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The baby maker

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Incest and neighborhood fertility a son and brother in pregnant his mother, sister and the women and girls in the neighborhood with love

“Jason” my mom called “come into Sarah’s room now, I need to talked to you” why did she need to talk to me in my little sister’s room. But I did not question her I pulled up my pajamas abd went into Sarah’s room a beheld a sight of utter beauty my 12 year old sister was laying naked on her bed with her pretty bald pussy glistening with her juices and it looked as if mom’s mouth was wet. “Jason, I don’t know if you knew this but Sarah is a young lady now, as she finished her first period 2 weeks ago, it is your duty as her big brother to fill her with your seed and hopefully get her pregnant before she starts junior high, I didn’t want you to hurt her so I used my dildo on her and ate her out to get her ready for her brother’s first fucking, can you do this for me sweetheart.” Even she was speaking I was out of my pajamas and about to mount my baby sister and implant my seed into her womb. Climbing on her princess bed I slowly lifted her legs and impaled my cock into her tight hole with no problems. Going in and out with a slow loving rhythm I pumped back and forth until mom told me give her a good fucking son, show your sister that you really love her the same way grandpa showed me he loves me. Mom relayed her incest love story with her father to me and Sarah as we fucked.
“You see when I turned 12 my dad, grandpa took me into his room shortly after grandma died and had me join him in a state of marriage love, although we could not legally be married we fucked day and night resulting in the creation of a handsome son then 3 years later a beautiful daughter, so now with grandpa being gone it your job to carry on the family seed. The seed that does breed.” With that news I could not last and Sarah also had her orgism. I shot deep into my sister’s waiting womb. Mom inserted a tampon to keep as much in her as possible. Then told me she expected me to fuck her at least once a day for the next 3 weeks to insure Sarah got pregnant. If I succeeded that she mom would also give me her fertile pussy, and as much pussy as I wished. Well it did happen, Sarah did get pregnant mom was please she welcome home to the womb that I came from 15 years early but this time to return my own seed to take root and make a Jason the III for my own father, grandfather and I had the same name and as I came in her womb I prayed that she would get pregnant and have a son. Mom and Sarah did take pregnancy test and it came back that I was going to be a daddy. Mom spread the news quickly of the stud I was and soon as my mother’s and Sarah progressed in their pregnancies I had girls and their mother’s knocking at our door asking for services of my soldiers. Aunt Beth, and my cousins 13 year old Amber and 14 year old Tessa were the first ones, now Tessa already had 3 bsbies from uncle Tom so I thought it only fare to deposit my seed into Amber first, my first Virgin fuck she was so tight that she screamed as Broke through her Hyman that she asked me to stop because it hurt yet aunt Beth scolded her saying she needed to get use to fucking because all the women here were made for one reason not only to fuck but to fuck when fertile, so I continued to fuck her despite her cries at first and she soon was enjoying herself as much as I was later that night I took my turn at Tessa and aunt Beth.brlieve it or not I did Knot in all three of them that night and Tessa and aunt Beth each gave me a son on the same day Jason the IV and V. God would grandpa, dad be proud of me. Then the next day came Beth giving birth to a girl Marry Jane. Cause not only did my cousin love the name Marry Jane, she loves smoking it also. I have fucked so msny fertile cunts my balls are getting sore, but i must go on, some of men in neighbor are pissed at me because of my achievements in breedering, can I help in if I shoot fertile every sognal time, I mean when Sarah had our first kid 2 weeks later shr was ready agian so mom took over breastfeeding to increase her changes and it worked, yes Shot pregnant Sarah is hoping for a son this time as am I I could going on about all the babies I made in first 15 years of life and more then likely will if you would like to hear how Jason the XVII came to be. along with their 20 sisters but will stop now until I receive comments back saying “KEEP THIS STORY CUMMING” but for know I hear a knock at my door, oh it is 12 year old Ruth and her little sister Rebecca and they are nude I need to answer it before some calls the police… yea right like that will happen here… lol. Bye for now.

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:1lipijczrb

    You definitely should continue. It’s an excellent story.

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    With all the errors made this story hard to read and at points was so unintelligible

  • Reply Demon ID:5s5sz53gd9j

    A lot of spelling errors and zero punctuation overall a good story but it needs work there are points in the story where you need to put certain words for it to make sense

    • Kiddyfucker69 ID:1dhbqnols46o