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Second night at the Barracks

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Second night and then a day to remember with the nco at his home

I just got in to bed about 1130 on the Friday when the n c o walked in come to where my head was dropped his trousers put his cock in my mouth told me to suck him I did he then started to fuck my mouth after 5 min he pulled out pulled up his trousers put a note on my locker then walked out
I was wanking my cock then I read the note I stopped.
It read come to my house and gave a address do not wank off tonight be there at 20.00 hrs tomorrow
I arrived at 20.00 hrs a woman opened the door she asked me in we want to the living room she was dressed in a skirt and blouses asked me to seat down and asked me if I would like a drink I said yes i was given a haft glass of wine which tasted sweet and was told to drink it all in one which I did. we sat talking she said her name was Ruth she sat opposite me on the sofa she would open and close her leg showing that she had stocking on which got me hard .
After a while a young girl come in to the room she looked about 13 the woman introduced her as May her daughter she sat down with her mother she had a dress on we were all talking and she opened her legs I could see her knickers I tried to keep my eyes up to there faces but it was hard
The NCO walked in said hi and come over to me and stood by my side he could see what I could see his cock pushed out making a tent in his trousers
I looked at at his face then back to the lady’s they had opened there legs a lot more then I felt something on my face I turned my head and there it was his cock right by my mouth he put his hands on my head and told me to open my mouth and he pushed it in then I herd movement and my trousers were being undone the N C O had he hand on my head so I could not look to see who had done it then my cock was being sucked long and deep
I know I was not going to last long the cock in my mouth was now being pushed right to my throat i gagged it was pulled out then pushed back in I lifted up my hips to push my cock right into the mouth and unloaded my come just as the cock in my mouth come and I swallowed so did the person that I had come in there mouth did
When I looked down there was the 13 year old still sucking me all she naked and her mother was naked apart from the stocking and was behind her daughter sucking her out .
The n c o told May to stop which she did I was pulled to my feet and striped
by Ruth and her Daughter I was hard all the time the n c o striped I could not believe that I had just come and not gone soft
The nco told me to fuck his wife doggie Style I got behind her the daughter got hold of my cock and put it in her mother’s cunt and I started to fuck her nice and slow she was so wet it was running down to her ass
The nco was behind me his daughter was rubbing his cock round my ass she also put some lubricant on my ass and was pushing her fingers in and out of my ass the she pulled the out and he pushed inside me He was so hard and went in deep hitting my prostrate which made me fuck his wife harder his daughter got on her mother back and offered me her come filled cunt I was sucking and licking her the fucking I was getting was hard and I was fucking his wife harder after 10 to 15 min I said I was coming I pushed in deep and shoot my load my ass was also filled we all sat around talking about what had gone on but my cock would not go down I was then told that in the drink was a drug that would keep me hard for at least 8 hours
He told his daughter to suck his wife and told me to fuck his daughter ass
She got between her mother’s legs and started to lick her cunt I got behind her and was just about to put in up her ass when her mother said put some lubrication in it as she has not been fuck up the ass before her dad come round and put lubrication on my cock and on and her ass pushing his fingers up her ass and moving them around to open her up for me
He pulled out his fingers got hold of my cock put in by her ass and told me to push in slowly it was tight at first then the head popped in she cried out but her mum pulled her mouth on to her cunt to stop her I rested then her dad told me to push it in more I was just about to when her mother told her husband to push my ass so I would go all the was in at once so he did
I hit rock bottom his daughter was trying to get away but she was being held by her mothers arms and legs
I stayed still so she could get used to it her mother had other plans she said fuck her now I tried to say something but her dad said now do not wait she will get used to it so I pulled back slowly but her dad got hold of my body pulled my cock all most out and pushed it back in he did this a couple of times fast then told me to keep it going I did this his daughter very slowly got used to it and her mother let her body go and moved away
she stood and watched then her husband handed her something she moved out of my site her husband got underneath his daughter told me to open my leg so he could get his leg between mine and his daughter then I could fill him pushing his cock up his daughter cunt so we were both fucking her she said it was out of the world never felt so full she was loving if I felt something behind me pushing at my ass I turned round and saw his wife with a large strap on cock just about to push it up my ass if was very big her husband put his arm round me and his daughter to stop me from putting away as I ass had come in his wife just lubricated the head of the strap on than pushed it in right to the bottom hitting my prostrate and making me cry out and pushing more deeply into her daughter and her husband pushing up in her daughter cunt at the same time we both come so much I could not believe it .
We all rested again I was sore so was there daughter
I did fuck the n c o who was fucking his wife and she was fisting there daughter I left About 5 o’clock Sunday morning before I left the nco said he had been posted abroad and they were leaving on Monday so I would not see them again bout said he hope that his wife and daughter was pregnant after the amount we had put up them then we said good by

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  • Reply Joe ID:e8g2kr2nh

    I hope you get posted to the same place as them and meet up again