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More family time 3

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Our parents had gone to hippie swinger parties, and also had parties at our house before, but years before our entire family was doing each other. I had just hit ten, and was sitting at the top of our stairs watching everything going on at the party. Well one of the guys that had been invited by dad an mum, stopped and looked up at me. I did have a night down on, as was the rule if we had people over, but am pretty sure my legs were spread open and my pussy showing. The guy came up the stairs and sat next to me. We talked, he told me my cute young pussy looked good and asked to look closer. I said sounded good to me, spreading my legs open further as he moved between them. He was licking and sucking on me in no time.
He picked me up and carried me into my parents room, laying me on their bed. His pants fell to the floor, his cock popped up as his pants and underwear slid down. Oh my, he was bigger than dad. That guy was pushing his monster cock into my tight little pussy in a flash. Boy, I recall it was the best pain I had ever had, with the pain going away and only pure pleasure followed. His cum was so hot as he shot his load into me. Another man walked into the room, asking where the toilet was, and then he saw what was going on. He pulled his cock out, and started jacking off. As the first guy climbed off me, I saw that the second guy looked like he was ready to cum, and I was on my knees sucking his cock before he started cumming. I loved it, as he came, I luv cum so much.
I walked with them both downstairs to the party. Most of the people had all their clothes off, most fucking. The first guy grabbed my hand and said his wife just had to met me.
We found her in the living room, she was undressed and sitting on anther guy laying on the floor. The guy tells her to taste my pussy, as he pulled my nightgown off me. She grabbed my hips and pulled me to her, her mouth going to my cum dripping pussy. After just a few seconds she stopped, telling her husband that I tasted just like him, and she buried her face back into my pussy.

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