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Another egg in my womb

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There is another egg inside my womb
I am waiting for daddy cock it will be here soon
He must wait for the bitch to go to sleep
Then daddy’s cock is mine to keep
I am 14 years old
And already I have bred
Each night daddy does fuck me
After the witch sleeps in her bed
I have 2 in diapers
But I want some more
I love my regrets
And want at least four
Four kids by daddy
Before I turn 18
His wife is upset
And says stuff that is mean
She calls me a slut
Saying I am a whore
But I have only fucked one cock
And I want that cock some more
I want daddy to leave her
But that cannot be
Yet I know that daddy like them young
Young like me
For not do I fuck daddy
I share him with a friend
He fucks our pussies
And even our rare end
Yet his cum goes in our pussies
So that we can breed
After we our pregnant
Then we feed protein for our babies
Healthy they will be
I have two already
Ready to make it three
Another egg in my womb
Ready for daddy once more
After I get pregnant
I want to make it to four
I want that bitch to catch us
As daddy pounds me good
Cumming in my pussy
As every daddy should
I hope you you can see this
And don’t think it is bad
Cause I am not a slut
I only fuck my dad

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    I wish I was your daddy or one of his friends . I love fucking and breeding young girls .

  • Reply Little Girl Lover... ID:1dnbx0rzt734

    You are such GOOD GIRLS!!!!!!!! Looks like you girls started as Preteens. You and your young girlfriend are doing what every female is supposed to do as soon as they are able to have successful pregnancies. That can be as young as 8 years-old. I found this poem while going through The Preteen Category and started commenting in it on an article called “I love pedos” by a Wonderful Little Girl and have given ideas to a Little Girl who has a DELICIOUS Rape Fantasy and wants to be Owned, Abused and Bred by any Men who wants her and that includes her Family and Sons. She wants her Daughters to go through the same things and I advised her and her Daughters to have Women Owners as well. One article by a 15 year-old girl, who misses her younger days when she was Little and fully supports We Pedophile Men and thinks we are Beautiful and knows We are Real Men, wants Us To Stand-Up and Be Proud. So many supportive Little Girls AND WOMEN in The Preteen Category. I would wear a T-Shirt saying that I Am Proud To Be A Pedophile. All Young Teens, Little Preteen Girls and Younger Should Have Cock and Sperm in Their Three Beautiful Holes Daily. Keep Men Filling Your Wombs Girls!!!!!!!! One of my first comments in The Preteen Category follows…

  • Reply [email protected] ID:vuf1mt0b

    That’s sweet. I wonder if I’d feel that way if I had a dad.

    • Golden ID:36tkqzgcqr9

      Im happy to be your daddy if i can fuxk and breed you?? Im fit 44yo guy. How old? Goldenbiguy on kik

  • Reply Little Girl Lover... ID:bvj3erd0

    Great Poetry!!!!!!!! Made me so horny!!!!!!!! If all you “underage” girls and especially preteens want to be bred, I say it is your right and I fully support you. Just pick men that will stay with you and support you. If you want to share your breast with them. I for one, love milk from very young breasts.

  • Reply A ID:craz4jbv0

    @kianaatwood add me…I want this so badly

    • Daddy needs a fuck toy ID:5u0x7ka5qj

      I emailed you

    • Nobita ID:7ezebtz20i

      Add u plz add me back @nnobita22662

  • Reply horny for young pussy ID:8le667cfia

    With the 2 you have is it boys or girls and if girls would you make daddy fuck them when older