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Spreading Love, and Cum In the homeless Camp’s Of California

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How my wife finding me with the 14 year old neighbor girl changed my life for the good.

It was another one of those stolen moments that were becoming more and more frequent. As soon as Lilly seen my wife leave the driveway for work in the morning, she left her bus stop and came thru my back yard. And like so many other mornings , I was waiting. Lilly was my neighbor and a freak in bed, she was every guys dream , young, beautiful, and so fuckable, Today she was wearing a short jean skirt with a thong under it that said “House of the Mouse” with Mini Mouse on the front. Her top was white tank top and no bra. See Lilly knows I like her “A” cups on full display, her little nipples get so erect.

As I have Lilly bent over the couch , her skirt up and thong aside, I was just finishing eating the sweetest pussy I’ve ever had. Then It happened, the front door opened and there stood my wife. Seems She left a thumb drive in her office, one that she needed for work. I didn’t even see her at first, Lilly was face down on the couch and moaning like a ho’ in heat.

“Oh Don, really, reduced to fucking little children now are we”? I froze, I knew I was so busted. I turned around still kneeing on the floor, and faced my wife. She wasn’t mad, she had kind’s of a sneer/smile on her face. My face was covered with teen nectar, Lilly does cum a lot. The next thing out of my wife mouth “You will be hearing from my lawyer” , I didn’t say a word, Lilly did, she yelled at my wife “I’m not a child, I’m 14, BITCH”, I don’t think that helped any.

My wife didn’t waste any time. By the end of the week I was served papers. The bad thing about it was ,she hired my brother to represent her, my own fucking brother. And he took the case.

That Saturday night, in a bar, I meant with her lawyer/my brother for a “one on one” as he termed it. Seems he and my wife talked, and with what she seen, she could have me convicted of having sex with a minor. He had seen Lilly at a few cookouts at my house and told me with a chuckle, “She’s worth it” but, you got caught by a wife that is more interested in money than Justice. I was offered 5% of the total value of our assets, Roughly, 50 thousand dollars. I laughed, “No way ” I said. He went on to inform me my other choice was my soon to be ex’ going to the cop’s, I’d be locked up and get nothing. She had me by the proverbial ball’s.

As I watched my brother leave the bar, I hatched a plan. I went to an all night internet cafe . I logged on to our online stock trading site and liquidated $110k in stocks and ForEx bonds. I then created a new bank account with an online bank that has no physical offices. I had the money directly wired to the new account. I knew It was a race against time. Would they notice the stock sale before the new account was credited with the money? It being the weekend I figured my odds at 50/50. I spent the Saturday and Sunday in a cheap motel, watching my phone for the money transfer and sexting with Lilly. She wanted me to pick her up but I told her we had to lay low, that was a hard choice to make. She talked dirty to me as I Jacked my cock off, I sent her the pics of my cum on the phone.

As soon as the money came in to the new account I transferred all of it to new account. I live In LA and there’s thousand’s of banks. I withdrew the money in cash over the next week. When I went to withdraw the last $10k, I got the news, there had been a “hold” put on my account. My brother found out and had tracked down my accounts. That’s ok I figured, I had $100k in cash and was about to drop off the grid.

I bought a very used Sprinter van, It was painted with the name “The house of Lilly’s, L.A’s best floral wholesalers.” Get it, house of Lilly’s, what irony.

And just that quick I joined the “van life”, It’s really more like being homeless and living out of a van. I found that if I hung around L.A.’s homeless areas that I fit right in. None of my “neighbor’s” knew I had any money, fact they thought the shitty van was stolen. It wasn’t long till my business senses kicked in and I seen an opportunity. The majority of these people had drug/alcohol problems and many were female, many with kids.

I bought meth packets and hid them around the neighborhood, I never had the drugs on me or in my van, that would have been asking to be robbed/killed. When a young mom would visit me, and when they brought there child. We would do a deal, Id send the mom to one of my many hidden drug stashes, and Id have my way with the Little girl. Mom would get her fix and do what she needed to do, and I would do what I needed to. A win, win for both parties.

Tonight little morsel was about 10, a mixed race little thing with brown curly hair. she was a cutie. In the van I had a double air mattress on the van floor. Id make a great show of being kind and gentle, I didn’t want to scare the little thing. Most of the time it was just oral, maybe a little anal if she was big enough. Most of these kids have sucked cock before, there mother’s being what they are.

This little one dropped to her knee’s as soon as I pulled my hard cock out. I took off my jeans and underwear completely, we had time. I had her do the same.
she wore jeans and sneakers with a purple top that had a dinosaur on it. She didn’t even seem upset as I pulled her to me. I kissed her deeply, French kissing her, I lay beside her as I pinched and kissed her pink little nipples, she smiled as I laid beside her, my hard cock rubbing on her leg. I guided her little hand to it. I could tell she had done this before, probably with one of her Mother’s many “boy friends”. She slowly began to stroke my cock.

We laid there making out, she was very good at it and was enjoying the attention I was giving her baby tits, as I slowly spread her little legs. She of course was completely hairless and her small pussy lips had that milk chocolate hue that all the little girls around her seem to have. And I do love milk chocolate.

I took down my tube of baby lotion and gently massaged her little slit. I worked the lotion into her tight asshole and up her taint to her pussy, then I worked my way back again. I gently lifted her on my stomach as I lay on my back. I could feel the lotion on my cock as I rocked her, with my hard cock against her slit. After a few minutes I had her set up, and I positioned her over my cock, I wanted her to ease it in, I didn’t want to hurt her, She was able to take a few inches in her little pussy, It felt like a glove , She was so tight and so ready for more, but I didn’t force it. I want these girls to want cock.

After about forty five minutes her Mother returned, by then I was hard again. As I stood in the van, I had her mother knell before me and with her baby daughter holding my cock , I had her blow me. The little girl standing beside me, nude feeding her mother cock. my hand squeezing the little girl’s tight ass cheeks. The girl was smiling as her mother sucked my cock, she even held my cock higher so her Mother could lick my balls. She got a perverse pleasure in seeing my white hot load cover her Mother’s face. That little girl visited my van many times even without her Mother.

When the word spread thru out the camp that I had “little packets of pleasure” to trade for nothing more than a little “company”, I had women at my door every night. Many times there Husband’s or boyfriend’s would send them to me.

I let this one girl, Maria moved in with me, I don’t know why I did it, I felt sorry for her. She was kind’a chubby and not pretty, but cute. She did have a great set of tits and would do anything to stay with me. She was 25 but looked 35, with that hard look street people get.

Soon the van was orgy on wheels. Id have Maria lay with the girl’s and Id jack off watching her bury there little faces between her thigh’s. Watch as the little ones sucked Maria’s huge tit’s. One night I let 2 , eleven year old boys use her. I encouraged them as they fucked her fat ass and cunt. Maria was moaning so loud as the little boys fucked and sucked her. I stood over her and shot my cum on there little cocks as she sucked them off. She was one hot bitch.

I kept moving the van from homeless camp to homeless camp. I’d get bored with girls at one camp, then Id move on. I took Maria with me and we had a lot of fun.

I’ll keep doing this as long as my money, and my cock hold up. My goal is to get back to my Lilly as soon as my divorce blows over. Speaking of my divorce, I found out my Brother is dating my soon to be ex’ wife. But for right now, I’m having the time of my life and wouldn’t change a thing. So from some homeless camp In California, It’s bye for now 😉

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