I go inside the bathroom:”are you in the shower? i ask”, “ah… you scared me, yes…” she say, we talk trougth the frosty glass of the shower “sorry i just have to take a leak. How do you feel? Better?” i say to her.
“yes…. i feel good… even if my head spin a bit…. should be the hot shower” i say “don’t worry: you can lye on my bed, after the shower if you want. I see your dress: it’s better that i take it for washing them… they smell”
“oh, seriously? Ok, thanks” she’s qite boozed: she don’t protest at all.
“i’ll give you a towell” i say.
i place on the toilet lid a towel big enough to cover her not completley, then i grab her clothes and i
go out. I trow her clothes inside the washing machine than i start it: it will take at least 3 hours to wash and dry, and the program cannot be stopped.
I set on a bit of music, not so loud, becouse we are isolated: nobody can hear us here.
She finish and go out.
“wher’s the towel for the head?” she ask. She’s so pretty! she place the towel under her armpt, but it’s fly a bit: i can see her legs, and a bitt of her butt. She smell good and she look so beautiful!
“i forgot it… come here i’ll dry you with my hair drier”
She come near me and i start to dry her hair with a little towel, than i use the hair dryer.
“you’r so cute” i say to her. “i guess you have a lot of boyfriends”.
“well yes….”she say “a lot of guys want to date me at school, but none of them wanted to help me like you did. Some of them say that will give me money for some pics”
“what kind of pics?” i ask intrigued.
“of me in swimsuit” when she say this i clearly see her face going more red “i gived them the pics, but they repay me with just some bucks…..i hate them…. ”
i’m a bit surprised… i guess it’s not the first time she get in trouble for money, but maybe she know how to use her charm.”and now….” i ask her “you will repay me for my help?” “yes..” she say “i’ll do anithing you want”. she’s boozed: i like it.
I finish to dry her, than i move her to the dining room: i place myself on the couch, and i let her stay in fornt of me “one thing that i wish is that you dancing for me” i say to her.
“what?” she say…”but my dress?”
“unfortunatly i don’t have a dress of your size…. but i like that, don’t worry….”
She take off the towel and put it as a belt… or better, as a little skirt. The way that se took off the towel… the naturalness and ease which she did it, make my dick jump.
After she tie her hair in a ponytail, she start to dancing on the music.
She jump and spin freerly and with ease, showing me all of her. She smell so good and i felt my cock became hard. Of course she still was boozed, so a bit unbalanced: she start to twerk and she lose her towel.
I see her little butt twerking naked: so hot…. i see also her cunt open while she twerking. God what a view! She still did not realise that she lose the towel, and she turn around in front of me, keeping shaking her hips, with the eyes colsed….she was hot like hell. Of course i cheked in my mobile: all the camera are onto her, i will not miss a single moment.
She rise her arms placing the hands behind her nek, keeing moving her hips so good. She is a talented one: she spin her hips so good and with so ease, like it’s compleatly natural. Then she ligtly open her eyes and look at me. For some moments our eyes crossed: she have the gaze of a real slut. A a mix of innocence and malice, of audacity and lust that I never thought possible to find in a girl of her age.
Suddenly she realize that she do not have the towel anymore.
“aaaaaaaaah….. what?” she yell, covering herslef with the hands.
i laugh and i go to her.
“it’s a bit too late to be embarassed” i say
“i already seen everything…. and i like it so much!”
“what?…. nooooo……” she turn red as a tomato. her face is so cute! I took some sec to calm her
“don’t worry…. don’t be ashamend… you are so beautiful”
“i am?…. i mean…. no…. i’m so little…. my mom will be angry: she say that i cannot show myself to other…..”
“do’t worry: nobody will tell to your mom about this…”
she look at me just like a kid caugth with the hands in the jam.
I’ll bring her in the bedroom. She’s naked and so docile. I placed her in front of a mirror, stayng behind her.
“see how beautiful you are?” i start to caress her, i take her hands. I spread her arms, putting the hands behind her neck, showing perfectly her titts and her little pussy. Istart to caress her: she’s so
relaxed, but i feel her hart racing. I spred a bit her legs, caressing her butt and her back. Her skin is so tender, smoot and soft. My dick it’s harder than ever.
“you like it” i ask.”yes… keep going” she say to me with a small voice.
Of course, behind the mirror ther’s a cam: I want to record everything i can.
I take one of her legs and rise it, showing her pussy to the cam: “you are so beautyful….. i want you” she do not say nothing, just nods: her face is red as a pepper. She grab my hand guiding one between her legs and i feel her pussy wet. I quikly remove my suit and trousers and i grab her layng her on the bed: i want to fuck her so bad…i dont’ care anything else. I put a pillow under her hips, and i spread her legs. I hope the camera in the ceiling can get all of her, but now i want to eat her pussy. I see her titts, so puffy and with those little nipple that’s look like a candys.
I place my mouth on her tiny shaved little pussy. I start to savor her: it’s so sweet and tasty, her juice are fresh and sweet like a fruit, her clit exposed i kiss and slightly bite it. I feel her that gasp and moaning. I keep licking her: i want to make her cum! And i mean hard! I put a fingher inside her pussy…. i don’t sense any hymen!
“you’r alreday did this?”, i asking.
She gasp and look at me: her face it’s a mix of plasure, emabrassing and surpires. “no…. i mean, once, a man pay me to put the toothbrush in my pussy…. it was painful…”
“oh… i understand…. and now? you feel pain?” i sayd, while i push inside my fingher.
“no…oh..oh….. it’s not pain…..ooohhhhh… oh, ho….. this is so good….. oh…..”
She gasp and moaning wile i twist the finger inside her to reach the g spot. meanwhile i suck her clit. I rub her g point from inside, and i keep to lick the clit for more than one minute.
her gasps and moaning goes louder….suddly she start to shake herself. She gasp and squeezing my head with her legs…
she came a lot. She shake her hips furiously, she grab my head try to push me away, but I continue. I want tho make her feel all untill the very end. She shake hersef aganin gasping and moaning
she fall onto the bed almost faint.
Her breath is fast.she’s so red and beautiful, with her blue eyes slightly open.
“do you enjoy this?” I ask to her . She loock at me “yes… yes…. it’s soo goood…. thanks…nobody did dis for me, before….”
“now will you repay this favor?” i ask her
“yes, of cours…. do as you want….” she say.
I want her so bad: i spread her legs, and i place the tip of my dick between the lips of her cunt. She’s so wet that i can push inside without hurt her. Slowly i thrust inside her untill she took half of my dick. Meanwille i see her face: her mouth opening wile i go inside, and her eyes blik in a experrsion of surprise. I keep pushing forward and i reach all the way inside her: i touch her woomb with the tip of my dick and at the same momente she gasps.
“ah…AAAHHHH…..” she look into my eyes, almost worried.
“yes…. this is sex” i say to her.
she looks worried: “sex?….. but it’s dangerous…. my mom say that….AH…OOOhhh”
i start to move a bit “did she say that was so good?”i ask.
“no…. she never told me it was so good…. i don’t care… do what you want… make me feel good…”
“say -fuck me harder-” i say to her….
“oh? ok…. fuck me! fuck me harder!”….
i’m horny as hell her cunt is so tigth, wet and warm, and it fit perfectly to my dick. Luckily i jerked off myself before the hunt, so i can endure the urges. I start to move fucking her deeper.
“AH, AH, OH, HA…….HHAAAAA”….she gasp and moaning.
I see my dick slide in and out of her: she’s so tigth. I caress her cest and her puffy titts wile she gasp and squeal so good: she’s almost sing. I hope all of my camera will get the moment’s because this will be a day to remember. She’s totally surrender at me, but I feel her legs tightening around my waist. The sloppy sound are so good… i keep fuking her… five minutes, ten minutes.. 30 minites… i
hear her gasp and squeal luoder and louder. Finally i feel my balls rise… i’m almost ready to cum….
i start tu push deeper, harder and faster….


my roar explode in the room.
I start to cum and push all of my semen inside of her and she scream “AAAAAAAAAaaaAAAA… YYYeeeeeeEEEEEESS….. HHAAAAAAAAAA!!” she squeal like a bird
i I keep pouring inside her all of my cum. i feel the orgasm through myself and on my mind…. i fucked a girl. i fucked a 12 years old girl with all of my migth.
I look at her… she keep gasping and shake still with my dick deep inside her.
I slowly take my cock off of her. her pussy close itself like a little mout, dripping my cum: no blood, no pain, only tears of joy from her eyes….
I bend down on her and i kess her on the mout and she kiss me back, with eyes closed.
“by the way….my name is Jakcy…. ” i say to her.
She open her eyes in a cute face of surprise.”Jacky….my name is Shara….. i’m so happy that i met you……” i feel really greath, and the better is… whe just getting started ..

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