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Taking full advantage of my drunk teenage sister-in-law

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She was drunk and passed out. Laying there looking so sexy with her big breasts hanging out, what’s a guy to do. Fuck her, that’s what.

I live with my wife and sister-in-law, her name is Chelsea and she is 14 years of age.

Last weekend, while my wife was at work and Chelsea was out at a party, I had the house to myself for once so I put my feet up and watched the football, it was about 9:30pm when I got a call from one of her friend’s mothers who lived a few streets away.

She told me that her daughter and Chelsea had been drinking and were extremely drunk, I couldn’t drive because I’d also had a few beers so I walked the ten minutes to her friend’s house and collected her, she was pissed out of her head, if my wife saw her like this she’d kill her.

As we walked home with her in her inappropriately short kami dress, her arm over my shoulder, my arm around her to keep her standing, and holding her high heels in my other hand, we stopped several times so she could throw up in the street, her emotions were all over the place, one minutes she was giddy and laughing, the next she was crying and apologetic.

I eventually got her home and took her to the bathroom so she could throw up in the toilet, I went downstairs and made her a strong coffee, to try and sober her up a bit, but when I got back to the bathroom, she was passed out on the floor, completely out of it.

“Bloody hell, Chelsea.”

So I put the coffee down on the window ledge and picked her up off the floor in to my arms, I kicked her bedroom door open, managed to flick on the light switch and then walked over to her bed, as I leaned forward and dropped her down on to her bed, her left breast popped out of her dress.

She may have only been 14 but she had a very impressive bust, a lot bigger than her sisters.

I thought about it for a second, thinking if I should pop it back in her dress or not, a bit of an awkward situation, she may have made herself out to be a complete stupid idiot by getting drunk, but she should at least keep her dignity, so I lifted the fabric of her dress and held her breast to slide it back underneath.

And that’s when my thought pattern completely changed.

As I touched her breast, I gasped, it was so smooth and rounded, “Whoa.”, instead of slipping it back under her dress I found myself cupping and groping it, feeling its luxuriousness, I popped out her other breast and gave them both a good squeeze.

My heart rate increased and I felt the blood being rapidly pumped in to my cock, giving me a rock hard erection.

Keeping one hand on her breast, I reached down with the other and I pulled down the zipper of my jeans and allowed my cock to expand out of them, I gave it a few rubs, then I moved her head to the edge of the bed and rubbed the tip of my cock over her silky lips.

Her mouth slowly opened until it was wide enough for me to slip my cock in to her mouth, the underside of my cock slid across her delicate tongue stimulating my sexual senses, and like muscle memory, her lips formed a seal around my girth and as I thrust forward and back, she was sucking on my cock like a baby suckling on a dummy.

The excitement of violating my hot little sister-in-law was too intense and I ejaculated almost instantly, I shot my load in to her mouth, she coughed and gagged on my spunk before swallowing it, I rubbed her chest to help and encourage her to get it down, for a brief moment she opened her eyes and I thought I was fucked, and not in a good way, but then she gulped, close her eyes again and just rolled her head over.

I should have ended it there, I should have been happy with my incredible blowjob, I should have been satisfied knowing that my seed is now warming her young stomach, I should have stopped, but I didn’t, I couldn’t, I’d had a taste and now I wanted more.

I sat on the side of the bed and lifted her up, then I lifted her arms in to the air and slipped off her dress, her firm round breasts swayed majestically as I laid her back down, she had a beautiful athletic figure, her skin was soft and blemish free, silky, young and fresh, I’d never seen such beauty.

I turned off the bedroom light and closed the door, leaving it open about an inch so the light from the landing could illuminate the room just a little, then I took off all my clothes and made me way on to the bed.

I kneeled by her feet, then I rubbed my hands around her breasts, down her sides, feeling her ribs, her waist, as my hands circled her hips, my fingers hooked on to the thin fabric of her white thong and I pulled it down as I kept my hands moving down her legs.

Even with the little bit of light in the room I could clearly see how pure her pussy was, the light was sparkling off the wet patches of her crotch, I gave it a slow gentle rub, “Oh thank you Lord.”, then I leaned down and began to lick my tongue like a snake along the crack of her pussy.

She started moaning, her legs opened wider apart and she lifted her left hand and placed it on my head as I sucked on her clitoris, I rolled my eyes up to look up her body, as I stared between her mountainous breasts, I could see her head moving side to side and she was licking her lips, her breasts began to heave and her moans became more frequent and more intense, clearly she was enjoying it.

After tasting her pure young pussy, savouring that sweet taste of virginity, she was warmed up and ready, but I had other plans first, I rolled her over on to her front, then I held her hips and raised her ass in to the air, pushing her knees underneath her with mine, with her ass at the perfect height and angle, I pushed my cock between her cheeks and I thrust it in to her tight little ass hole.

She let out a wailing moan, “Unnnngh”

As I pumped her ass with determination, she moaned and moaned with pleasure, she was grapping the pillow in front of her head, so hard the cover ripped, the sound of our flesh slapping against each other was so arousing, I rubbed her back and slapped her tight ass as I pumped her.

Once I’d filled her ass with my spunk, I gave her another loving slap on the ass and then spun her over on to her back, “I bet you enjoyed that, didn’t you darling.”, she laid there, breathing heavily and her chest still heaving, I squeezed her breasts once again, I couldn’t get enough of those puppies.

After I recovered from the incredible ass pounding I just gave her, I crawled up her body like a predator preparing to pounce, I slip my hips down between her thighs and slid my cock along her crack, feeling her warm fluids lubricating my shaft.

“Time for the main event.”

Wasting no time, I pushed my cock in to her folds, and on my first thrust, I thrust hard, I felt her hymen tear open around my tip and my cock entered her tunnel like a knife through warm butter.

To my shock, as soon as my cock entered her, her eyes sprung open, her jaw dropped, her hands closed in to a tight grasp of the bed sheets, she threw her head back and moaned with ecstasy, “Aargh-Ooh-Ungh”

Her head moved forward and she looked directly at me, breathed a long breath of warm air on to my face, then she closed her eyes again and her head fell back on to the pillow.

As I was fucking her, she lifted her legs and wrapped them around me, resting her heels on my lower back, her body rocked and her breasts wobbled as I fucked her amazingly tight little pussy.

I couldn’t stop calling out her name, “Chelsea. Oh, Chelsea. Chelsea.”, fucking her and listening to her sweet innocent moans felt so good, I was so happy, I even had a tear run down my face, it was the best sex I had ever experienced.

I curled my arms underneath her knees and I bent her legs all the way back until they were almost touching her shoulders and I pounded her pussy as hard as I could, I was fighting the urge to ejaculate, but my body was forcing me in to it, each passing push made my cock more and more sensitive.

The inside of Chelsea’s pussy was clinging tightly around my cock, as my cock slid over her inner bumps, stimulating my banjo string and causing an ejaculate reaction, I continued to pound her as I felt my spunk working its way up my shaft, and the pressure was building up.

I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t hold it in any longer, “Oooah!”, I exploded inside her, ejaculating what was probably the biggest load my balls had ever produced in to her pussy, “Fucking hell.”.

Eventually I pulled out and got off the bed, my legs felt so weak I could barely stand up, but I managed to slip a nightshirt on Chelsea and cover her up with the sheets, I stroked her forehead and gave her a kiss before I left, amazingly she was still asleep, even after all of that.

I gathered up my clothes in to my arms and I quietly left the bedroom and got washed and dressed in the bathroom.

In the morning she complained that her entire body was aching and she thought she was on her period, but she never made the connection, even though she’d opened her eyes and seen me fucking her, she didn’t remember it, I got away with it.

My only worry now is I hope she’s not pregnant.

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  • Reply Jeff Fourmyle ID:161qguywxiap

    I would hope she was pregnant!

  • Reply Someone ID:vuf1mmm28

    Now that’s a good believe story!