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My parents closet

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What I found on my parents closet and discovered about my mom.

Hi my name is Lisa I am now 16, but this is a story about what I found in my parents closet back about 2 years ago. Let me 1st tell you a little about myself at the time I was 4’11” and 130lbs I was and still am a little chubby with brown hair that I could never quite tame, and wore glasses. I am a huge nerd love anime and Star Wars and Harry Potter. I guess that’s why most of the girls teased me and all but a few boys just ignored me.
My parents were both in their mid thirtys and they had just bought a house in the town I was born and they both grew up. A small town outside Knoxville TN. It was about 2 months later we having a get together with some friends as the night went on the work friends left leaving only a few closer friends of my parents who were all enjoying some adult beverages, my dad let me have a mixed drink that night. Around midnight I started getting sleepy so I went upstairs to go to bed, however there was a man I did not know asleep there, so I decided to just lay down in my parents room. When I turned out the lights I noticed a light on in the closet so I got up to shut the light out, but it was not coming from the closet behind close hanging was a he about 5 inches wide and 8 inches high just about waist level The other side of this wall was a bathroom this would have to be about where mom had put our laundry divider that would be tall enough to hide the hole, but that had clearly been moved. I tried to move the close silently a peeked through the hole I seen a man only his torso but he seemed to be naked and was stroking his hard cock. I had seen 1 in person before this boy who was pants in gym without underwear. This was alot different first it was much bigger and hard. I gasped and he heard me. Then he say Linda (my mom’s name) and slowly walked toward the wall. I could not take my eyes off his dick as it came through the hole and into closet with me. I had no idea what to do I just clamped my hand over my mouth and held my breath. After a minute he says come on baby suck me again. So my mother had sucked this man’s dick and now he thought I was her and wanted me to suck it, and if I didn’t would he would he ask why she had not and know that it was not her. I grabbed him and stared rubbing his dick like I had seen in internet port. He moaned but said suck on it baby we all know you love cum. I put his dick in my mouth and started sucking bobbing my head, OH God Linda your better every fucking time (how many times had mom sucked this cock) fuck fuck fuck you’re going to make me cum already. His cock started throbbing in my mouth, as he shot his load. And there it was my 1st blowjob and cum in my mouth. I sat shocked with the cum in my mouth. The guy peeks through the hole he’s like holy shit your not Libda. I beg him not to tell anyone. He promised, as a condition we would get together again sometime.

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  • Reply Son ID:2liqqdpd3

    Reminds me of my mom. My mom had an incest relationship with her dad and brothers after her mother passed away. They often visited when my dad was away. Her brothers sometimes visited together. I spied on them all the time. When i got to puberty and figured out what its all about i blackmailed her. She didnt really object

  • Reply Joe ID:1a5tcs5mk0j

    I would love a follow up please

  • Reply Funguy19730 on kik ID:fzq6k718m

    Share more please