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Wife swapping our Filipina wives

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I’m the white American in my ’50s and my Filipino wife is in her thirties with nice round tits and a bubble butt. We live on a pretty busy road. The Filipinos would call it a highway but in America this would just be a two-lane road with houses and stores. Across the street and over a couple of houses is another white American guy who’s in his upper 50s and his wife I think is 40. She’s more on the thin side with really no fat. A typical small Asian body.
Sometimes there’s not a lot to do in the Philippines and it can become boring and we are far from the ocean. My wife who is pretty promiscuous and has fucked a few guys with my permission said why don’t we make things a little spicy. I asked her what she was talking about. She hatched a plan and told me that she’s going to speak to Lynn across the street and by the way my wife’s name is Karen and basically probe Lynn and ask her if they want to fuck the other spouses husband meaning I would fuck Lynn and Roger, the husband of Lynn would fuck my wife.
I told her to see if she could make it happen. Here’s how it rolled out. My wife probed Lynn to see if there was going to be a jealousy factor and Lynn kept saying no but that could always flip on a dime and blow this whole plan open. So Karen decided that Lynn would fuck me first so she would be committed to playing along with wife swapping. The plan was Lynn would come over and chit chat around 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning we would all have coffee and then my wife Karen would go across the street to the local convenience store to charge up her phone and get a couple of things All in all it would be about a 10 minute excursion. Lynn was instructed by Karen to shave her pussy and put on a dress which is just a very simple typical Filipino dress and come over with no panties just a dress and flip-flops. After Karen excuse herself Lynn was going to go to the bathroom come out and without wasting time tell me that she wants to show me something. Lynn then lifts her dress up to her belly button and holds it there and I am gazing at her little shaved slit. Karen told Lynn that once I saw her pussy that I would attack it with my mouth. That’s exactly what I did.
Remember, Karen and Lynn think both of us men are in the dark but I am not and I know of everything. Anyway Lynn exposes her pussy and I immediately go and suck on it while she’s standing up. After a few seconds I stand up grab her by the hand walk across a small living room with a chair over by the window so we can see Karen. I got back on my hands and knees and Lynn mounted my face with her pussy while keeping on a lookout for Karen. After a couple of minutes of licking and sucking and getting my face looking like a glazed donut Karen started to walk back and Lynn dismounted. She then said you’re going to fuck me and I said are you sure? I needed to play my role and act like I’m not sure lol
I told Lynn that we could possibly fuck but the time has to be right.
Karen came back and about 45 minutes later she announced that she was going to take a trike which is a form of taxi to the town center and go to the wet market and get a few items that she forgot. I told her that she doesn’t have to and we can go on my motorcycle. Karen was adamant and said look you still have to dig up those two bushes behind the house why don’t you do that and let Lynn supervised and Lynn and Karen laughed.
I kind of gave a fake disillusioned look and said okay I guess. Once Karen got in the trike and went down the road Lynn wasted no time. She said now is a time you can fuck me. I really was kind of nervous and Lynn, being sexually aggressive grabbed my arm and tried to pull me to the bedroom. Once there I wasted no time sucking on her wet meat and then I got hard and got up on top of her and started pounding on that pussy. We switched up a little bit and she got on top and doing these nice little Asian squat she was bouncing on my cock the whole while looking down watching my white cock disappear into her dark little flower. I then got back up on top and fucked her a few more minutes and then my balls tensed up and I ejaculated deep into her pussy. Once we were done she said thank you for fucking me. I said let’s keep this a secret she smiled and giggled and she said of course cuz I want more cock in the future so don’t say anything to anybody.

That was a couple of days ago and now it’s Karen’s turn because it seems that Lynn is okay with it and Karen also set up my little GoPro camera and had it perched in the corner and me and Karen both watch the video of me pounding on Lynn’s pussy. Now it’s Karen’s turn.
Lynn had gone to the town market and probably wouldn’t be back until noon. Roger was over at my house and we were trying to fix the little stove that I use. Somewhere there was a gas leak and Roger had a lot of tools and I had none. We were checking it out and my phone rang. Remember Karen Roger and me are in our small house. Once the phone rang I answered it and it was the pesticide guy that I needed to hire to spray some crops that had a pest. I excused myself and walked out to the front of the house near the road faking a phone call. Believe me Karen, the whore that she is wasted no time in walking over to Roger and groping his crotch. He did not jump or move away or push her hand away. They stood in front of the window where I am fully in view in case I came back in and then Karen pulled his shorts down and his briefs and squatted down and started sucking on his cock. Roger definitely had a look of disbelief and mind you the GoPro is filming all of it from the corner of the bedroom. The house is really small. Karen instructed Roger to keep by the window and just look out. She was going to town on his cock and she told Roger to hold her head and fuck her mouth. Karen likes to talk dirty and Roger quickly complied.
After a couple of minutes of cocksucking and Roger was rock hard Karen stood up and together they both looked out the window and Karen then sat on the cemented kitchen counter which was right next to the window where they were standing and pulled her dress up and leaned her hands back on the counter with her legs up and open right there on the edge of the counter and instructing Roger to fuck her pussy. Roger was like your husband is right there. Karen said just put your dick in my pussy and look out the window if my husband starts to walk toward the house just pull out pull your pants up I’ll stand up and he doesn’t know I’m not wearing panty.
Of course a man cannot turn down free pussy so he slid his cock right into her wet snatch and Karen told him to use his arms and lift her legs up and her lower body off of the counter and pound on her pussy and he did just that. He basically was fucking Karen, my wife, while looking out at me. After a few minutes he grunted and thrusted and bucked a little bit and Karen knew that he had just come. He pulled out and wiped up and Karen went to the bathroom and wiped up and then Karen came to the door to see if everything is okay which was really the secret code for were done fucking.
Karen and Lynn probably pulled this stunt a half a dozen times. It’s risky and Roger who is really in the dark is going to find out sooner or later and it could get ugly. Karen of course with a mind of a whore had a plan.
One evening about a week later Roger and Lynn were in our house and we had some barbecue and some beers and we were just enjoying each other’s company and I can only wonder what’s going through everybody’s mind. After a few beers the girls got tipsy and Karen said we want to suck your dicks and Karen said I’ll suck my husband’s dick and Lynn you suck your husband’s dick. They didn’t take no for an answer and just jerk down my shorts and I was already standing and Roger quickly stood up and right there by the kitchen table less than 4 ft apart our wives are sucking our dicks. I’m enjoying it and it looked like Roger was as well. After a few minutes of sucking. Karen and Lynn which apparently had rehearsed this scenario both stood up both grabbed our hard cocks and using our cock as a leash pulled both of us into the bedroom and they both threw off their panties and laid down and said you’re going to fuck us. Both laid down and I didn’t waste any time and I got on top of my wife and then Roger in disbelief got on top of his wife and we were fucking side by side on our little foam mattress. It was intense and it was awesome to look over and see Lynn looking at me knowing that I had flooded her pussy a half a dozen times with my own sperm watching Roger pound on her pussy and go balls deep. After a couple of minutes Karen said stop both of you. We both stopped balls deep. Karen said me and Lynn want you to switch. Shockingly I said Wait a minute, you want me to jump on top of Lynn. And Karen said yes both of you will switch. I looked over at Lynn and faked like she never knew anything and I said as that okay with you and Lynn said yes and I remember we’re naked were both on top of our wives both their legs are high up in the air and then I look over at Roger and I’m like are you cool with this he said yeah why not because he doesn’t know that I know he had already fucked my wife a half a dozen times. The big relief valve here is that now we are both fucking our friends wives in front of each other and it’s not a secret that could be found out.
I mounted Lynn and her pussy feels good and Roger mounted Karen and we started pounding and then Lin would say switch after 1 or 2 minutes and Karen said this a little game we’re going to play we say switch and you guys jump to the other girl. It was quite exciting and we switched four or five times. Karen knew I was close to coming and she said sweetheart your sperm goes in my pussy and let Roger sperm up his wife’s pussy your sperm belongs to me. We switched for the last time and I put my forehead on the pillow reached under and grabbed my wife’s ass cheeks lifted up and just pounded and unloaded a large load.
No the cat is out of the bag we had a meeting a couple of days later. Basically Roger and I discussed a few things and we now set it in front of the girls. I ran the meeting and I said here are the new rules. Karen, you can fuck Roger anytime you want. Roger you can fuck Karen anytime you want. I will certainly be fucking Lynn and maybe Lynn even wants to come over and spend the night or Karen will spend the night at your house and we will just enjoy each other’s company.
Needless to say the amount of sex we all have has skyrocketed. We try new techniques and new positions and different scenarios like I will ejaculate onto Lynn’s face and Karen will lick it off or maybe Roger will be fucking Lynn doggy style and my wife Karen is underneath licking on his balls and when he goes to come he just pulls out inserts his cock into my wife’s mouth and gives a nice big release.
Every sex session is always followed up with a couple of beers some snacks and some fruit and then Roger and Lynn go back to their house.
We don’t discuss this with anybody in the area because it would be a huge scandal and provide a ton of gossip so we’re just two couples that enjoy each other and the outside Filipinos only see get togethers parties beer some landscaping and general friendship but inside are girls legs are always spring-loaded open.

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  • Reply Popparocker ID:1dj322sacca0

    Spend some time in the Philippines. Just those little chicks really like big dicks. It was pretty easy even some of my buddies that were married to them knew that they were off getting something on the side. They’re very realistic those women they realized a good fuck was a
    Opportunistic thing and to be taken whenever you could find it from whoever would give it. And most would sell that thing remember if given any opportunity to make some spare change. I liked and enjoyed their mercenary little hearts. Love was one thing but sex was something they all enjoyed.

  • Reply Bob in Tulsa ID:1e8wwl714b57

    I seriously should have married a Filipino or an Asian girl, about 20 years younger than me. You have the best of both worlds, my friend.

  • Reply jacqui ID:1co04zyzubyy

    Great story loved it..Reminded me of our time when our Asian neighbour’s became more friendly than just neighbour’s.
    [email protected]

  • Reply Monkey ID:1ddcq3cvelev

    Prefect plan and scenario. I hope it is real cause it sounds like it. Keep the sex life from being boring.