My Filipina girlfriend is 11 part 3

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Anna my little preteen chicken fart has been having sex with me for about 6 months. Almost daily. Sometimes three times in one day with the help of a Viagra lol.
But I think she could become bored with having regular sex because regular sex is designed for a loving married couple and things like that that are expressing love to each other and Anna at this point in her life sex is more about a physical act that she’s enjoying at her age.
Kids her age like to play and so we started to incorporate playtime sex or adventure sex whatever you want to call it and there’s three scenarios that she likes to do. I’ll start with the first one.
As in the last story she enjoys going out on the jet ski and sometimes we take fishing gear and she gets super excited if we catch a fish for dinner and last time she was laying on her back on the gas tank on a rubber pad but now her thing is that she drives the jet ski naked and I am behind her and of course she’s almost bent over in a doggy position with her face down close to the handlebars so the wind doesn’t impact her so much and that makes her body and the perfect position for me to be behind her and slide it in doggy style. Let me tell you something there is nothing better than doing 40 or 50 mi an hour on calm seas and Anna learned that you only do gentle turns not violent turns and while she’s doing these mild turns and we’re doing 50 miles an hour I am behind her with my hard cock halfway inside her pussy. When she looks back with a huge grin on her face I just can’t help but unload every ounce of semen I have and then I try to keep it in her as it gets limp and we ride around with a plug of sperm at least until my dick comes out. Then of course the seat is like a fake black leather and it gets all slick and slippery and she gets a big kick out of that.
The ocean isn’t always calm and so we typically take the jet ski out two or maybe three times a month.
One thing she likes to do on the jet ski when she has to pee and I kind of groomed her for it is I would have her sit on the seat of the jet ski facing sideways and I had her lean back and I support her upper back so she can raise her legs and shoot her piss out at an arch and I said Daddy wants to put that piss in his face and and the look on her face was kind of like gross lol. Anyway we started to play a game where she would drink a lot of water cuz I don’t really like yellow piss and when it became clear we would go into the bathroom at our house and she would sit on the toilet with the lid down so it’s closed and lean back and pull her legs up and as soon as she starts pissing I clamp my mouth on her pussy and I tickle her pussy with my tongue while that forceful stream is jetting into my mouth. Once she’s done pissing I tell her daddy has to clean you up and I overdramatize licking one side of her vulva then I suck the lip of her left side into my mouth and then look at it and say okay that’s clean then I suck the right lip and then the right side of the vulva then I’ll go down and I’ll lick on her little pussy hole and act like I’m inspecting and then give us some good licks and when you look up and see the look of pleasure on her face with her feet resting on my shoulders it’s an unbelievable sight. I don’t drink it I just kind of let it fall out and she thinks that’s so funny and sometimes we will do that four or five times in one day and she never gets dressed she just stays naked around the house and I totally admire her little thin undeveloped body as she runs through the house naked.
The third scenario that I came up with is where I went down to a tailor and I bought 4-in wide webbing material that was black and I bought Velcro by the roll and I had the tailor sew in a metal d-ring and the velcro at certain spots so basically just imagine it’s a big belt and you close the Velcro and the belt is stays secure. So what I do is I lay The Velcro strips where when she lays down on them One of the belts is behind her shoulders and the other belt is basically at her belt line then she opens her legs and I lube up and put my cock in and then she wraps her arms and legs around me and it’s kind of difficult but basically the other ends go around my back one end through the d-ring and then she helps to tighten it up so imagine that if I was laying on top of her and we had chest to chest and belly to belly and cock in the pussy and the belts were tight if I got up into a position where I’m on my hands and knees she would still be stuck to my underside. This one is the most fun for me I think and she can wiggle a little bit but I’m the one doing the thrusting and sometimes we do it on the floor and then I act like I’m a lion or a dog and make the dog and lion sounds and I’m trying to run or gallop around the room while I got my cock inside of her and she is laughing her head off.
I almost forgot there’s one more scenario that’s typical or similar to the jet ski. To get around town I have a Honda 125cc motorcycle. It’s good enough to get around town and believe me none of the roads over here are engineered well enough where you will be going over 45 miles an hour anyway. Anyway she wears a dress and if you ever come to the Philippines you will see that there might be five people on the motorcycle The husband will be driving it and the two smaller kids will be on the gas tank in front of him and the smallest one will be closest to the handlebars then there might be another kid behind the dad and then the mom is at the end. So what I do with Anna is she wears a dress with no panty and we pull off to a side area so I can get hard and I lube up and slide my cock in because she’s in front of me with no panties on and leaning forward just like on the jet ski and so it gives me perfect access to violate and penetrate that little pussy. And as we drive down the city streets with people all around us I make sure her dress stays down and she leans forward with her hands on the handlebars of the motorcycle and she’s pushing back. Sometimes I’m at a red light and there might be 15 motorcycles and the motorcycles at a red light or an intersection always pass all of the cars and they’re in the front and so I have motorcycles to the left and to the right and sometimes they’re looking at us but they don’t know that I’ve penetrated her pussy because having a rider on the front is no big deal. One time I lost my load and shot my sperm into her and we just were approaching an intersection and so she just got creampied and she knows because she can feel it and she looks back at me with a little smile on her face and I’m at the red light and my dick gets limp falls out and I can only assume her creampie is leaking out with riders 3 ft to the left and to the right looking over at us because I’m a foreigner. That’s what we call adventure sex and Anna loves the adventure.

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    Sorry I don’t speak German

    • anonymous ID:6e38dkaq

      would love to move to the Philippines, and have an 11 year old daughter

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    Big Daddy ich liebe deibe Geschichten und ich wäre so gern dabei wenn du deine kleine geliebte fickst

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    Big daddy habe you wickr

    • Big Daddy ID:2a74dr98ri

      Yes. Marco20106

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    I’m loving it … each one gets better

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    Howd did you both meet

    • Big Daddy ID:2a74dr98ri

      Read my 1st part

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    I hope she gets pregnant soon