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Daddy daughter valentine’s dance and fuck part 1

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Shelly was busy in her room getting ready to go to the valentine’s daddy/daughter dance with her special man, her daddy. This year it was her turn to be with daddy on this special day, and she was so ready for the fun her and daddy would have. Her older sisters were with her telling her what to expect. Suzy now 15 was busy changing her 2 year old son James Robert Williams diaper which was a little hard to do know 8 months pregnant with her second child, and Heather was in no better shape at 14 nursing her son 7 month old James Robert Williams the III. and about 5 months pregnant again. When their mother came in and talked to the older girls “now, girls, don’t tell her to much this special day let her find out on her own, daddy will have many surprises for her” their mother 30 year old Amber had kids in tow with her ranging in ages 12 to the new born James Robert Williams the IV, all the kids behind her were girls except the baby in her arms.
“But mom” Suzy said “we are just so happy that Shelly gets to join us”
“I know girls and I did the same thing to Aunt Jane, when she became old enough to go to the daddy daughter dance with daddy, but I runda lot of Daddy’s surprises, and had to forfeit time with him for 7 months after you were born”
You see this dance always takes place at Faith Unity Church of Kansas.. or the FUCK. The faith strongly believes it was God’s will for Lot’s daughter’s to mate with their daddy, and so they keep this practice up.
Amber is not only the mother to the girls but she is also their sister.
The faith also teaches that fathers and daughters must fuck until the daughter gives them a son. After this the girls are free to fuck other men yet they may if they wish to continue to fuck their fathers.
The town is a fast growing community of over 4000 souls. Most of which are pregnant women who some freely give their pussies to every male here, yet not until they give their daddy’s a son. With so much open fucking in the city the town smells of old cum and dirty diapers. But that is part of living in Incest Valley Kansas.

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    We need part two and it has to be longer

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    Ok, let’s hear part 2