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Fertile slumber party

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My 13 year old daughter
She is having a slumber party again
With 8 young pussies in my house
My cock gets so hard it does bend
Young bald and shaved cents
That are fertile as can be
And they all notice it
My bulge they can see
My daughter speaks up
Saying daddy does that hurt
Would it help you daddy
If I removed my skirt
She took it off quickly
As I looked down there
My baby girl was bald
She still had no hair
Baby your bald
Do you shave your twat
Yes daddy I do
Do you like a lot
It is beautiful little girl
And it looks so sweet
Then she laid on her back
As her taco I did eat
It sprayed hot sauce
A squirter was she
As her girl cum shot out
And got all over Mr
When I was done feasting
She said are you hurry still
Then 7 more girls were on me
Their naked bodied I could feel
My cock was ragging hard
And these pussies were wet
If they liked me eating them
They had not seeing anything yet
It was a 3 day weekend
With 8 young pussies to fuck
And I came in them all
Making babies with any luck
As it would happen
My dream came true
They all became pregnant
In Dec their babies are due
My daughter came to me
She said last week
Daddy I have 9 more friends
And your cock they do seek
Can I have a slumber again
Would you like to fuck
9 more girls like me
Getting them pregnant with any luck

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  • Reply Popparocker ID:1csliids7v1x

    It’s not luck when they fuck

  • Reply Idk ID:79sbuibeg4c

    I hope you fucking die

    • BM ID:1749jcoia

      You die first 🤣

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:1d5xlx4tj335

    I would absolutely love to find a friend to breed

    • BM ID:1749jcoia

      Im going to join hem sorry but that was hot I want to hear more

  • Reply Donald Nickell ID:3zxjmhgw20d

    Nice. That it breed your daughter and all her friends with your babies. All girls are make to be breed. I got 15 young girls pregnant. They gave me 10 girls and 5 boys. Email me [email protected]