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He raped our daughter who then became his willing sex slave

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My husband wanted to fuck our daughter, so I arranged it for him. He really enjoyed her, and then me, and impregnated us both.

I’ve read about them in the papers, seen them on the news, I thought they were absolute monsters, disgusting people, and I thought I’d be angry and disgusted if I ever met one, but when my husband, Bill, confessed to me that he was sexually attracted to our 14 year old daughter Madison, I wasn’t as shocked, angry or disgusted as I thought I would be.

It didn’t really come as a surprise, I’ve kind of known for a long time, the way he interacted with her, cuddled her, kissed her as she was growing up, it looked overly affectionate at the time but I didn’t really think much of it.

Madison is she’s intelligent, witty, and funny, has firm bouncy breasts and a tight little ass, why wouldn’t he or any man be attracted to her, she’s a very beautiful girl.

I was fine with it, in fact I was pleased that he trusted me and believed in our marriage strongly enough to tell me such a thing, and it took a lot of guts for him to tell me.

3-months later it was our 15th wedding anniversary, we decided to celebrate as a family, just me, Bill and Madison, we all sat downstairs on the sofa, drank Champaign and watched romantic movies, then Madison suddenly drifted off, and she spilt her drink on the sofa.

Bill picked up her glass and tried to wake her up, but he couldn’t, “Madison – Madison. Honey, something’s wrong with her.” He said, worried.

I took the glasses from him and calmly placed them down on the coffee table, “Don’t worry, darling. She’s fine. She’s just unconscious.” I said.

“What?” he asked.

“I slipped a little something in her drink. She’ll be fine in a couple of hours.” I replied.

“What do you mean you slipped something in her drink, what have you done?” he asked.

“I did it for you. She’s my gift to you. Happy anniversary, darling.” I replied, “Come on. Let’s go upstairs.” I said, standing up, scooping Madison up in my arms and walking out of the room carrying her, thankfully she was still small and light enough for me to carry.

He came upstairs a few minutes behind me and came in to our bedroom and found Madison on the bed with me taking off all her clothes, “Well come in, close the door.” I said.

He closed the door and slowly walked towards the bed just as I’d finished stripping her completely naked, he look at her, his eyes opened wide, staring at her and enjoying the view of her young naked body lying on the bed, “Why are you doing this?” he asked.

I got off the bed and stood in front of him, “Because I love you. And I know this is what you want.” I said, then I gave him a quick kiss and removed his shirt, “She’ll only be out for a couple of hours so you better get started.” I said.

“Started?” he questioned.

I pulled his trousers and boxer shorts down and pulled his feet out of them, he was now naked, “You can do whatever you want to do with her. Tonight only. You get a free pass.” I said.

He just stood frozen staring at her and didn’t seem to understand what I was giving him, so I grabbed some baby oil, got on the bed, and rubbed it all over her, “Maybe this will help.”, rubbing it all over her body, her firm bouncy breasts, her smooth hairless pussy, and on her arms and legs, then I spread her legs for him, “Come on, darling. Fuck our little girl. Show me what you’ve been wanting to do with her.” I said.

He got on the bed, kneeling between her legs, after looking at her up and down for a moment, he started touching her, feeling her body from top to bottom, rubbing his hands all over her, his cock became erect very quickly, I rubbed it for him just get him going, “Go on. Enjoy her while you can.” I said.

I moved out of the way and he leaned over her and rubbed his cock across her pussy, his arms and legs were shaking with excitement, then his cock slipped in to the folds of her pussy and he pushed it inside her, “Oah-ugh.” He groaned.

“Is that good? – I bet her pussy is tight isn’t it. Is it tight?” I asked.

“Ooah – Yeah.” He groaned, sliding his thick cock in and out of her.

He laid himself on top of her, tucked his arms underneath her, holding on to her gently, and within seconds he was away, thrusting like a jack-hammer, “Ooah – Ooah – Ungh – Ooah God – Ooh Madison. Ooah Madison. Ooah Madison.” He groaned while fucking her fast and deep.

“Yeah – Oh that’s good, darling. Fuck our baby. Fuck her. Fuck her for me.” I said, cheering him on, I was enjoying watching him pound her on our bed.

He pulled me towards him, “Come here.” He said, and he kissed me passionately, “I fucking love you.” He said to me, and we kissed while he fucked Madison.

“Ooah – I want to come. I want to come in her.” He groaned.

“Do it.” I said.

“I can’t. She may get pregnant – I can’t.” he said.

“Do it. Make a baby with our baby. Go on…” I said, then I kneeled behind him and pushed down on his ass so he couldn’t pull his cock out of her, “…Breed her.” I said.

And with that, he stopped thrusting, “Ooah – Oah – Oooh.” He groaned, and I pushed down on his ass hard, forcing his cock balls deep in to her as he ejaculated his seed.

I released the pressure on his ass and he pulled out, spun around, grabbed me, and pushed me down on my back, “You’re a naughty bitch.” He said, smiling at me.

“I know. Who’s your momma?” I said.

And the he penetrated and fucked me next to our freshly raped little girl, it was the best sex we’d ever had in 15 years of marriage.

A month later I got the news that I was pregnant, and so was Madison.

Madison broke down in tears not understanding how she could possibly be pregnant, so we told her what happened, she wasn’t happy with us at first, but then she wanted to know more, she wanted us to tell her all the details of what happened, and after a long talk she accepted it and actually wanted to recreate it.

Madison wanted her father to fuck her while she was awake this time, and he did, we now sleep in the same bed every night, the three of us, and Madison and I share her father’s cock.

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  • Reply Mr Johnson ID:19eux46xyuur

    Great story. Wish she hadn’t got pregnant. Another story could have been made.

  • Reply Rick ID:fx7itbc40

    I would love to find a sick perverted bitch like you. Years ago, when I was 26. I was fucking an 11 year old. Would like to fuck a little girl again

  • Reply Bill ID:7ylren4oic

    More made up bull shit with underage kids.

    • baha ID:8jpzuxs4gq2

      then dont read it dipshit

    • Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

      Ich glaube eher der kleine wichser spielt an seinem kleinen pimmel und macht dann auf Moral apistel

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    So hot. I used to fantasize about knocking up my daughter. It would be a dream come true if my wife were in on it.

  • Reply EmilyG ID:2jp99leqrc

    It’ll be great when your two kids start fucking each other! I can’t wait!

    • AdultRP ID:gaqdrd4

      I agree. A whole new and best kind of ‘young love’

  • Reply horny for young pussy ID:8le667cfia

    That sounds fun and would he a fun story for the kids