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Family time #4 at lake

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Before I was born, my parents had been part of a hippie camp at a nearby lake. Growing up, we went to the camp most every summer. It was of course nudist, and the folks for years left us in our cabin or tent, when they went out, night or day to do their dope or sex party time. That changed after my older brother , sister and I had gotten into sex with our mum and dad.
We had a cabin that year, headed out to join others at the lake. As I write this, the totally shaved puusy thing is still going on, but back then, everyone had big bushy hair mounds. I stood out like crazy as I had no hair growing yet, my brother and sister too for that matter. As we walked up, we sure got the looks.
All the older men were getting hard on`s some cus of my sister and I, others my brother. Dad and mom invited anyone that walked by to sit and talk and enjoy! Yes, they did enjoy, because handjobs, blowjobs and fucking was happening. I was in heaven, all the hard cocks around, and I tell you, they all liked the young pussy they saw. I got fingered, licked, eaten out, and fucked right there on the beach but also out in the water. I did not like it out in the lake, I could not get what I wanted … sucking cock and all the cut from them. I spent most of my time right on my beach towel, near mum and dad. Dad couldn’t take it long as I sucked others, he got some too, but spent most of his time on his knees behind me, banging his hard cock into my pussy, as I sucked those cocks.
We all did discover that by the end of the day, beach sand was not great as it kept finding its way into every wet hole.

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  • Reply AnonymousFucker123 ID:2musu2bhrc4

    @Cotton I would love to ruin your tight little pussy princess. Is there anywhere we can speak? Have you got discord?

    • Cotton ID:u0w7uywoicl

      I do not. Don’t know it. I love what you like to do with my pussy, but sorry I am no longer the young little girl, have a few years on me now, I do have my own little ones now. I never felt like a princess, just not sounding right to me.

  • Reply DOM55 ID:7zv2v6s4qko

    I am friends with a couple that hosts a 4th of July ‘camp out’ on their farm. Usually 8 or nine couples with their kids and as many singles attend. Lots of food and booze … by late afternoon it turns into a non holds barred fuck fest. Funny, but all the guys use Viagra to keep going (including me). Last year I enjoyed a mom while her daughter was being fucked next to her, introduced a 10 yo boy to what a spit roast is with his dad … and that’s the tamer side of things that go on. I’m pretty kinky and that’s about the nastiest sex I run into for most of the year.
    [email protected]

    • Cotton ID:2a74nbagm0l

      I miss that place. It got sold to some rich dude, built a huge house by the lake. Would love to go to a similar place with my family, only close place is family only, and no sex anything. They do not let singles in like your place Dom.