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Starting junior high as a mommy

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My young daughter was getting ready to start junior high in a month, she had always been teased by the other 11 and 12 year old girls for being the last one to achieve things the other girls had achieved. Now she was going to be the first to do something. Have a baby, not only this she was going be the first girl in her class to have her own father’s baby. God it was great when she asked me to fuck her bareback in order to get pregnant and I was ready to do so. When she came into my wife’s and my room that night with her near bald pussy already wet from my wife licking it I was instantly hard as a rock. My wife lead her over to me and said she said she is ready for baby making cream. Sally laid down on her back and invited me into her womb. Now I had not seen my little girl naked since she was 2 years old and had an accident when she was potty training and I helped her clean up so now 9 years later I saw hew with a little peach fuzz and small breast that would soon grow with milk to feed her little brother/sister son/daughter. As we fucked it was more then fucking it was making love. Soon my explosion of thick baby making cum entered her small womb and the seed found an egg. Nine months latter she had Keven James (last name with-held) Jr. And her title grew to feed our son and her daddy who was already to breed her again. And it did happen right afterwards when Tammy are daughter joined us exactly 9 months later while she was still in her first year of junior high. Yes other girls in her class did get pregnant also and have babies but she is the first one to get pregnant by her own father and have 1 but 2 babies by him. Now she is hoping I can get her pregnant at least twice a school year before she graduates high school.

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  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Waste of time writing this story, way to short, seriously lacking details

  • Reply Golden ID:1dwdtcqydhib

    Id love a taste of all your daughters. Goldenbiguy on telegram

  • Reply Horny 69 ID:1ck6yj0ut7q9

    Not bad but you need more details.