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We finally fucked

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me n my cousin finally fucked after sending nudes and talking abt it since i was in middle school

when i was in middle school , i went to a family party , i was around 13 maybe and i don’t really hangout w dis side of da family as much but when i did i would have fun after getting comfortable being around them , and towards da end of dat party , we were in da living room , i was sitting on da couch next to my cousin and she was around 16 maybe , and she was pretty chubby but not to chubby , and when i was sitting next to her , i realized her boobs are hugeeee especially to me , so i like rested my arm on her shoulder dangling my had pretty close to her boob , and when id look around n no one was looking id tap my fingers on her boob hoping she’d feel it butttt not do anything or say anything, anyways nuthing really happened after that , i jus went home very horny , and i remember asked one of my cousins there if she had her snapchat n if she’d could give it to me because she needed to “tell me something” and i got it and we started texting normally and then she told me tha she felt me touching her boob n she said “why did u do that” i was thinking she was mad but i explained that her boobs were big n i jus wanted to feel , she said “i didn’t mind , i jus wanted to know what u felt abt me” and i told her she’d turn me on jus b looking her cuz of her titties and we would talk n tease eachother , send eachother nudes , a lot of stuff and it would b on n off cuz sometimes id get a girl id b talking to n i wouldn’t talk to her , buh we’d text here n there still n i remember we stopped , n i moved , and one of my cousins tha lived by me and went to school so we got really close to eachother n they would always go to family parties n they’d invite me and id go sometimes , and me n my cousin had seen eachother one time n we could lowkey tell tha we wanted to do something tg after all da times we texted and not seeing eachother for so long , and we’ve gotten really close , we’d whisper talk abt it everytime we went to family parties and stuff , buh we jus never got the alone time to actually do anything, this specific day we both really wanted to fuck eachother, especially bc we went swimming and we were lowkey touching eachother under da water a lot , when we got out we instantly started texting eachother talking abt everything we wanted to do to eachother, and everyone was changing out their wet clothes , n i remember i changed and i was waiting for her to come to me especially cuz she directed me ova there , and i remember i finished getting all dressed and when i finished she came in da room and i told her she can change now , but we lowkey got stuck a lil talking to eachother and she was still in her bikini i think i softly slapped n grabbed her butt n we heard someone so i started to leave , and i was in da living room sitting on tiktok and she kept texting me saying she wanted me n i was saying i wanted her n we were gonna fuck we just needed a condom n she said she had one , n i remember da house was empty it was only me n my cousin in da living room , n my girl cousin was in da restroom down da hallway , she was in there as we texted n i remember she said “come to da restroom” i acted like i needed to use da restroom n da door was open and when i walked up we started talking abt something and i remember she grabbed my shirt n pulled me in n kissed me , n we started talking abt if we wanted to , i was like u can gimme head if u want bc she said she had jus got out on bc n she wasn’t suppose to fuck , buh then she said fuck it , n so i pulled her pants down to her knees n i whipped out my dick n put da condom on and i started fucking ts outta her , pounding her insides and covering her mouth tryn make sure she didn’t scream , and i was squeezing her big ass titties , i had her bent over da sink and we was jus staring at eachother thru da mirror , i whispered “ima nut baby”
i nutted and we was jus abt to get out and stuff and someone knocked on da door n we freaked out , we got caught basically but no one knew exactly what we did or anything but yeah , text me on sc:braapridez come help me blow a load pls !

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  • Reply Joseph ID:1ddo5gi213nm

    Have you ever heard about something called the English language. VERY POOR grammar,

    • Crazyperson ID:1ddq5lj6oprc

      Yes, what year level are you in?
      Man if you talk the way you write I don’t think anyone could understand you, no wonder took you a while to fuck your cousin.

    • Crazyperson ID:1ddq5lj6oprc

      Also do you know what does on the “down low” means ??

  • Reply A. ID:h2f7zeynlxc

    Terrible, absolutely terrible

  • Reply RING BLACK ID:4bn00en3fia


  • Reply Favy ID:4bn00en3fia

    Cool not bad