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The Invisible men

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My friends and I work for a military contractor. We were put on a project to make a skin like suit that gives you total invisibility. We finally got it working. Now it was time to put it to the test. I said to my friend Mike let’s put it on and get a little perverted with this thing. We went to a high school. There was a girls basketball game that afternoon after school let out. We walked in and waited till the game was over and walked into the girl’s shower area. All the female athletes came in and got ready to shower after the game. My heart was racing with excitement! This is going to be better than the movie Porky’s with their shower scene. There are girls everywhere. Beautiful ones. We stood and watched as the water came down the curves of there beautiful bodies. Water dripping from their gorgeous mounds. I felt myself getting hard. I touched one of them. A gorgeous 16 year old blonde. With perky tits, a beautiful ass, and shaved. I stood behind her as she spread her legs to wash her crotch. I rammed my finger into her cunt. She screamed. ” what the fuck was that?!!!” She said. Some of the girls came over to see if she was okay. “Something touched me!! I felt something go up in me just now!”, they all laughed. They thought she was high or something. Mike and I took an opportunity. We started groping any girl near us. Coping a feel on anyone near us. Pretty soon all the girls were screaming. They all ran out of the shower area. Mike and I decided to have a little fun and start slamming all the lockers closed. We started throwing things all over the place. They really believed the place was haunted. We agreed to meet at a certain time behind the school. Neither of us could see the other one so we figured we had to have a plan. We met out back. We both were cracking up laughing like a couple teenagers who just pulled off the greatest prank. Well we actually we did. We got out of the suits and decided to take a little further. We went to a Solarium. We walked in and luckily it was busy. Hot chicks everywhere waiting to get a tan. I went into a room and waited for a girl to come in. One came in, a beautiful 20 something. Flowing blonde hair, nice beautiful breasts, very toned body. She took her shirt off first. Her breasts are gorgeous. I wanted to touch them right then and there but I thought I’d wait. Patience is a virtue. I thought. She then unbuttoned her skin tight blue jeans. Only one thing left covering her beautiful prize and that was her pretty pink panties. She took them off and revealed a beautiful trimmed cunt. She got herself into the tanning bed. She had her legs bent up exposing her beautiful lips. I couldn’t take it anymore I had to touch it. I reached in and touched one of her lips. She jumped up in horror. I took a towel and put it in her mouth so she couldn’t scream. I grabbed her the throat and held it till she passed out. I laid her on the padded bench got to work. I spread her lips and revealed her cute little clitoris. I began to lick it. She began to moan in her unconscious state. I stuck my fingers in her. It was so moist and nice. I took my index and middle fingers and slid them in and out of her while my thumb rubs her clit. She was moaning more and more now. Finally her legs locked up. There was a gust of moistness now as she came. She woke up in a panic. Not understanding what’s going on. I told her just to calm down. Her eyes look like they’re about to pop out of her head. She heard a guy’s voice but had no clue where it was coming from. I held her down. She tried to fight me. I told her, “this is going to happen. Now calm down. Unless you want to end up a ghost like me.” I unzipped my suit and took my cock out. It was hard as a rock. She dried up a little bit after waking up so I did what I did before. I put the tip to her beautiful little mound and rubbed her clit with it. She was still looking around in a panic not understanding what was going on. He was truly horrified! Moaning and screaming with that towel in her mouth. I rammed it in as hard as I could. A loud, “mmmmphhh” came from her. I rammed her and rammed her. Her little tunnel became more moist with each thrust. She stopped screaming and just went with the flow. She seemed to be enjoying it now. I slowed down and started rubbing her clit while I was pumping her. This got her even more into it. She started shaking and reached out and grabbed my arms. That was when she realized someone was actually there. I pulled out and grabbed a towel and came into it. I didn’t want to leave any physical evidence. But then again who’s going to believe this story? I wonder if she was going to tell. She pulled the towel out of her mouth. She asked, “Who is there? Is there somebody there? Come on I saw your dick. Who the fuck is there?!! What’s going on here? You will pay for this fucker!” I left the room laughing. Damn that was fun. Mike and I met up later and had a couple drinks together. Sharing the stories of what we did at the solarium. “Again successful test I would say Mike.”, I said and he agreed.

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    Would love to be invisible in the shower block at an all girl school

  • Reply MIKE KUEKUEME ID:2kyee16vm1

    You would have told her who you where

  • Reply Nerd writer ID:4o717tkqm

    Hot story you should write more