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For Fuck Sakes

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Incest and young girls get fertile seed in their wonb

My daughter Elizabeth, Lizzie for short just turned 11 years old and had her first period 2 weeks ago, now in 6th grade kids learn sex education, or they are suppose too, Lizzie didn’t understand how babies were suppose to be made and neither did her friends Tammy Young and Patty Smith, my with is good friends with their moms, and all 3 were very concerned they would fail having to repeat the 6th grade, my wife really enjoys the fucking I give to her as does a lot of the women I work with, yes I do fuck many women at work, but it is not cheating as my wife and I have an open relationship, to prove this Lizze is our oldest, and my only child up until the night this story happened, my wife has given Lizzie two younger siblings (not mine) Jole age 8 by Sam Josephs Tammy’s husband and Sarah age 1 through our Pastor, Pastor Dwight. I have always fucked the women with condoms, anyways my sweet wife suggested to her friends that they let the girls move in with us for a month and I could teach them the facts of how babies are made. I was all in for this if the girls approved. Their mom’s dropped them off over Christmas break. As the girls walked to the door and Amy Patty’s mom knocked on it I opened the door completely naked with a raging boner and Amy just smiled at me seeing Lizzie laying naked on the couch and said :looks we got here just in time Patty, watch as Mr.Jeffs teaches Lizzie were babies come from soon he will put his dick back in Lizzie and cum, and Lizzie hopefully will get a big belly like he gave mommy 7 months ago” yes I had fucked Amy and my seed did it’s job in her once again Patty has 3 younger sibling Johnny named after me being his father who is me who just turned 6 Joey after her father who died before he got to knock her up for the time, at age 4, and Paula after her mother who is older sister also. Who just turn 2 hopefully she will out of diapers soon as having 3 kids in diapers is a handful. Johnny and Joey well she is a mother who believes boys should remain in diapers at least until their 10th birthday as boys never wipe completely and she is right as my wife’s son Jole is shitting in his diapers and seems to love it still. Anyways I walked back over to Lizzie slid my cock into her and pumped away her snatch thrust after just when I was ready to blast my load into my daughter’s hot tight pussy deep into her waiting womb their was a knock at the door Tammy looked at her pregnant mom (yes pregnant by me) and said mommy is Uncle John fucking a baby into Lizzie, I want to try also, I want a baby if this is how they are made” her mom, my lovely pregnant Sister in-law said “yes honey, abd hopefully after this visit you will be pregnant by Uncle John just like mommy. This was going be an awesome fuck filled visit.

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  • Reply 9yearoldslut ID:ghfylvxii

    How this happens to me

    • AJ ID:1bfepuyzb0b

      You free to chat

    • 9yearoldslut ID:ghfylvxii

      I am

    • Lonelybrother ID:5sp0kz8rd

      Love to hear your story

  • Reply Danny 1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Very hard to follow so I’m just mine is good try again

  • Reply Satanist ID:1c25d7cid9k

    Man, not so bad for a 4 Year old……wait, you’re an adult??? Awful.

  • Reply Randy ID:6cdla3mqrb

    What were you taking when you wrote this drivel

  • Reply BamaWoods ID:4o6ydgchi

    wow this thing is all over the place, got dizzy half way, so what was the point of the story?

  • Reply Your Name ID:5u0x67i20a

    This is how you spell womb W. O. M. B ok retard

    • Lyn ID:4o732aghm

      He literally spelled it like that

    • Lyn ID:4o732aghm

      Oh nvm

    • Incest daddy ID:fx7itcv9i

      Fuck off miss types happen you Fucking Grammer Nazi