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Taking Aubrey home from the game

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Being family friends with your neighbors has it’s benefits

After my graduation in 92 i moved to a small town in Utah to run one of my businesses. the street i lived on had a Mormon family with 3 girls we will call the girl in this story “Aubrey”. Aubrey was the youngest daughter by about 3 or 4 years though you probably wouldn’t think it. The first time i saw Aubrey she was wearing short shorts laying on her side on a sun lounger at her pool. She was a little chubby with 38dd breast, a decently sized butt, mid length brown hair, and pale freckly skin with blue eyes. One Friday evening her mom asked me if i could pick her up later from a game she was attending. I of course said yes. I got ready and headed out. when I arrived a few boys were talking to her she said her goodbyes and got in my car immediately giving me a hug. Smiling she immediately reached in for a hug “hi Ron thanks for picking me up” no problem i told her as i gave her a hard time about the boys. I knew i was going to be inside her later so i didn’t let the cold stares the boys gave me for cockblocking bother me. I took the back way out of her school which led us down a dark country wooded area with plenty of pull offs the teens used to make out. I asked her if she wanted to look at the stars “heck yeah she exclaimed”. I pulled of to the nearest abandoned driveway and opened my sun roof and laid our seats back. It was still too early to get dark so i made small talk for awhile until i asked her if she had sex before. She told me no that she didn’t know if she would like it. I reassured her that it was great and put my hand in her inner thigh immediately her cheeks got red. I put my hand inside her shorts and panties and began to finger her. I asked her if she liked it she said she did but she was scared we would get caught. I fingered her for a good while until i got tired of it. i told her to follow me i got out and unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out i took her hand and put it around my cock. she looked and me wearily and began stroking it for a little bit. i then told her to put her mouth and suck on my cock she put the tip and began sucking i told her to go deeper until she couldn’t any more. she sucked for a little while longer until i stood her up and told her to bend over. she asked me if i had a condom i told her i did and i made her put it on. I pulled her shorts and panties down to her knees wave of humid thick air followed. Her vagina was shaved recently, and she had pink voluptuous pussy lips which made my cock stand straight up. I had to squat down to touch her vagina with my cock. I rubbed my cock up and down her vagina as she tensed up i grabed her arm with one hand and began sticking my cock in with the other. Aubrey yelped at the first few thrust but quickly relaxed as i kissed her soft neck. Her ass warmed my groin area which i loved. The warmth made me begin to start thrusting harder which she started squeal the harder i got. I finally started feeling myself about to cum then i squeezed her with all my might and came inside her with my condom on. i stayed on top of her till i caught my breath finally i zipped my pants and a helped her into the car. i asked Aubrey if it hurt and she said yeah but it also felt good inside now that we were done. this made me want more but i needed to take her home before anyone got suspicious. I dropped her off at her house said my goodbyes. Me and Audrey had sex every opportunity i could get my hands on her till i moved to California later on that year.

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    Go fuck off yourself asshole.

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    Go fuck off yourself asshole.

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    Great story and experience. Would’ve been awesome if you creampied her. Thanks for sharing.

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      No prob, fuck off please unless I ask for your opinion.