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Daddy babies

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Mom came in My bedroom
She said it was time
And that I couldn’t tell anyone
For some think it was a crime
But now I was turning into a lady
And daddy he had a need
At 11 years old I had my period
So now it was time to breed
It’s time to make you a mommy
This news was a shock
But mommy told me I would love it
The feeling of my daddy’s cock

Mommy had me undress
She looked at my bald slit
And gazed upon my breast
Each growing sized tit
Soon they will get bugger she said
After you do breed
And have babies by your daddy
From them they shall feed
Let’s go to daddy honey
He is waiting for you
With honor I went with
For my daddy he wanted to screw

We opened the bedroom door
And his cock I could see
Rock-hard and at 11 inches
I knew daddy’s cock would soon be in me
I walked over to him
He was lying there in bed
Next to my pregnant older sister
As she was giving him head
You can stop know honey he said
Your sister here to breed
You have my bun in your oven
And my cock she does need

I climbed in bed next to them
The sight it was great
I was ready for daddy to fuck me
Him and I were going to mate
He ate my pussy
The juices did flow
Getting me wet as could be
Then inside me his cock did go
He pumped away at me
My legs wrapped around his waist
As he exploded inside my womb
And none went to waist

I took a pregnancy test
A plus sign did appear
I was happy as could be
A negative sign I did fear
Then I went to the doctor
And found out I was having twins
I can’t wait to have my bsbies
So daddy can fuck me again
Mommy called her family
To let them know what I did
And soon my belly grew
Like my sister’s with daddy’s kid

Mommy is proud of daddy
She even calls him son
Because of the incest fucking
And these deeds he has done
Getting his girls pregnant
Like she did to her boy
Incest fucking is great
Something every family should enjoy
Daddy not only fucks us
But also his sis
She loves golden showers
On her he does piss

My aunt and him have children
6 girls and 1 boy
They are teens now
And fucking each other they do enjoy
Daddy also fucks the girls
In them he blows his load
Trying to get them pregnant
As Lot did in the days of old
Daddy told me if I have twin girls
That would be really great
Because he wants to fuck them also
When they are old enough to mate

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  • Reply . ID:1bbaa2v9d

    That was terrible, don’t do shit In poems

  • Reply Jim ID:71ou0taghl

    I think this is very funny because 11 inch penis going inside a girl that is that age it’s not as easy as what you’ve just said

    • CreamMyPie45 ID:4o6ya5tm2

      Yeah, my old stepdad was big but not like that and my 11 YO girl pussy bled from his assault. I was hurt with larger cocks when I was younger. It was not an easy task.

  • Reply Piti ID:oymqa57zra

    Jeder Mann träumt von so einergeilen Familie

  • Reply franco ID:4qq1tr4v3

    very good story.

  • Reply Mr? ID:bgj8f7woid

    Total B S 25/11/22

  • Reply BigBadBarry ID:55x1xufii

    Yes. because every virgin 11 year old can take a 11″ penis…