Cat: Swing

1st Time I Cheated

My name is Jenny and i have a friend i have had since school named Kerry I have been married to Dan for 15yrs, our sex life was great but know not so good. Kerry comes over usually... # # # #

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Hi, I’m P 18y F, and I have a bf, 17y M. We met not long ago a couple of our age, both 18, because we have friends in common. Turns out, we are going on a trip in about a week... # # #

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Wife finally agreed

Jen and i have been married for about 20yrs. Our sex life has been good but i would like it better. I came home from work about 3 yrs ago and found Jen topless in the back yard. I was... # # # #

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A Pregnant Chuch

Our family last name is Cummings, a prefect name for a family in this town we just moved to. My name is John my wife Ashly, and our children Amber 14, Jonn Jr. 13 his twin sister Jenny,... # # # #

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1st time we watched

This is a true story and it happened 4 weeks ago My name is Harry and my wife’s name is Jenny .We have been married for just over 25years. For a long time i have been asking Jen... # # #

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Learning sex

I learnt new lesson in sex by madam reeta .my land lady. When I was new to Delhi .for my job was a great learning which helped me in my lat #

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Family time #4 at lake

Before I was born, my parents had been part of a hippie camp at a nearby lake. Growing up, we went to the camp most every summer. It was of course nudist, and the folks for years left... # # # #

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More family time 3

Our parents had gone to hippie swinger parties, and also had parties at our house before, but years before our entire family was doing each other. I had just hit ten, and was sitting... # # #

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