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Young girls seem to be getting hotter the older I get

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During our time swinging I had a few chances at some young girls that shocked me how hot and experienced they were to be their age.

My wife and I got into swinging when we were both only 18 right after we got married. And it seemed like all the couples we hooked up with were much older than us. Though now that I’m much older I can get an idea of how some of those 40-50 year old guys who fucked my hot 5-8, 120lb, 34DD-24-35, redhead wife when she was only 18. We had some threesomes with a few of my friends who were our age. But we found it more of a turn-on to go out of town and pick up strangers for 3-somes & small gang bangs. And they seemed to always be much older. But when we got to our 30’s I had a lucky streak that began when I got a guy who was still in high school to help me do some work on a car I was restoring.

He’d come over one day to help but the parts I’d ordered hadn’t come in so I invited him inside where it was cool. We ended up watching a porn movie and my wife Lynn who’d been out got back home. When she came in he was surprised when she sat down and started watching the movie with us. Lynn was an avid exhibitionist and especially liked exposing herself to younger or much older guys. She said they seemed to appreciate it even more. So I decided to have a little fun. I put my arm around Lynn and took my time slowly unbuttoning her top until it was wide open and Mike couldn’t help but see her big 34DD tits. By now she’d started rubbing my cock through my shorts and I’d gotten rock hard. I pulled her top off and pulled her skimpy shorts down leaving her totally naked. Soon she had my shorts off and was sucking my thick 9″ cock. By now Mike had forgotten the movie and was just watching my sexy wife taking my cock all the way down to my balls.

She was enjoying having this young guy watching her suck my dick and letting him see every inch of her sexy body. After a while she got on her knees in front of me and wrapped her big tits around my cock. I fucked her big tits until I was ready to cum and then she took my cock back in her mouth and stroked & sucked it until I shot a huge load of cum down her throat. She’d have normally had me coat her face and tits in hot cum but she had other plans. She was still on her hands & knees and she seductively crawled over to where Mike was and pulled his shorts down and started sucking him off. She took her time going down licking his balls and she raised up, so he could suck her tits. Then she moved back down and after sucking him off a little more she had him fuck her tits like he’d watched me do. Only she had him coat her tits with his cum.

She started to lift her tits up and lick off what cum she could reach, then wiped the rest up on her fingers and sucked it off. She went and cleaned herself off and brought some wash cloths and cleaned us up. We put our clothes back on while she went to get us something cold to drink. But when she came back she stayed totally naked the rest of the afternoon. Over the next few weeks we had a few threesomes with him. I’d fuck her while she sucked his cock and we’d both shoot off on her face and tits. One day we were working on the car and he said he had a date that night but didn’t know where to take her. I said if he wanted they could come over and we could watch a couple of movies ” not porn ” or play cards or something. When they came in the door my jaw almost hit the floor. This girl had a body that wouldn’t quit. She was kind of short and had huge tits and the sexiest ass I’d ever seen. But what really surprised me was what she was wearing, or not wearing.

She was wearing cut-off shorts that looked like if she’d cut one more thread they’d have fallen apart, and a white tank top about two sizes too small. You could see her huge nipples through the thin material. And she had on a pair of sandals. She had shoulder length black hair and you could easily see the black hair between her legs as soon as she sat down. She had full pouty lips I could easily imagine being wrapped around my cock. Once we were all seated Sylvia boldly said that Mike had said I had some porn movies and asked if we could watch one. I quickly said yes and pulled a few out for her to pick one. It kind of surprised me when she picked one that had two girls going at it as two guys stood over them jerking off. But I put it in, Lynn had excused herself and went upstairs and when she came back a few minutes later I could tell she’d taken her bra & panties off and unbuttoned a couple of buttons on her blouse showing lots of clevage. I had a feeling she was turned on by Sylvia as much as I was.

After a while Lynn offered to get us something to drink and Sylvia went with her. When they got back Lynn asked if we wanted to play some cards. I could tell Sylvia knew she was going to suggest that. So we went over to the table and were still able to see the movie. I got the cards and asked what they wanted to play? I knew right away this was planned when Sylvia said how about poker and Lynn said right away she only knew how to play strip poker. Without missing a beat Sylvia said that sounded good to her and looked at Mike and I and said you guys ok with that aren’t you? Of course we were cool with it. I could tell the girls were trying their best to lose as quick as possible. I noticed they’d both even taken their shoes off. So they only had two pieces of clothes on. They were sitting there naked as Mike and I kept playing but Lynn spoke up and said why don’t both of you just strip.

Once we were all naked we went back to our seats on two couches we had in kind of an L shape. The girls made an excuse to leave the room again and when they came back Lynn sat down beside Mike and Sylvia beside me after they picked out another movie. The one they picked was couples swapping partners and I knew it had a part where several of the wives hooked up. I saw where this was going and I liked it. Soon Lynn was stroking Mike’s cock and Sylvia didn’t waste any time and went to her knees and started sucking my cock. It was clear she had some experience. I wanted to suck on those big firm tits and pulled her up on the couch beside me and started sucking them. Mike had Lynn laid back on the couch and was sucking her tits. I couldn’t help but notice the girls had reached over and were holding hands. When Lynn sat up she and Sylvia looked in each other’s eyes and smiled at each other. I’d seen that look before and it was always right before Lynn and another girl hooked up.

Sylvia sucked my cock some more and then moved up and pressed those big tits against my chest and whispered in my ear that I had the biggest cock she’d ever had and that she really wanted to feel it in her pussy. I took her down on the carpet and slipped on a condom even though she didn’t want me to. But I wasn’t about to get some 17-18 yo pregnant. I eased my cock inside her and it was fantastic. It was as if her pussy was sucking me in. I gave her more and more and her moans were getting louder and louder and just as I was afraid it might be hurting her she’d tell me to fuck her harder. I put her legs over my shoulders and was pounding my dick in her as hard and deep as I could. I know she had at least 3 orgasms. As I was about ready to cum she told me she wanted me to shoot my cum on her tits or in her pussy. I pulled my cock out and pulled the condom off and after a few strokes shot a huge load of cum on her big tits.

I noticed Mike was fucking Lynn’s tits and as he shot off on her tits I noticed her and Sylvia looking into each others eyes and they reached over and were holding hands again. Then Lynn slid over beside Sylvia and leaned over and started kissing her. Mike was shocked but turned on. But I’d been expecting it for a while. Soon they were licking the cum off of each other’s tits, kissing more and then taking turns eating each other’s pussy. It was obvious Sylvia had experience with both guys and girls. After getting each other off Sylvia said she needed to clean up before she went home and she and Lynn took a shower together. Sylvia had to be home before midnight when her mother got off work so they had to go. But we made plans for them to come back. They came over a couple of times and things went a little differant with the girls hooking up first and then Me with Sylvia and Mike with Lynn. And never having 2 guys at once Lynn suggested one night Mike and I have a threesome with Sylvia. And like Lynn Sylvia loved it. We’d hooked up with them several times until Mike told us she’d broken up with him and she had a girlfriend. But he said the girl would be going off to college soon so he figured he’d be hearing from Sylvia again. I said unless she goes to college with her. Then I got the shock of my life when Mike said Sylvia wouldn’t graduate for four more years. So I asked how old she was? I was both shocked and turned on when he said she was 14. I’d thought for sure she was 17-18 yrs old. But damn was it a turn on to find out how young she was.

But over the next couple of years Mike hooked me up with a few girls between 14 and 17. And after Lynn sucked & fucked Mike, Mark his roommate, me, and 2 other guys who showed up at their apartment, all between 16 & 19. Mike started showing me nude polaroids of his hot 16yo GF and convinced her to pose for some pictures for me saying I was a professional photographer. He knew she got turned on posing for nude pictures. So by the time I finished taking 3 rolls of film she was horny as hell. And he said he wanted her to see something and had me pull my cock out. It didn’t take him much convincing to get her to agree to a threesome. I couldn’t get over that I was 32 so she was exactly 1/2 my age and I swear when I was that age girls just didn’t look like that or know what they knew.

One of the best blowjobs I ever got was from a 12-yo black girl I caught shoplifting. And it was her idea. And she said guys were telling her all the time how good she was at sucking cock. So I have no idea when she got started. Lynn sucked off and fucked a few young guys but though she loved hooking up with young girls she liked fucking guys our in their late teens and older. But she still got off exposing herself to younger guys. I think the youngest was our paper boy and his friend who were around 10-11 years old.

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  • Reply Understanding daughter ID:ndooler8r9

    My father seems to have thing for young girls . Growing up he helped around the house and would often bath and dress me when mom was busy cooking. But he never acted strangely until I was around 15. He loved watching my friends and i in the pool with our wet swimwear clinging to our bodies. Recently i noticed he loved staring at my little daughter and her friends at the pool too. I confronted him about it after getting him drunk one night. He admitted hes got this perverted mind that he cant seem to shake.

    • [email protected] ID:1e5rzedzhyts

      Did you or your friends ever try and let him get a better look at your hot young bodies?

  • Reply Renee ID:7ylren4oic

    Better looking, bigger tits, you name it.

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:1dp1tr5gk8mi

    I agree. The older I get the more I’m attracted to younger pussy