Cat: Swing

Weekend in Chicago

This naughty tale started when we were invited to a family member’s wedding in Chicago. Jeff and I decided to make it a mini vacation and have some fun. When away we like to really... # # #

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My bull hit my cuck

My ex bf claimed to be a cuck a few years back. He practically begged me to fuck someone in front of him. He was 25 and I was 19 at the time. I was in love with him and wanted him to... # #

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My wife, the pregnant slut

My wife and I were married for a year and trying to have children. We had a very adventurous sex life and we’re relatively kinky. Two things we always wanted were…I wanted her... # #

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My boyfriend likes me being used

W hen I was a junior in high school, my first long term boyfriend and I split up. It was hard at first. I went through a short depression. I met my next boyfriend almost a year later... # # #

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