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My niece Paula turns 14 part 4

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I woke that next morning with a huge hard on, my sexy little niece laid naked against my side.

Paula slept naked next to me with her head laying on my chest. I still had a hard time convincing myself that Paula was so sexually turned on to fucking me her uncle. I did not know how this could play out in the long run without family members finding out somehow. Paula woke up and started to play with my soft cock pumping it slowly up and down. I quickly became aroused and hard, Paula rolled on top straddling me then guided my hard cock into her wet vagina. She was breathing fast and heavy as my head began to spread her tight cunt lips as it entered. Oh uncle, you’re so big, Paula moaned, and we began to kiss. I grabbed her small ass cheeks and pushed my cock slowly into her cunt. I could feel her insides throbbing as I sank in. Fuck, fuck, fuck, little Paula cried out feeling her insides stretching to accommodate my full size. Oh god you’re so big uncle, she moaned. I took a hold of her narrow waist holding her tight as I thrusted into her wet pussy. I embedded a good 6 inches into her. Oh god, Fuck, fuck, fuck, Paula cried out as her tight little cunt throbbed from the pressure. Her legs were shaking as she tried to push herself off me. I held her tight then flipped her over onto her back and scooped under both legs pinning them back towards her head. That made me sink even deeper into her tight wet vagina. Oh god, oh god, my little niece cried out as I began to fuck her hard. She was getting wetter and wetter with each stroke. Soon I was hitting her hard cervix with the head of my cock. Paula screamed as I pounded her. She was getting wetter and wetter begging me to fuck her harder. She soon started to come; I could feel the hot fluids spilling out of her with each thrust. I kept fucking her harder and harder as my niece cried for more. I fucked her for a good 30 minutes more, each stroke hitting her hard cervix as she begged for more. I soon started to come; Paula felt my hot sperm spraying deep inside her. I could feel her insides throbbing and sucking my cock dry. It was not long until I collapsed down on her. We both laid there panting with me still embedded in her.
After a rest, my niece and I got up, showered, then I made us a good breakfast. Later Paula got a call from her mom Donna asking when she was coming home. Paula told her that she was not sure she was taking care of me while her aunt was gone. I had to remind my niece that I had to attend a company meeting in a few days with her mom. So that is what she then told her mom. Paula was a little disappointed about that and had to pass the phone over to me. Donna had some work things to talk about. While on the phone my naughty niece pulled my cock out of my boxers and started to suck it. I could not get Donna to stop talking as Paula sucked and pumped me to a huge hard on. Donna asked a couple of times why I was getting out of breath. My niece only worked harder at getting me to come. I could not keep my mind on what Donna was saying to me. My sister-in-law started wondering what was taking my attention. Paula slipped off her gown and straddled me on the chair working my hard cock into her wet pussy. I could feel her vagina tightly gripping my cock as she lowered herself down. I let out a moan as my cock slowly sank. Donna asked me what the matter was with me. Did I hurt myself or something? I just told her that I had dropped a can on my foot was all. But I would talk again later. Paula had a large smile on her face as she bounced up and down on my cock. I picked my little niece up and carried her off to the couch. Then laying her out I scooped up behind her knees and finished fucking her. Paula sprayed out fluids as my thick semen filled her up.
We had a mess to clean up on the couch cushion. Then the doorbell rang with both of us standing naked in the living room. I rushed Paula up the stair while I grabbed my robe. It was one of Kath’s girlfriends from next door. She had heard all this noise and thought that she should check on me. I told her all was ok, I was only cleaning up, then naughty Paula comes bouncing down the steps in her short shorts and t-shirt. Kath’s friend Diane looked over at my niece and then back at me. I explained that Paula was our niece and I had to take her home in a few days. Diane did not look convince about that when looking at Paula. Paula said high to her and stood tight next to me having my arm over her shoulder. After a few minutes Diane then left. Paula slipped her hand under my robe and grabbed my cock. She started to stroke it then holding it dragged me upstairs to my bed. With this cute sexy look on her face she said, please uncle, fuck me with your big cock. Paula got naked and dragged me by my cock into bed. Paula was becoming a real horny teenage slut. We fucked the whole night through. My poor little niece was sore that I had to help her to the bathroom to pee. We slept in late the next morning. I was woken by the phone as Kath was calling. She asked how all was going with Paula and me. I let her know that I would be taking our niece back home when I picked up Donna for our company meetings. Naughty Paula started to suck me off as I talked. It was not long till I was unable to continue with the phone call and had to hang up. Paula begged me to come in her mouth and worked both cock and balls to that end. She got what she wanted, I filled her mouth with my thick white sperm, and she swallowed it down. But that was not enough, she got me hard so that I would fuck her again. I haven’t had this much sex since Kath, and I were first married.
My niece and I kept fucking the rest of the day taking a short nap after supper. Then fucked through the night till morning, Paula’s cunt could now handle all of my over 8 inches with no trouble. I feel that anything less now will be a big disappointment to her in the future. I had to take Paula home later this day she was sad that pour time came to an end. She made me promise that I could have her up again soon. I told her that we could work that out again.

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    More please. I love the sleep fucking. Continue with these stories.

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    fuck i’m rubbing my tiny 13 year old pussy to this

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