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1st time we watched

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This is a true story and it happened 4 weeks ago
My name is Harry and my wife’s name is Jenny .We have been married for just over 25years. For a long time i have been asking Jen if she would like to be with another guy and let me watch. She keeps saying no as she was happy with me. Many years ago i came home from work in the middle of the day and found Jen taking the washing off the line topless with only a brief pair of undies on.. When she came in with the washing she walked in on me and was shocked. We talked about it and know she goes topless around the house.
We have been friends with Dan and Bec for many years. We go to there place for BBQs and they come to our house as well. Some times they stay over and we stay over at there place as well. This Saturday we went to there house and enjoyed dinner and had a few drinks. At about 11.00pm Bec said she was tired and was going to bed. She told us if we wanted to stay we could stay in the spare room, which was opposite there room. As we had a bit to drink we accepted. We all went to our rooms and got ready for bed. I only had my undies on and Jen only had her undies on. It was hot so we slept on top of the sheets. Jen told me to close the door so i closed it but not all the way, about 3/4 of the way. When i got back on the bed Jen spread her legs really wide. so i went between them and licked her pussy over her undies until she cum. We started to kiss and Jen rubbed my cock and i heard some noises. We both listened and it was Dan and Bec moaning. We both laughed a bit and stopped to listen again. I got up off the bed and went to the door. I looked around it and saw Dan and Bec naked in a 69er position eating each other. My cock got rock hard and i could not stop watching them. Jen asked what i was doing so i told her. Jen got out of bed and came over to me. She got infront of me and saw what was happening. She was shocked at first but just kept watching. I was so horny i moved around the back of Jen and put my hands onto her boobs. I started to play with her nipples as i know she loves it. I watched as Bec swollowed Dan cock and she could take it all. I whispered in Jen ear and said to her. How would you like that. She just looked at me and turned back to watch. I noticed she also had a small grin as she turned back. Bec stopped sucking Dan and turned around, took his cock and put it in her pussy. We had a great view as Dan fucked Bec. As we watched i dropped my hand down to Jen’s pussy and rubber her clit and it did not take long before she cum.
It seamed like ages as the fucked and it was turning both of on. This was the 1st time both of us had watched other people fuck. All of a sudden Bec took Dan’s cock out of her pussy and turned around so she was facing us and then put his cock back into her pussy. As she started fucking his cock again she looked up and saw us at our bedroom door. Bec smiled at us and motioned us to come over. Jen looked at me and i nodded o/k as i was horny . We went over just inside there bedroom and stopped. Bec kept fucking Dan with a smile on her face. I put my hand down into Jen’s undies an started to finger her again. She was so wet. I took a chance and started to pull Jen’s undies down but she never stopped me. The fell to the floor and i still had my hand covering her pussy and a finger inside her. Bec kept looking into Jen’s eyes and smiling at her. All of a sudden Bec motioned at Jen to come over to her. When Jen got to the bed Bec gave her a cuddle, then took her hand and placed it on Dan’s balls. I was so horny to watch my wife touch another guy. Bec moved forward and sucked Jen’s nipple. Jen turned around a bit and looked at me. I smiled at her with a o/k . Bec lowered her hand and started to finger Jen. I could not help my self so i pulled my cock out and started to jerk off. All of a sudden Bec got off Dan’s cock and she put Jen’s hand around his cock. Bec got off the bed and moved around the back of Jen. She then moved Jen up onto the bed. Jen straddled Dan and Bec guided Dan’s cock into Jen’s pussy. Dan took hold of Jen’s hips and started to fuck Jen. Jen laid down onto Dan and they started to kiss. I was getting ready to cum. Bec came over to me and kissed me. She took hold of my cock and started to jerk me off. I could not stop watching Jen fucking Dan. Bec took me by the hand and led me over to the side of the bed so i could watch. I was so horny watching and all of a sudden i felt Bec sucking my cock. She took all of my cock into her mouth. It was not long and i told her i was going to cum. She looked up at me, swollowed the whole of my cock, took hold of my balls and sucked. Jen looked at me with a big smile and i was Cumming Jen cum as well. Bec swollowed all my cum and kept sucking. Jen sat up after she cum but still had Dan’s cock inside her. I noticed Dan was playing with Jen’s clit. Bec stood up and asked me if i would like to go back to my room and leave Dan and Jen to there self’s. Jen said it was o/k so Bec took my hand and we went back to the other room. Bec left the door wide open and it was not long before we heard Jen and San fucking again. Bec and i started fucking and we got into a position where Bec was facing the door while we fucked and as i looked around her i saw Jen fucking Dan looking at Bec and i fucking. I woke up the next morning in bed with Bec. We fucked again and again Jen was fucking Dan and was looking at Bec and i fucking. After breakfast we said our goodbyes and went home. We did not talk much that day but on Sunday we sat and talked about what happened. I told Jen how i felt and she told me how she felt. We have agreed we will try it again but with some other couple but that is another story

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