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Grandpa lets it hang out

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I was 11 at the time and my mom was sending me to my grandpa’s farm for 2 weeks while she went on a holiday with her new boy friend. We arrived at grandpa’s in the early morning hours and were greeted by Grandpa dressed just in his baggy boxer short under wear. My mom gave him a hug and a kiss and he squeezed her ass through her tight blue jeans making her laugh. Then it was my turn and he hugged me slapping my ass as I felt his cock pressing into my chest. I was only 4′ and Grandpa is 6′ 4″. We were invited to have breakfast with grandpa and he stood there at the stove in his baggy boxer underwear with my mom’s arm around him and cooked us bacon and eggs.
Everything was good and after eating mom said she had to pee and Grandpa said he would show her what he had done with the upstairs. I didn’t really give a shit what he had done and took off down to the barn ro watch the horses in the pasture. I must have been down there petting the horses and stuff for an hour before mom and Gramps came out of the house. I ran up to say good bye to mom who looked all flushed and her hair was all messed up. I asked what was wrong and she laughed and said Gramps and her had been fooling around in the house. She kissed me good bye and I thought she smelled kind of funny but didn’t say anything.
After Mom was gone Gramps said he would take me upstairs to see the room that was to be mine for the next 2 weeks. As I followed him in I noticed when he turned away that he had a wet spot on his boxers and thought he must not have shook it enough as my dad used to say when he had a wet spot on his pj’s. I laughed a little to myself as i imagined what that looked like. At my room Gramps put my suitcase on the floor and then showed me the bathroom in case I needed it, which of course I would eventually. Then he turned and went down stairs and out onto the deck for a smoke.
I put away my clothes and went down to join Gramps. As I walked out onto the deck I was greeted with the site of my Gramps standing by the railing with his cock in his hand peeing out onto the grass. I was shocked and amazed at the same time. I had never seen a real live cock before and there it was squirting piss. WOW I thought it is pretty big and veiny and I stood by the door until he had finished and gave it a good shake, then tucked it back in his boxers. As he turned I walked out the door and we smiled at each other. Gramps said if I had been a minute earlier I would have caught his with his cock out and laughed, I just turned all red faced.
The day went by and I didn’t get to see Gramps cock again but I thought about it a lot during the day. I wanted a better look at it but didn’t know how that would happen but things always turn out. In the middle of the night I got up to pee and saw Gramps light on in his bedroom so I went down and peeked in the door. Gramps had a laptop computer on his chest and couldn’t see me because of the lid being up. Bur I saw him and his hand stroking his cock. It was even bigger now, it was huge , all swollen and standing straight up as his hand went up and down the length of it. I stared at it and watched my little pussy tingling until he let out a huge groan and called my mothers name . Then big white spurts of stuff squirted out of the end of his cock and all over his belly and hand. He lay there for a minute slowly stroking his cock and then reached up to pull down his computer screen and I eased back from the crack in hte door I had been peeking through.
I ran quietly down the hall and into my room. As I lay in bed quivering with excitement at what I had seen my hand went to my little pussy and began to rub it. It felt so good I wondered why I had never done it before. I kept it up remembering Grandpa’s big huge cock until a funny feeling rushed through me and I had my first orgasm. I fell asleep and dreamer of Grandpa’s cock.
The next night I stayed awake late in my bed until I heard Gramps go into his room then I snuck down the hall and peeked through the door hoping to see him do it again. Sure enough Grandpa took off his pants and walked naked to his bed picking up his computer on the way before crawling on top of the sheets. He started to play with his cock and I watched in awe as it grew to almost 3 times the regular size. He was looking at his laptop and stroking his beautiful cock as I squatted by the door rubbing my pussy. Like last night his cock erupted spurting cum up into the air as my little pussy wet my hand. Every night but 2 for the 14 days I was at Grandpa’s I watched him jerk off as I masturbated outside his door .

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    Can’t Wait for Part 2

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    @Debbie do you email or something I would love to hear more about your family

    • Debbie ID:7ylren2v9c3

      Do you have email how old are you

    • Debbie ID:7ylren2v9c3

      [email protected]

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    It could continue with her getting him to take her virginity. Based on your story it would not much convincing.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ek1ybx6ic2

    Good girl cassie

  • Reply Debbie ID:7ylren2v9c3

    He was jacking off to your moms pictures he took when he fucked her, next time walk in and have fun. I told my husband next Tim he shaves his balls to leave the door open, our 11 year old daughter walked in and stood there watching he could see her in the mirror

    • [email protected] ID:1ek1ybx6ic2

      @debbie such a good momma

    • Debbie ID:7ylren2v9c3

      I’m going to leave the door open so my 12 year old son can watch me shave my pussy maybe he will get hard and want to fuck me

    • Pete ID:7ylren8hr90

      I agree Bobbie I think he’s been fucking her mom for a long time he might even be her dad and grandpa

    • HrnyStpDaddy ID:3zxjrjpi20br

      Leave your door open while her Daddy fucks you..

    • Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fiin

      I would love to let your daughter shave me. Bloomington1210gm

    • Robert ID:1damhgdk0i9

      What did he do

    • Joe ID:7zv3a3h20i1

      Hey has your husband Fuck our daughter

    • Joe ID:7zv3a3h20i1

      Hey has your son ever Fuck you

  • Reply Jhonny sins ID:bgh1nou8km

    Walk in next time he will let you play