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Incest Breeding Show

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I am so happy that I am fertile again
And daddy is ready to fuck me once more
My pussy is wet and ready
It no longer feels sire
After pushing out this baby
I had 2 months ago
I am ready for my daddy
And we are going put on a show
For all the neighborhood daddy’s
And their young daughters like me
The ticket prices are $100 dollars
And fucking they will see
We are stars of a live sex show
For perverts like my dad
And the show we have is awesome
Some people say we are bad
Yet I love the fucking
As people watch and see
The risk of getting pregnant again
It always excites me
As I am now 15 years old
And my baby count is four
And today is the day
My daddy is fucking me once more
Mom is selling the tickets
We have 100 viewing guests
And I see some are pregnant
Those viewers are the best
I sign autographs for each girl
They say they love my show
Saying watching us fuck
As how their bellies did grow
Their daddies would watch us fucking
As they took their daughters twat
Spewing cum inside them
Making them pregnant is their thought
We make $100,000 each show
5 times each day
And it is fun to act
As lovers we do play
Mom is proud of me
And of what we do
My sister is joining the act
So now daddy will have us two
We are millionaires
And have a great life
Making babies with our daddy
As husband snd his daughter wife

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  • Reply 7inchMike ID:v7bk3wpgufi

    Money and sex….. a perfect mix

  • Reply Golden ID:1csdpk9hj3vm

    Delicious. Love to discuss breeding young girls. Goldenbiguy on telegram

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1d5zw4xaj3q0

    Love you. Pay no attention to feeble minded critics.

  • Reply Popparocker ID:1csliids7v1x

    Indeed poetry

  • Reply Kiddyfucker69 ID:1ew136t5ucon


  • Reply Stoo ID:1du3h9ntj3ax

    Stoo this is garbage. Your poems are horrible stop rhyming and just write nornally