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My Bangladesh neighbors

I live in a nice upscale area and it’s all townhouses. I have an end unit and have lived here 12 years. The unit next to me was bought by a couple with two small children from... # #

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Who likes dark Asian meat?

Dark Asian meat is my favorite. I will add some of the pictures of these teenage brown sluts that are addicted to white cock. The girl laying on the floor on a piece of plastic or cardboard... # #

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Coworker craves sperm

I worked for a company in the city and inside the building was approximately 600 or 650 employees. Many were college graduate females who were hot and sexy. Anyway, I work in the IT... # #

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My girlfriend and my Doberman

I have a live-in girlfriend and she’s a sweet petite little Asian and I also have a Doberman. He’s a 85 lb rust colored male and he fiercely protects my girlfriend. One... #

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A very unusual camping incident

We like camping and went to this big family campground and lots of kids are riding around and running around or riding their bicycles. Some people are shy and some people aren’t.... #

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My Filipina girlfriend is 11 part 3

Anna my little preteen chicken fart has been having sex with me for about 6 months. Almost daily. Sometimes three times in one day with the help of a Viagra lol. But I think she could... #

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I’m 57 and my Filipina GF is 11

I’m an American who lives in the Philippines and I’m in America right now for a medical procedure and I’m looking at the news and there’s a guy that got sentenced... #

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