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Do you Want Cream In Your Coffee

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One should never fuck a young girl who is unwilling to want to fuck, that is rape and it is a sick crime. People who do this should be prosecuted. On that note I must tell you about a group of young girls in our neighbor who love adult male cocks, and dream about having them inserted into their tight, wet, bald cunts. Yes bald yet fertile as can be. One young girl is my beautiful Tammy, Tammy is now 13 years old and ready to breed, as my wife Taylor were having our morning coffee one morning Tammy came into the kitchen wearing nothing at all , poured herself a small cup of coffee came over to where I sitting dropped to her knees pulling out my cock and began sucking on it, saying “I need some cream for my coffee daddy” this had a morning ritual in our house for the last 2 years but now at the age of 13 it was about to change, my wife spoke up as I was about to cum giving Tammy cream for her coffee, ” now Tammy you can only have one cup with cream today if you want daddy to save his cream cream for you and your friends at your slumber party sleep over tonight”
I looked at my wife with a questioned look on my face. That is when she told me that Tammy was having a fertile birthday party sleep over tonight, with 3 of her friends, Ruth Evans, Faith Rodgers. and Sara Hillman. all age 13 and all 4 had finished their periods 2 in a half weeks ago and were very fertile at this time. I was to be invited to this party also. AR word of this I shot so much cum into her coffee cup it overflowed, Tammy just smiled took a sip and said ” yummy daddy, I hope you shoot that much tonight”
As this happened in walked my 15 year old daughter Patty with her sons, my sons Harper age 2, and Tevor, age one in each age both crying in wet diapers.
Morning mom, morning daddy she said.
“Moring honey” my wife said “you take your prenatal vitamins yet?” as Patty was pregnant again by me, this time with a baby girl.
“No mom, I will just getting a cup of coffee first can you take Harper and Tevor for me”
“OK but no daddy cream today, he needs to save it Tammy and her friends breeding party tonight, you understand”
“That’s not fair mom” Patty stated
“Yes it is very fair, you remember, your first breeding party, with Ann, Olivia, Eileen, and Cathy, did I allow your daddy to shoot his cream in Tammy that day?”
“No, she had to wait until after my party” Patty said
“And did it work young lady, did you all get pregnant”
“Yes, mom we all had our babies, and then it happened again” Patty said
“That’s right, now look all five of you will be having your third babies by your daddy, so it is very fair, to let your daddy save his cream to fuck your sister and her friends tonight, right?” Taylor asked
“Yes, mom, I am sorry, Tammy”
“It’s ok, you if you want some daddy cream I will share my coffee with you” Tammy replied
Then my two daughters shared the coffee with loads of daddy cream in it.

Later that night when I got home from John Holmes Junior High were I am a teacher and gymnastics coach I met my wife in the house were she was just finishing up her work with Mr. Evans, our next door neighbor, I heard him yelling “oh, my God I am cumming, God does this feel great” he pulled his cock from my wife’s pussy zipped up, paid her the $300.00 and left. Patting me on the shoulder saying “always a good fuck as usual. Have fun with my baby girl tonight.
Looking down at my beautiful wife with that cum dripping out of her had me rock hard and she asked me if I wanted a snack before entering the girls. By God it did look tasty so I started stripping out of my clothes while diving into her pussy licking away like a dog. When Tammy and her friends opened the door to room with 4 naked girls and said “daddy, hurry up we are waiting for a cream machine” as much as I wanted this cum snack I had to go to these girls, so Patty said go ahead daddy I still want some cream also so I will finish this snack. Getting up I walked into the bedroom with the girls, there were moans from the front room and louder moans came from Tammy’s room. After the 3 day weekend we all were tried.
a few months later Patty gave birth to her daughter
Tammy and her friends gave birth to their babies 9 months later. In between this time all 28 of the girls on the gymnastics gave birth to babies, all now were kind of related as Slut In-laws, having their pussies marked by me
Yet the best news of all is my wife had a baby of her own as I didn’t clean her up completely. A boy Nsmed Roger Jsmes Evans Jr. After the daddy.

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    I wish you were my daddy

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      Soll ich dein Daddy sein kleine Schlampe melde dich bei mir [email protected]

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    I love cream in my coffee

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