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My married years

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My hubby and I did the book stores, nude beaches and some swinging

I may have mentioned I was a fucking cum slut in high school. I had sucked off jocks to needs, and many a male teacher. I did near middle of my senior year hooked up with a flame I had grown up with and we had been in every grade together.

During our senior year, leave school early and drive around. I liked cruising a the sex hang out places. The two of us both enjoyed a few of the adult book stores in our area. All of the clerks new we were like so under age, but always let us in.

We liked the video booths the most, and the main theater second. I tell you what, when we discovered those glory holes, we were hooked. I found that my boyfriend enjoyed a dick poking through a hole as much as I did. We would spend an easy hour plus sucking cocks in those booths.

The exhibitionist in me fell in love with the theater. When you walked in, it always took a few minutes to focus your eyes, then we picked a row of seats. As the movie played, we would get into some great sex, which we both made sure included most of our clothes being taken off. Most of the time it only took five minutes or less before most other guys in the theater were sitting real close around us.

We both let the guys rub their hands on us and group at us, my boobs and pussy and his cock. I must say that most just wanted to stand there, jack off and cum on us. There was many a time we were just covered in cum, and used our under clothes to clean up with as best as possible, always leaving the completely soaked panties, underware, t shirt and even my bra a few times, behind on the floor.

As we got into more, I started, well we both started sucking those dicks being stroked on around us. But I started fucking them, in the hour plus we normally were able to stay, I would of had well over 30 or more cocks having pounded my pussy.

One time we got up to leave, only to find that someone had taken our clothes. And I mean all the clothes. Naked, we walked out of the theater into the bookstore area, and covered in cum. We got lucky with the clerk working that day. He was able to give my boyfriend some shorts and a t shirt, and a t shirt for me that was like a dress, a short dress. The hard thing was the phone call my boy had to make to his home, we got his mother to drive and bring him his spare car keys. We met her in the shopping center across the street. It did have a gym, and we claimed to her that we had been there, when our clothes had been taken.

It was about a month later we discovered we should have just phoned his dad. We were in a booth sucking cocks, when one of them talked a bit more than the regular grunts and moans. We both looked at each other, we both knew the voice… his dad! It was the first time I pushed my butt back into the wall, the glory hole had his dad’s cock sticking through, it slid right into my pussy. I got a load of my boyfriend s old man’s cum fill my pussy up.

It was about six months after high school graduation when we got married. At my hubbies Bach party, held at the one bookstore that as his dad had his cock being sucked on by me in one of the glory hole booths, that my hubby told him who was sucking him off, but also who had her pussy pumped full of cum by him the year before. OK, his dad was shocked a bit, but it was then we learned of swinging parties, and attended our first, going with his dad and mom. Another deal that was arranged from that bachelor party night, was much hubby and his dad being guests at my Bachelorette party. Darkened bedrooms, the girls go in and do what they want with the guys laying there with hard waiting cocks. Till this day, I do not know if my mom, sister or best friend did my hubby or his father. Hubby’s mom told me she had some other guy, not one of them.

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  • Reply Lucien ID:7zv2v6y20c

    There’s a small town called Waverly about a 1.5 hour drive from where I live. I meet a couple at the adult bookstore occasionally and we play in the theater. Front row is illuminated by the screen and gives the watchers a good show. The back row is actually more fun. That’s where all the horny guys hang out looking to get sucked. Last Sunday (it was really nasty and rainy) we were there. While I was watching one guy getting his cock sucked, I was in her ass and her husband was feeling her tongue lash his cock. Best part was that I felt some warm cum spurt on my back … one of the guys got careless. After I shot my load she let some older guy eat her asshole.

  • Reply Big blue ID:fx7itaqrd

    Caught my wife walking around naked at my brother in law’s house on vacation at first I just thought it was just bye mistake but when I got back into the living room my brother in law was sitting on the couch having a beer when my wife came out of the pool and took her bathing suit off in front of the sliding glass door and she put a towel on and walked inside she asked if anyone wanted a drink and started to make herself a cocktail she moved over to the freezer and got some ice and when she asked if it was ok if she took off her towel I didn’t even answer but when she walked in the living room her ass looked so beautiful and my brother in law started to hide his hard wood it was just a moment but when she asked if it was ok to take down his pants I was so excited he slid down his pants and underwear and when he took out his penis it was just hard and wet he held it up for a little while before my wife started to lick it and when I was just about to move down the couch he asked if I wanted to lick his balls when I said I had a better idea and stood up and took down my underwear a little bit so he could see then I told him to take down my underwear a suck it