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A Dixie Trailer Park

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Here down in the south
Below the Mason Dixie line
There is a lot fucking in trailer parks
And the cocks are fine
Young pussies are bald a hot
Tight and so wet
If you have not fucked one
It is an experience you shall not regret
The daddy’s see all girls in the neighborhood
As all us girls do
And we all walk the block here
Because we all love to screw
The girls just play outside naked
And when we here a man’s voice
We all look to see who is calling
Which one today is the choice
A man just has to ask one of us
Do you want to suck a load
Or if we want it in our pussy
Any man can explode
We love to take cum anywhere
There are 3 holes one can plug
And often times it happens
We soon get milk laden jugs
Yes there are a lot of young mothers
The babies know every man as dad
Here in my trailer park we like to fuck
And we all are so glad
So come on down to Dixie
Get naked and smell the cum
Taste our young pussies we have
And you will say yum yum
So cum on down here to the south
Knock on any trailer door
You will find so many pussies to fuck
Even if that young one is sore
There is some way they will please you
By mouth pussy or ass
You don’t even need to related
All you must do is ask
But if the girl says no
Do not ask her again
Just walk on and ask another
Until in s pussy you can break one in
You will love fucking girls here
In the trailer park
You will be able to do often
In the light and in the dark
We don’t mind who wants to fuck
We are like wolves you do see
So if you arrive at our trailer park
You are welcome to fuck my daughter like me
But bring your daughter here also
She will have fun I can tell
And after your vacation here
Her belly at home will swell
If she has a baby boy
Name him Billy Joe Jim Bob
For one of them must be the name
Of the daddy that did the job
The trailer park has many Billy’s
Joe is also a common name
Jim and Bob are here also
But there is no one you can blame
Except a horny daughter
In a trailer park full of men
And this you know is so true
As the smell of cum blows in the wind

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  • Reply Megasus ID:1cyit7aztchz

    Wtf is this shit

  • Reply Trash ID:1dsnmgifs2fk

    This is garbage. Stop rhyming it doesn’t sound good