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We took our teen daughter to a swingers club

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Our 16 year old is introduced to sex , in a nice club in London

We have a pretty 16 year old daughter Clare , she does suffer with autism and is very socially awkward and finds people difficult . Apart from that she copes daily and enjoys what she enjoys , she goes to school , but doesn’t socialise , no boys nothing outside her home life .Clare has long red hair and a nice figure but still developing
A few weeks ago , she came down stairs and said to me and her mum , that she was a virgin and she didn’t want to be anymore and could we get her a boyfriend ,( this is how her mind works , )
We explained that that’s not how things work and as things develop at their own way , and she would meet someone. Now she is a nice looking girl 5 ft.6 nice shape , boobs and bum just right , any man would be happy with you ,
A few days later she asked I’ve been on line and I’ve seen this she showed us a website to meet strangers just for sex Fab , again her mum explained to her yes people do meet up just for sex , but it’s probably not suitable for a virgin to play .
We were a little bit worried that she may go out and end up pregnant or worse .
We had been to swingers clubs over the years and decided to approach our local swinger club , we spoke and I told them the situation , we were in , it was agreed that we could bring her along to watch but if anyone asked she was 18 .
My wife took our daughter to one side and explained that we were concerned that something might happen that wasn’t right , so we can arrange something, it was a little awkward for us to tell her that mummy and me go to a club to have sex with strangers , Clare wasn’t happy we had an argument about not being fair that we had sex with people but she couldn’t just have sex,
We showed her the swingers club online and a few pictures , of what to expect , we will be there just watch what people are doing and feel comfortable and you are in charge of the night. Her mum told her she would need some special clothes to wear and they’d go shopping for some , on the night I watched my wife dress our daughter they both shaved themselves , a bald pussy is better for oral my wife told her , your is soft and natural and smooth , they both put on stockings my wife in red and daughter in white , they won’t know your a virgin but white is pure ,my wife put on her crotchless knickers and a basque and then helped Clare , crotchless panties are good because men have access to you and you don’t loose them because you don’t have to take them off , then she helped her put on an open bra , so this will let your boobs be played with , but you will keep it on . They both put a dress on and my wife handed her a lace mask when you get there put this on , it will hide who you are .
We got to the club signed ourselves in and showed her around the different rooms , a few people came over to us we knew and introduced them to our friend (our daughter) we told everyone she was an 18 year old student we’d met , they said if she’d like to play later on , she said I am just watching never been to a club before. We’d explained to Clare that it’s ok to watch , and if she’s happy to play then play safe , the wife toook Clare to the changing room , we put our clothes and things in here and walk around in our undies , she handed Clare a six pack of condoms you don’t have to do anything with anyone but I recommend that if you do make sure the man has one of these , your 16 and you can’t be getting knocked up. When or if you do the do , is up to you it’s a greedy girls night and that means there are loads of men . Clare was getting a lot of attention newby in the building , her clean white lingerie was getting noticed , I told her to walk around and watch was going on , me and mum would be sitting at a table . If she wasn’t my daughter I would of been inside her , the lace mask made her look so cheeky too.
She came over to the table and told us lots of men had been asking if she would like to play and even a couple of girls , they keep touching my bum , but that’s ok , I like it .we took her to a side room you can watch here on a large bed in the middle of the floor was a couple of middle aged woman getting a seeing too from several old men , are you joining in asked one of the men , no not at the mo I said just showing our young friend around she’s never been to one before , ok love said an old fat guy if you like you join in later I’ve just shot my load but give use an hour I will be ready again . She watched as the ladies on the bed were being shagged , and the old guys shooting their loads then another then another. Clare’s. Mum said your not shocked are you , no just surprised , it’s just sex I think I like it here,
We went back to the main room , and I sent Clare to walk around to see , I watched as first one guy then another walked over to her ,she was the youngest in the building so there was a lot of interest in her, at one point a tall black guy who was totally naked walked over to her , they spoke he kissed her and his hand went between her legs , they kissed for a couple of minutes , then he walked off , Clare came to use , I asked what had happened , oh we kissed he’s called Pete and he fingered me , he asked is I wanted to go to a room but I said I was with you 2 and it was a bit early to do anything yet , what did he say , he said if I wanted catch him later I told him it was my first club , enjoy it he said ,some advice he said if I liked cum ,he cums a lot some of the men here will of shot there load soon and that will be it . Clare went to the toilet to pee when she came back she told me a woman had asked what she was into , I didn’t know what to say , she asked if i minded her watching me pee,
Clare went for a walk around this time when she returned an old guy was eating her mothers pussy , hi he said this your student he said , sit down love I will lick you next , Clare sat down , that looks fresh he said he pushed her legs open pulled off her panties just licking at the mo he said I am old I can only shoot once a night , he began to lick her virgin hole , lovely he said tastes so nice my 16 year old was getting eaten out by a pensioner , I love it he said Clare was squirming in her seat thanks love he said her kissed her on her pussy then on her mouth might shag you later he said I just eating at the moment , when he left the table Clare realised he left with her knickers , who was he she asked oh that’s Mike I said he spends most of the night licking pussy he’s in his 80s so he doesn’t cum more that once , he always eats your mother out. I told her he will spend the night licking and then cum at the end of the night. I’ve got no knicker on now she said , mum what should I do , well the men will get a good view of your pussy now and you will see as the night goes on more nudes . After a while we walked around with Clare , the regulars kept coming to use asking who our friend was and would we like to join in , my wife was horny by now and my cock was ready for some action too , I said to Clare to go sit on a chair as me and mum were going to the oldies room , it’s full of old men your mums feeling greedy tonight , I left her mum having a good seeing to and went back to the main room and found Clare chatting to a pot bellied older couple , I took her to one side don’t feel you have to do anything , have you got the condoms I asked yes she said a full pack , give the man one if you want to do it , yes dad . I watched but lost view of her but was told there was a student in the playroom, I bet it’s Clare I thought I’d better check on her I went looked in and saw my virgin daughter with a big old bloke eating her pussy she was laying on a bed another man joined them and was sucking her tits only small ones but he didn’t seem to mind neither did Clare when a 3rd guy joined them he offered his cock to her face rubbed it on her lips suck it babe he said to my little girl she stuck out her tongue and with that he shoved his cock in between her lips and tongue , he began to fuck get mouth , 3 man where playing with her a fourth appeared at the bed side wanking and watching ,
I watched as Clare’s mouth was fucked and her tits were sucked , the old guy removed his face from her pussy you alright love , yes she said another old bloke appeared what she taste like , fresh her pussy lips were spread and covered in the old guys spit and her pussy juice , the 2 nd guy got between her legs and began to lick and suck in her pussy lips , she was moaning but kept sucking on the cock in her mouth . Two other guys entered the room , do you mind if we join you love , she looked up , then went back to sucking . Roll over said the old bloke , I didn’t want him to take her virginity but she wasn’t bothered , he went behind her and stuck his fingers in her pussy , your a juicy slut he said as he fingered her , the guy she had been sucked had moved around to her rear for a view and a new bloke was offering his cock to her mouth which she began to suck . The old guy pulled out his fingers and held her buttocks open to spread her pussy lips for another man , he slipped his fingers in all five and I watched him fucking her with his hand , they rolled her on to her back my daughter laying there with with now six men with hard cocks standing around her , the two old guys were laughing , with other saying how sexy she looked , the last two to come in the room where playing with themselves , who’s first then , Clare looked at them , whoever she said , age before beauty said someone and a big old guy came forward , go one grandad said one of the younger guys , the two younger guys got hold of a leg each and held them up for him the old guy looked at Clare , I am the best bareback rider in town , do you wanna creampie , yes please she said deffo please ( later I asked her and she thought he was going to get her a cake afterwards) he pushed his cock against her pussy and to my surprise slipped in quite easily I was watching a pensioner taking her virginity whist surrounded by five others , she’s tight lads , I will leave her lubed up for you , by now she was the centre of attention cocks offered to her mouth boobs being sucked and her pussy being pounded , she was screaming and panting , as the old guy used her pussy , thrust after thrust he rammed into her , I am cumming he said he emptied his big old balls into her drained he held her hips as he shot inside her virgin hole , I watched as he pulled out her pussy lips gapping and his seed dripping out , next he said he moved round to her mouth for him to suck him , and then another man sloppy seconds love them , he began pounding at her hole , by the end six guys had emptied there balls inside her pussy , I sat next to her on the bed , you ok love , yes my bits are sore though , yes I bet , I looked at her pussy she was covered in cum and cream her lips stretched wide open and cum still dribbling out of her her nipples standing out and red and , I hope you enjoyed it , yes , do you think Pete is still about , her mum came in the room naked look at the mess Clare your pussy is a mess , six mum I’ve had six men it was great , yer I said she’s asking if that black guy from before is still about she wants more . Her mum disappeared then came back with a black guy , Pete’s gone but I’ve found another black cock , you never had a black cock love he asked Clare , no , your in for a treat , it’s big she said , yes I am that’s why I am popular here and my balls are full too , he got her onto all fours , tell me to fuck you hard baby he said he grabbed her hair and pushed inside , tight pussy she moaned as he shafted her , we watched him as he used our daughter like a slut , he pounded her for 20 minutes before he asked her where she wants it , in me she said in me . Ok baby he said he flat on her tummy and pounded her yes yes he said , she moaning as he thrust , I am filling you I am cumming , he pulled out she’d been filled up his seed deep inside her . He kissed her thanks he said I liked that , she moaned and me and mum took her home , the next morning her mum got her the morning after pill . She had asked to go out again .
That night she had lost her virginity
Pete a Blake guy had fingered her first
She’d been watched peeing by a middle age woman
Her pussy licked and fucked by pensioners
And creampie by many men
And she enjoyed herself

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  • Reply Kelly ID:2kyhpc18rd

    When I was 14 seeing older man he took me to swinger’s club I looked much older and after few drinks chatting with others he said come with me and we went in private room and followed by group of guys and couple of the wives and then shut door and my bf put camera on then told me to have a cigarette so as I was smoking bf stripped me and then rest were named and then was atray passed round every one sniffing coke and then bf said to me go on your turn so I sniffed up a line and then the 2 women said and the rest abf made me do another 9 enormous lines of coke and then they gangbanged me nonstop until all were satisfied iwas sore and drenched with over 60 loads of cum I loved it

  • Reply Noodnick@ protonmail.com ID:sgxjn2hm

    Have you gone back with her?

    • Ebony ID:1dk06at1hyaj

      We’ve visited the club on 3 times with her , , it seems to be something that may continue in the future

    • [email protected] ID:sgxjn2hm

      Glad she is enjoying herself

  • Reply Disco ID:92b4fyqi

    I must say taking your teenage child to a swingers party sounds like a great idea! Not only does it rid them of their virginity but it could also help them understand their sexuality better. Like imagine taking your 15 year old son to a swingers party expecting Him to be all over some titties but he ends up having line of men waiting for their turn to be sucked off by him. Or you take your 14 year old daughter worried some greasy oaf is gonna get handsy with her but she ends up cuddling and tribbing with some sexy milfs instead. Your wonderful parents and I wish more would follow your example

    • Ebony ID:1dk06at1hyaj

      Well 16 is the legal age in England for sex , I don’t think we’d have taken her earlier than that , and when she suggested that she wanted sex we thought it would be a safe place , I must admit seeing an old man deflower her wasn’t what I had in mind , I d of thought it would have been some young handsome stud deflowering her , not someone who would pass as her grandfather , but she opened herself up and let him get on with it I thought . And as the youngest in the club she did seem very popular ,

  • Reply PO469 ID:1cnkugeyqy7r

    Seeing that is your only story and it sounds so real, I am guessing that maybe it is. Either way, I enjoyed the story. I had a young girl come up to me on the street of a small town and ask me if I would help her use the pay phone to call her mother. I got the idea that she might be retarded (that was the word we used way back then) so I helped her. They chatted. Her mother asked me where we were and said she would be there in about an hour to get her. The young girl thanked me and then, out of nowhere, asked me if I would like to fuck her. She said a man brought her here and they spent the night together, but in the morning he just left. I sat her in a booth at the restaurant we were next to and told her to stay there and watch for her mother. I decided not to take advantage of a girl who did not fully know what was happening, even if someone else already had. True story.

  • Reply Ebony ID:1dk06at1hyaj

    I hope everyone had a nice read , it is true we do have an autistic daughter that struggles with people and places and it was our only way of getting her into a sexually safe environment where she could experiment , as she said to use in her mind it makes sense that people can meet for sex ,

  • Reply S~S~ ID:4bn00en3fia

    Now Leave Your Comment…YOU ARE A GOOD STORY TELLER

  • Reply S~S~ ID:4bn00en3fia


  • Reply DimDiolch ID:2kye84kghl

    What a wonderful introduction to sex she had. Did she get to experience a lot of orgasms when she was being fucked and creampied? Can’t wait to hear more, sounds like she can’t get enough of feeling men ejaculate in her pussy.

    • Ebony ID:1dk06at1hyaj

      Yes Clare did enjoy herself and did think a creampie was a piece of cake ,