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Jim Class (mBM Troi Mole)

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Just FYI, nothing “Makes you gay.” At best, you get a chance to act out your natural same-sex attractions. The characters are just immature, and have immature opinions.

So, I was wondering why Joey was so shy, in the locker room. He turned away from everybody to change into his gym clothes, but I didn’t even suspect it was to hide a boner.

Yeah, I heard “You looking at my dick?” enough times to avoid it, but I was mostly just curious. No, I don’t mean it like that, bi curious. Just to see what the other boys had, and how I compared. I grew out of it, nothing like getting beat up by homophobes to teach you a lesson.

I didn’t get a boner, though, and even if you did, so what? It’s middle school PE class, so everyone’s 12, 13, or 14, if they got held back. Some boys are late bloomers, too, but not Joey. Don’t let the name fool you, he had a nice patch of hair over it, but it always just hung down, and swung limp while he bent down to pull his pants up.

It’s just weird, because normally, he’s a bit of a motormouth, and you can’t get a word in edgewise. Then, we came back from winter break, and he wasn’t like his old self, is all. Finally, we’re headded up to the gym, and he stopped me on the stairs. “Hey,” he elbowed me, “You’re gay, right?”

“No?” I looked around, but the other boys kept running up, to leave us alone down there, and ignored us. “Who told you that?” He kept his voice down too, when usually he was almost yelling, even when he wasn’t talking about nothing. “Why?” I looked at him suspiciously.

“Well, is it gay if you jerk off with,” He hesitated, which was really starting to weird me out a little. He’s not one to stop, and think about what he’s going to say, neither. “Another boy?” He turned, and looked away. Not down the stairs, but up at the ceiling sloped down diagonal over the stairway.

“I don’t know, what were you looking at?”

“Well,” he took a deep breath, so I leaned back up against the handrail, so he could let it all out. “My brother got a phone for Christmas, and wouldn’t you know it? The first thing he did was look up naked girls on the internet. So he was like “Hey, check this out,” he says, and showed me it. Not his.” He looked down, and hesitated again, but just took another breath, and looked back up from my crotch. I stepped down, to his level. Mostly so that it wasn’t quite as easy to look down at my groin, but also because I started to feel a little tight, in the cup. He snorted, “You know.”

“His dick.”

He nodded, and smiled. “Yeah, not right away, but then, this one girl. She got naked, and then these guys came in, and they were already naked, so she put them in her mouth, and then Willy got his little willy out, and started. You know.” He pumped his fist, only he left it a little open, for the imaginary cock.

“He beat off?” I guessed.

“Yeah, me too, and then the boys, they all beat off too, and she rubbed it all over her face, and sucked it off her fingers, and. And, stuff.”

“No, I’m pretty sure that’s not gay.”

“Well, I better get a sex change then, but I don’t want a sex change.” He crossed his arms, over his flat chest, and shook his head. Almost as if he was covering up imaginary boobs. He took a deep breath, “Girls are weird, and funny looking.”

“Okay?” That was starting to sound a little gay, but lucky for me, the coach tweeted his whistle, so we had to go up, and help push the bleachers back in.

That got me thinking though, and like I said, I’m not “Curious.” I’m bisexual, pretty sure, but that just means that when somebody asks me if I’m gay, I don’t have to lie. I like girls, too. I just leave the too part off, and besides. In middle school, everybody gets accused of being gay at some point, that’s just how boys talk, in the locker room.

I can’t say that I hadn’t noticed, how much Joey’s grown. How hairy he’s gotten in the crotch, and even how muscular his abs were, from working out in Gym class. It’s a small school, compared with the elementary school we went to, so there’s only 1 gym class for the boys. Another one for the girls, while we go to lunch, and I guess that’s fair. A lot more fairer then having 7th graders in with the 8th graders, where they have to try to compete in sports, when they don’t even have any pubes yet.

Then, I started thinking about him, as a girl. Or at least with long hair, and a dress, but that really helped the swelling in my groin. He sure would make an ugly girl, so I guess it’s a good thing he doesn’t want no sex change. Then, we got the bleachers pushed back, so we could run laps to warm up, and that put it out of my mind for a minute.

Then, we did roll call, and Joey said “Here,” when he got to “Salvatore’ Joseph.” So, I guess he’s Italian?

“Uh,” he waved. “Can I got to the restroom?”

“All right,” coach asked, “Anybody else have to go before we get started?” I just raised my hand, and he waved me on. “Okay, the rest of you grab some balls, and line up.” Some of the boys looked at each other, and laughed when he said grab some balls, but they knew what he ment, so they lined up at the bag, and even started dribbling on the way back to the free throw line.

Joey stopped, right inside the door, so I let it shut while he dug out his protective cup. “Uh?” he grunted, and squeezed his hands between his legs, but too late. Looking down the stairs, i already saw his boner sticking out when he turned around at the door swinging shut.

“Huh, I knew it.” I grinned. “I figured that’s what you had to go to the restroom for.” I pulled my shorts out, and dug around in my jock strap, to pull my cup out, too.

“Huh!” His eyes locked onto the tent pole I was sporting, and he grinned. Shook his head, “I thought you weren’t gay.”

I laughed, “No, I’m bisexual, that’s different. Come on, we better make this quick.” I pushed past him, and ran down the steps quick. He followed me, and I dropped my shorts just as soon as we got back to the locker room.

“Uh!” His eyes got real big when I turned around. “You want me to put it in my mouth?” he licked his lips.

“Why, you want to suck it?” He just nodded, so I grabbed his arms, and turned him around, to push him back between the lockers, where there was a bench he could sit on.

“I tried to,” he said, “Get mine in my mouth, but I couldn’t reach it. It’s not long enough.”

“Let me see it,” I grabbed his shorts, and pulled them out. Stuck my hand in there to get a handful of hairy dick, and balls. “Huh, coach said to grab some balls, in the bag.”

“Huh, yeah.” He grabbed mine too, “You got some nice hairy balls.” He played with them, a little.

“Well you want to suck it so bad, then shut up, and suck it, before someone comes, and catches us.”

“Okay,” finally, he took a deep breath, and stuck it in his mouth, but he just held it there. Breathing through his nose, and kinda playing with it on his tongue.

“No, suck it in, and out, like this.” I had to take his head, and show him. “Huh, yeah. You’re getting the hang of it, just keep sucking, just like that, yeah.”

It wasn’t the best blowjob, but you know. It’s like pizza, even bad head is pretty good. It got my dick nice and wet, so I could pull it out, and let it slip through my fingers. Faster, and faster, for some reason I remembered my sister.

I know, it’s sick, but not any more than Joey’s big brother showing him porno, and whipping it out to jerk off, and making him gay. She got underwear for Christmas, too. We both got underwear, and socks. Other stuff too, but you know, panties? Just plain white cotton panties, and it’s not like she ran off to try it on, let alone came out to model it, in just her underwear, but I guess I thought about that a lot, over winter break. My sister’s pussy, warm, and dry in the fresh clean white cotton crotch of her panties. “Uh, hHhuh!”

He opened up his mouth and said “Ah!” With his tongue out, his big dark mysterious eyes wide open, and looking up at me, until the first gush shot out, and hit him on the nose. I aimed lower, and he closed his eyes, but I kept mine wide open. Painting his pink tongue with my nut juices, so he suck it back in, and swallowed with a “Mhn!” Then, I couldn’t keep my eyes open, neither. My ears roared, like they do when I yawn sometimes, and drownded out the blood pumping in my head, until the last drops sorta dribbled out, and ran down my fingers.

I let go, but he pinched it, and licked it up to the tip. Sucking it in, and milking it with his thumb on the bottom, so the last drop went right on his tongue. He went “Mhn!” Again, and sat back, smiling.

His pants down around his ankles, and his hairy cock sticking straight up. His foreskin not quite closed over it, so the pink eye stuck out, wet with a little clear drop like a tear. I went down, so cock hungry, I just had to taste it for myself, and started sucking greedy for the rest of his hot load.

“Oh, oh, huh!” He tried to hold my head, but then he just let go, and fell back. his arms hanging off the sides, I smiled, and pushed his shirt up to watch his tummy ripple, and bounce with his short excited breaths like a trampoline. He didn’t last long, but I stopped sucking, and just held it there. In my mouth to feel it twitch, and spurt his pastey goodness on my tongue. Then, I let the skin slip up, and close over the hot wet end, pulling my pants up.

He wiped his face, and licked his fingers, but I still had a little jizz on mine. So, I tasted that, to compare with his wad, still clinging to the roof of my mouth.

“Huh, yeah. I’m gay.”

“Yeah, I can tell. You missed a little.” I wiped it off his cheek, over by his ear, and he turned to suck it off my thumb. Good thing I pulled my pants up, because just then, somebody ran down the stairs, loudly. I grabbed my cup off the bench, and stepped out around the lockers to distract him, while Joey pulled his up, and fixed his cup.


Joey (mB…M JOI)

I was worried about, you know. Being gay? Yeah, but then I found out that there’s nothing wrong with it, and I felt much better. Also, I got my first blowjob, a real penis in my mouth, and tasted another boy’s Jism, and that was nice.

We almost got caught, but Trent just asked Jim what took him so long. He said “Beans.”

“For breakfast?”

“Yeah? We had beans for dinner, but we had leftovers, so mom refried them this morning.”

“Oh,” That gave me time to fix up my cup, before Trent pushed past me on the way back to the toilets. I don’t know whether or not he was calling me “Spic,” or Jim, for eating beans for breakfast. Of all the people to almost catch us, being gay together. i guess being called a spic beats being called a fag, when I’m not even hispanic. I’m Venitian, or at least my father’s family is. I know, that’s italy now, but back in the day, Venice was it’s won republic, for a thousand years, and ruled the Mediterranian after Rome fell. They didn’t you that in history class, they just skipped from Grease to Rome, and then Spain, and Portugul.

“Whew, that was close.”

“Sh!” He ran up the stairs, “Now, keep your big mouth shut. I don’t want you blabbing to everyone about it.” Who could I tell, my brother? Certainly not, he’d just beat me up for being a fairy. So, I just shook my head, and buttoned up my lip, so he turned around, and headded back in to the gym.

So then, we learned Volley Ball, which I had to pay attention to, instead of Jim. Not Jimmy, James, but he prefers to be called Jim. Like gym, really, but then i started to worry that that was just a 1 time thing. Since, you know, he said he was bisexual, so even if he did want me to be his boyfriend, who knows if that will last, just until he meets a girl, and leaves me alone, to break my heart, and be with her instead?

I know, it was silly to even think about getting a sex change. She just looked so happy in the pictures, and each picture, she smiled bigger, and bigger with each penis in front of her, looking around wide eyed at all that man meat, and I could just imagine being in her position.

Weird, I never even thought about what it would feel like, to be a girl. I guess it sure would be a whole lot easier to get men that way, since most of them are straight, and I was just lucky to have a bisexual boy at all in my gym class. Well, I guess maybe not, if you think about it. There’s like, I don’t know, a hundred boys in our school, and we all go to the same gym class, so most likely one of them was a little gay, and not too scared to show it.

He doesn’t act gay, at all. I mean yeah, maybe last year, his eyes looked around a little too low, checking out the other boy’s crotches, and buttocks when their backs were turned, but I was still too little, and he doesn’t like little boys. Me neither, I like men. Big hairy manly men, with big hairy penises, and he’s not. Really, like, you know. The man of my dreams, really. Not yet, but all the boys in the dirty pictures. You know they only hire the most well endowed guys, to do that sorta stuff.

Well, maybe he’ll grow bigger? It’s hard to tell if he’s done, or he’s going to get another growth spurt, and he’s circumcised, too. So, maybe I’ll just go out with him, if he wants too, long enough to get a bigger guy, with some hair on his chest, a little more penis, and a lot more muscle, or maybe he’ll work out. For me, I mean, yeah if he lifted some weights, and payed a little more attention in Gym class, maybe he could put on some muscle.

I don’t like skinny guys, I decided. They look too girly, and if I wanted a girly fag, then I’d be straight. It sure would be a lot easier on everyone if I just found a girl to be straight with, but that’s just not going to happen.

Then, I started to worry that he wanted to do something gross, like butt stuff. After all, he didn’t just look at the other boy’s groins, and yeah. Maybe he checked them out when they turned around, so they wouldn’t catch him looking at their junk, but then again. Maybe he likes butts, and he wants to do sick nasty butt stuff. I don’t know, I’ll have to ask him.

So then, after gym, I asked him, on the way to the cafeteria. “Uh, you don’t want to do no butt stuff, right?”

“Sh!” he shook his head, “Why, do you?” He pushed me, even though he’s not as tall as me, I let him. I guess it’s okay if he wants to push me around, because I know I can just kick his ass if he tries anything funny.

“Huh, no. I just wanted to make sure, but I’m fine with Oral sex, for now.” Even as I said it, I couldn’t get the thought of him looking at my butt out of my head, when my back was turned. I never caught him even looking at me before, but i know he does it, and for some reason, my butt warmed up, as if I was expecting a spanking. Besides, you know, being gay and all, how can I be so sure I wouldn’t like it?

Then again, I’m only 13, and barely even a teenager, let alone a man, so who knows what I’ll get into, when I grow up?

“Huh!” While I was daydreaming, he got a phone out, and turned it around, to show me. “Check it out.” A man, of course. With his pants down, and his dick out, but I shrugged.

“He’s kinda fat.”

“Yeah, and hairy, he’s a bear.”

“No he’s not.”

“Uh!’ He rolled his eyes, “That’s just what gay guys call it, when you’re hairy, and cuddly, with a beard.” He typed something in, and waited. “Don’t you know anything? About being gay.”

“No, not really,” I shrugged, “I only just found out this, I mean last week. I guess.”

“Well, here’s what he looks like,” he showed me. “In the face.” He had a beard, but no hair on his head. Other than the beard, and mustache, and eyebrows, I mean.

“Well, I don’t like beards, neither. Doesn’t that get in the way?”

“Not really, it kinda tickles.”

“Oh, you mean,” I laughed, “That’s a real man you know, like a boyfriend?” Here I was all worried that he’d go out with me, then leave me for a girl, when all along he had a real man, with a real full grown dick, and he was just toying with me this whole time?

“Oh, ha. No, he’s not even my real ex-boyfriend. We just fooled around, a little. He’s married, so he doesn’t want to risk another relationship. You know, in case his wife finds out.”

“So, he’s bisexual?”

“No, he’s gay, he just. Uh, you don’t understand what it was like for him, back in the day. It wasn’t so liberal, and progressive as it is now, so they had to hide it. They could get arrested, and go to jail for being gay.”

“Well”‘ I laughed, “That doesn’t sound so bad, if you get to go to gay jail. You don;t have to worry about there being any girls around, that way.”

“You really don’t like girls, at all, huh?” His phone buzzed, so he looked back at it. “Hang on a sec.”

“Well, I don’t hate them. They’re just weird, and funny looking.” Especially their fat chests, “There just like aliens from some other planet. You know, men are from Mars, and women from Venis?”

“Hm?” He was ignoring me. “Oh sorry, he wants to see your butt.”

“No?” I covered it with both hands, which was a big mistake, because that just made me imagine him grabbing my butt, and picking me up, so our hard cocks rubbed together, while he kissed me. Then, he grabbed my pants, and pulled them out again.

“Well, at least show him your boner, or something.”

“Huh!” I unbuttoned my pants, “Okay, fine.” If that’s what it takes to get him in the mood again, I pulled them down, and looked around, while he took a picture. “I hope you get it up, so I can suck out another mouthful for lunch.”

“You really are a cum hungry little cock sucker, huh?” He pulled out his belt. “All right.” He led the phone up, so i just closed my eyes, and enjoyed the warm meaty sausage in my mouth. The smell of his sweat, in his pubes, and rubbed my nose in them, to get a good sniff.

Just wish he had more than a mouthful is all, but oh well. I better find out what he’s like now, before i start getting feelings for him.

“You know, we can get married now.” I blinked, and looked up, but he just smiled under the bottom of the phone, held sideways. “I like your name, Salvatore’. Huh, James Salvatore’. I like the sound of that.”

You know how the girly books, talk about melting? I always thought that was such a stupid girl thing to say, until he started talking about getting married, and even taking my name? Which would make me the husband, but then. I swear to god, it felt like melting.

“Huh!” I blinked, and smiled. “Okay,” then held his penis up, to pull his balls out, and suck the sweat off the hairy nut sack before I fainted.

Kinda a weird way to propose, I guess. He didn’t have a ring or anything, and me neither, but I was down on my knees, and I was when he proposed to me. That was fast, but it took him a long while to finally get off, and shoot it in my mouth.

Then, i had to take the phone, and hold it. Read what that sicko said in chat, so he knew what to do. making pron for him. So, I guess he’s a porn star. Funny, cause he doesn’t look like a porn star.

Not yet…


Mr. Blake (MmB)

“Huh!” Why I hadn’t seen Jimmy in a couple years. “HhuhH!” He started middle school, and puberty, so there wasn’t much more to teach him. I moved on too, but it’s always nice to see one of my old pupils again, after they grow up.

He got a boyfriend, a nice dark athletic young man, with a hairless muscular chest, and an annoying patch of fuzz around his little dick. Uncut, though, looks like a good cock-sucker. “Smooch,” I squeezed the last of it out of the soft spongey head, and sucked it off my thumb. “Hn.”

A nice little break, on lunch. To tide me over until after school, when one of the boys stays behind, for a little sex education. That’s all it is, I’m a tutor. You have no idea what it’s like, being young, and gay, with all these homophobic boys calling everything gay.

You start to hate yourself, when you hear that all the time. I remember that, if anything it was even worse back in my day, because I didn’t have a teacher, to show me the ropes. Where to go, what restrooms to use, and wait up, late at night for bikers,or truckers. Closeted gays cruising for a piece of ass.

Hot tight little virgin ass, just begging for a man. A real man to pop their cherries. Too bad this new boy was shy, for some reason. I’m sure he’ll loosen up, but I wiped my fingers off, and picked up the phone again. [Why don’t you two swing by, after school?] I’d love a threesome.

[Oh no. He doesn’t like bears. He likes me, and I like him, so I don;t want to share.]


[So? So what, we can’t all play the field, and sleep around with anybody that’ll hold still a minute. I GTG.]

[See you later?]

[No. Stop calling me, unless you want to talk to the cops about it. I’ll tell your wife how much you like it up the ass, you sick fucker.]


[Good bye.]


He didn’t answer back, and true to his word, i never saw him or his boyfriend again.

Oh well, plenty of fish in the sea. Thank heaven for little boys, for little boys get bigger, every day…

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