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Don’t Judge My Daddy

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Ok now before any of you go and judge my daddy, don’t. You see me and mom are the ones who started it. You see I am now 18 years old and getting ready to graduate high school with 7 babies. You see the summer I turned 12 before junior high my titties were very small and most the other girls made fun of me and it made me cry a lot, I told my mom how they use to tease me and how I wanted to find away to get me titties to grow bigger. That is when mom told me that pregnancy usually helped with getting a women’s tits bogged “but mom, I don’t have a boyfriend to have sex with” I said and that is when mom said she would loan daddy out to me and she would daddy be my boyfriend. I couldn’t believe it, I mean mom and daddy had the birds and bees talk with me when I was 8 years old after mom and him had my little brother Jason, so I knew where babies came from, yet I was scared. I told mom if it would help my titties grow though I would love to try it. So mom and I worked all day to get my things into daddy and her (now my bedroom) and her things into my old room. After we were done and about 15 minutes before daddy got home from work mom took me to the bedroom had me get naked and lay on the master bed while she started to play with my pussy even eating me out to nice and wet for daddy, then she told me to continue playing with myself when we heard daddy drive up.

Daddy walked in the house and kissed mom, I was sure glad mom and daddy still loved each other enough to show affection to each other. He’ll even mom wanted more kids. And now as she gave daddy to me that night I understand why, my daddy’s cock is huge and he knows how to use it. I have even with mom’s permission have let some of my friends use This Magnificent piece of meat. But that is another story. Anyhow as daddy walked into the front door mom told him that she had a surprise waiting for them in the bedroom go and see if he liked it. Daddy walked into the bedroom and saw me laying in middle of the bed with my pussy glistening with my juices. The smell of sex lingered in the room. Daddy’s jaw dropped when saw this, mom was right behind him and told him about how I wanted bigger titties, and how if I became pregnant that my titties would grow. She then undid his pants and dropped to her knees as she sucked his cock, soon daddy was rock hard but she said to me not to let him fuck me yet she showed me how to suck on his guns in my face delicious 10″ inch cock. Then it happened my daddy put his cock in my pussy pumping my womb full of cum. Yet it didn’t work that night but soon after my did do the deed and got me pregnant, mom found out she was pregnant 2 weeks before me.
As mom gave birth to another boy, James, I was able to deliver a beautiful daughter Jennifer a week in half afterwards. Then when she was a little under a month old I became pregnant again this time with a boy Joey.
As I said daddy and I now have 7 little ones thanks to being the wet nurse for us and allowing daddy and me to not only fuck but breed constantly. And my friends say I have the biggest tits in school now, they also enjoy riding daddy’s cock and I love to share him.
They have babies by daddy also.
So as I said don’t judge my daddy or mom.

Because as I look at my daughter Jennifer, I think if her tits are small when she becomes of age, and wants them to be bigger I sure don’t want you judging her daddy, grand daddy

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  • Reply TvT ID:5u1d7ch49i

    So hot

  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbql

    Your daddy is a very lucky man to be able to fuck you when you were 12 . I hope you let him fuck your daughters as soon as you can

  • Reply None ID:3q4fpapx49a

    Still judging your daddy