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Me and my cousine

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My seconde story. My first was about me and my sis now it is about me and my Cousine

Hi im Marian male 15. My cousine is 13 girl and now i tell you the Story of my sex with her. I had the first time sex with her when my parents wearn`t at home. My cousine was at ouer home and my sis were with my parents in the city so me and my cousine where alone at home. My Cousine and me watched TV and i thought i going to jerk of in my room iwent in my room and my cousine came with me and laid in my bed. I asked her what she is doing and she told me that she know´s that me and my sis having sex. I asked her from where she is koning that she told me she saw us by the window and she wants to how sex is feeling. She said she`s wet and want to have her first time with her cousine. i told her its ok for me and i put my pants of and she saw my dick. she asked what she have to do now i told her she can put it as first in her mouth and blow it. After a while i laid her down on bed and put my dick in her virgin pussy andshe said it feels awsome and i fucked her 3 times and now i have 1 time a week sex with my sis and 1 time with my cousine.

On the way back home from school me and my Cousine have too went thrue a wood we had there on way back home also sex.

I hod you like my story i know my speling isn´t very good but i hope you can read it.

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  • Reply Jake the 15yr old ID:2wzln3gb0b

    Marian I’m from Italy to I live in Sicily at the moment I would love to talk to u. Better write to me at [email protected]

  • Reply Anonymously ID:bpcjnotv3

    What are your sister and your cousins bra sizes .my niece is in a trainer her mom my little sister when she was 12 are the bra size of 34C.

    • woody ID:7ylg5nr6ii

      I’d love to talk to you about your knees and maybe see a couple of pictures of her…woodyulive58@gmail

  • Reply Anonymous ID:vuf0i2d3

    Bad grammar because it’s a bull shit story written by a child.look at the freedom these kids have on being on these sites.

    • 13 year old boy from Houston, tx ID:1i2l1j55zrb


  • Reply Jessica ID:hd33op4qk

    Bad grammar

    • woody ID:7ylg5nr6ii

      Play Jessica how old are you sweetheart. Maybe we can spend some time getting to know each other you can contact me at woodyulive58@gmail

  • Reply anomalously ID:bpcjnotv3

    I aslo have a woods experience to I liked to get naked with my sisters we had a woods not fare from our home . I wade hold it tell we got deep in the woods and I waed drop my pants and underwear and then just let go . If I didn’t have to go I would just drop my pants and underwear just for her to see.

  • Reply Bad grammar. Couldn't even read ID:1i2l1j55zrb

    Please learn English first

    • The Pussy Gaper ID:fx7itbv9b

      Hey, can you check if my stories have good grammar. It would be appreciated.

    • Marian ID:emdevkoia

      Hi im sorry fir my bad grammer im from italy and we have not much english in school

    • ??? ID:1coyvrkw49b