Author: Incest daddy

A Dixie Trailer Park

Here down in the south Below the Mason Dixie line There is a lot fucking in trailer parks And the cocks are fine Young pussies are bald a hot Tight and so wet If you have not fucked... # # #

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Daddy Breeders

My best friend and I were going to have a sleep over My daddy was going to be there We both had fertile bald pussies Answer wore no underwear It made my daddy happy His cock was hard... # # #

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Daddy babies

Mom came in My bedroom She said it was time And that I couldn’t tell anyone For some think it was a crime But now I was turning into a lady And daddy he had a need At 11 years... # # #

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Daddy is my lover

My daddy is my lover He is always in my bed Daddy he loves to fuck me After I give him head Only to get him hard Cause his cum goes in my womb I want mom to leave us So I can sleep... # #

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A Pregnant Chuch

Our family last name is Cummings, a prefect name for a family in this town we just moved to. My name is John my wife Ashly, and our children Amber 14, Jonn Jr. 13 his twin sister Jenny,... # # # #

640 words | 9 |4.65